Friday, 15 August 2008

Those men

for those of you who have not been reading my blog for long enough and those who have either forgotten or have become confused here is a quick recap.

A) Harvey ................. very brief fling that lasted 3 days last November. Has since joined the same dating site where I found my Romeo. From time to time we go together to social events organised by the dating site. He also from time to time enlists my help with things like filling in application forms, writing his CV etc. We are just good friends although I am aware that he would never kick me out of bed if I chose to be in his. Knows about Romeo.

B) Neptune ............. started chatting on dating site (same one) last September. Very slow starter but every time I considered giving up he would start chatting again we final met for a drink when I was on my way home from visiting Fire Byrd aka Pixie last December. We continued to chat and text for a while but gradually dwindled out. Every now and then he comes online and chats usually telling me I should go to bed as its getting late.

C)Forest .............. online friend who became lover for a few months last year now friends again. We chat regularly, its good to be mates again. Knows about Romeo, probably still wouldn't kick me out of bed if I chose to go there again.

D)Lotto ................male friend we met once 18 months ago and have flirted ever since. He has been trying to get me to meet him again even though he has a g/f and he knows about Romeo. wouldn't kick me out if bed if I chose to be there.

E) LV ....................Real life, met through work but now friends. He took me to Goodwood festival of Speed, has talked about going out for a meal. I am aware that he likes me, but he knows about Romeo.

F) Someone else .....................Difficult one this, any man I have flirted with in recent months knows about Romeo. (Theres no harm in flirting is there?)


DJ Kirkby said...

Gawd, I am tired out just reading this post! How do you keep track?

Lady in red said...

dj its easy when you blog .........just a case of reading back over the links and thinking oh yes now I remember!

Gypsy said...

I was thinking the same thing as DJ. I would be forever calling them the wrong name which could prove embarrassing in the wrong setting.

I've just been catching up and i'm so glad you finally got to meet Romeo and that it went well. Now if you could just pin him down to one country.

MarmiteToasty said...

Hoping you buy your protection wholesale LMFAO ;)


Mel said...

Okay......I'll be the one to ask the question. LOL Why not!

Soooo..... Romeo knows of these other fellas and your continued communications.....and he's okay with it?

LOL I at least want credit for being brave....and possibly credit for being a doofus! ;-)

Lady in red said...

Gypsy I am more in danger of calling them by the names I call them on here

Lady in red said...

marmie are you referring to sun protection?

when would I need protection?

Lady in red said...

Mel the Brave

Romeo knows I have male friends, he has known that from the begnning and has no problem with me having a social life he would not expect me to sit at home on my own all the time especially as he is away so much.

I have already told him that I have been out several times this week in the hope that if I keep busy I won't miss him too much, but it has just made me miss him more.

Mel said...

Good for you! Then you have the answer to the question you asked!

And I think it says something that it's just making you miss him more.......

I don't think that's fun or comfortable, but I do think it says something!

BOY was I starting to sweat it getting to be the brave soul. LOL

Anonymous said...