Friday, 1 August 2008

A week

A week ago I hadn't met Romeo
A week ago I didn't know I was about to meet Romeo
A week ago I was chatting online and falling asleep with my computer
A week ago I had good intentions of going to the gym and doing lots of spreadsheets for work
A week ago I was concerned that Romeo might reject me when we met

In the early hours of Saturday we chatted
In the early hours of Saturday we made a date
In the early hours of Saturday I fell asleep wearing a big grin

On saturday I made plans
On saturday I made purchases
On Saturday my world was rosy

On sunday I made preparations
On Sunday I made an impression on Romeo
On sunday I made out with Romeo for hours in a hotel room

On Monday I grinned a lot
On Monday I smiled all through my day
On Monday I exchanged text with my sweetheart

On Tuesday I yearned for his touch
On Tuesday I was still exhausted
On Tuesday I fell asleep with my laptop

On Wednesday I began a post on Battle
On Wednesday I witnessed a cut throat battle of the teams for promotion
On Wednesday I fell asleep exhausted again

On Thursday I received my first commission payment
On Thursday I parent sat my mother after her knee op
On Thursday Romeo asked me to keep him in my mind

On Friday I finally finished paying my 2007 Council Tax
On Friday I finally published this post
On Friday I am missing Romeo already