Thursday, 21 August 2008


This time last week I was out with Harvey. We had gone to the dating site social evening which remnds me that I need to go see if the photos have been put up yet. I don't think I am in any of them but you never know. Once I have checked them out I intend to delete my profile just like Romeo has.

It has been a couple of days since I last heard from Romeo until this evening. We exchanged a few emails, he says he is hoping to return soon and he feels good now that he has heard from me........awww.

Whilst my dinner was cooking Harvey came online. He asked if he could phone me, he always wants to call my landline (not a great idea as it is always noisy as its close to the tv in the living room). I volunteered to phone him from my mobile.

It seems he has been busy in the last week. since I helped him with his job application he has been to stay with his sister in London. He told the company he had applied to that he would be there on Monday so they called him in for an interview. He got the job and starts on Tuesday.

So Harvey is moving to London, he is looking forward to this new start.

We have promised to keep in touch. I expect the reality is that we will speak a few times to begin with but that after a while we shall cease to talk. A case of being there as a friend for a season. I have shown him how to use the files on his computer. He now has a CV written up on his computer and knows where to find it.

Harvey was very grateful to me for helping him get this job but the reality is that he got it on his own merits. He had been offered the job before his application form arrived. He knows now that he can do it.

I hope that I have taught Harvey to have more self belief than he had when we first met.
Some of you will be aware that today was GCSE results day. This meant that it was the turn of ET to troop off to school this morning to join his mates in the queue to receive that sheet of paper that will begin to shape the rest of his life. He didn't get quite get the results he had hoped for, he confided in me last night that he hadn't done as much revision as he should have done. He did get 10 GCSE passes, he got more than enough to take the A'levels he wants. This afternoon he enrolled at the same college OJ goes to. It is interesting that out of all the many colleges in the area they both chose the same one, plus they have both chosen to study Law!! Where OJ is taking Pure Maths, Further Maths and ICT. But ET will now be doing Computing, Media Studies and Music.
It goes without saying that I am proud of him. He knows what he wants to do and hes going for it.


aka k said...

Congrats to ET

(or to you for getting him this far)

you said in an earlier post that you didn't think he was revising much.

Giggle! said...


I'M BACK!!! :-D

HEck I've missed so much!

And ffs! When are you and Romeo gonna get married and have heaps and heaps of babies already!!? :-P *GiGGLeS*

I've been away long enough for all this to have happened! :-P

Just playing! :-)

So good to be back, and at last I can try and catch up and stop missing all the good stuff! xx

Lady in red said...

aka k it will be interesting to see if he puts in more work or less once he gets to college. DC did as much as was required whilst OJ always does the maximum, I expect ET will be more like DC than OJ.

It will seem strange next month when I only have 'the child' still at school.

Lady in red said...

Giggle its good to see you are back. I think I shall leave it to the likes of you and trubl to have the babies now. 4 is plenty for me and I'm in no hurry to be a granny either.

As for what happens next with Romeo only time will tell but I certainly don't feel that this is a casual fling. I am assuming that you have gathered that we have met finally.

Mel said...

OMgosh.....good for the kiddo!! And you GO mom!!!!

How know what he wants and to be chasing it at his age--what a wisened kiddo he is.

Heck....I STILL don't know what I wanna be when I grow up. LOL

(or maybe that's IF I grow up?)

Mei Del said...

fab news and many congrats to ET :)

Giggle! said...

Hehe fair enough! Leave the babies to us then! :-P

Yes I heard that you and your Romoeo have met finally!!! Super exciting! Must have been like a dream!

Hey I love your side bar gadget 'Places The Lady Visits' how it shows the title of bloggers posts and the time it was updated. I'd love to have the same, would you pretty please send me the link to get one? *Flutters eyelashes* xx

DJ Kirkby said...

Congrats to ET and to your for the stregnth of your love for your children.

Anonymous said...