Thursday, 14 August 2008

My boy and a new Rant

My boy came in to my bedroom this morning complaining

Mum for some reason I didn't wake up (it is about 8.30am by now)

Well that is probably because you had a late night

I had come home from my evening out to find only ET in the house. I had put the recycle bin out ready for the bin men early this this morning, watched the end of the cricket match the boys had gone to. checked the elecricity meter £0.72 ddashed to the garage to charge up the electricity key, and gone to bed by the time they came in. Drifting off in between catching up with blogging, writing a new fantasy (half way though it now). OJ and JA seemed to be taking it in turns to walk into my room to say something. I think it was around 2.30am the last time OJ came in to say goodnight and now hes surprised he didn't wake at the crack of dawn!!

Anyway off he went to catch the train, I assumed he was meeting his friends. A few minutes ago he text me and I called him back.

He has dropped 30 points in his maths because it was hard and he left it a bit late. But he is happy.

Further Maths = A

Pure Maths = A

Law = A (Particularly pleased)

ICT = B (just 3 points off getting A)

So my boy has 3 x A & 1 x B for his As levels now he has something to work on to get his full A levels next yr.

Congratulations OJ I knew you could do it xxxxxx

Next week we get ET's GCSE results


I have just had a very frustrating and unsatisfactory conversation with a young man at the HM Revenue & Customs.

I have finally received my final tax credits decisio for april 07 to april 08 (I've only been waiting since last summer)

My understanding having read this is that JA & ET were qualifying children, OJ is no longer a child (but it doesn't say that he qualifies as a young person in f/t education). however DC is a qualifying young person from 1/9/07 to feb 08 until his 20th birthday ?????? WTF

So I just figured out why my payments went down in feb 08 without any apparent explanation.

My award for april 08 to april 09 shows that JA & ET qualify as child elements until 31st Aug when ET s no longer a child (fair enough)

OJ qualifies as young person from 1/5/08 to 5/4/09 (so why did he not qualify until 1/5/08?)

Oh and I am totally mystified by the

Overpayment - £1090 of this £1090 is not being cllected at present WTF does that mean?

why do they think I have been over paid when do they intend to claim it back?

The young man could not answer my questions...........but he did tell me that the overpayment will have been postponed until a later pay award? So not only do I not know how or when they managed to over pay me but they could claim it back at any time in the future. I hate this but what makes it worse is this.

I queried that I have had a lumpsum paid into my account which apparently is money they owe me back dated to april 08. At this point I hadn't worked out that the money that stopped in Feb was down to DC's birthday. I asked if I would be paid back any money owing from before April.

Heres the shocker .......they only pay back dated payments 3 months they can claim back indefinitely but will only backdate 3 months.

Each time I have contacted the HM Revenue in the last few years it has been by telephone (quicker easier and I get to explain my situation properly)

Now I figure I shall have to write out each and every change as in a time line of when my employment situation changed and when each of the boys left school started college and when DC finished college. Along side my interpretation of what they have awarded me because I am damn sure I can't make head or tail of what they have done. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR


Ronjazz said...

Governmental abuse and inefficiency is a common malady for all of us, Lady. Here in my State of Illinois, the elected have voted themselves an annual 12% pay raise...12%!...which goes into effect on the same date every year. As much as I believe in the government's obligation to help the citizenry, they simply don't much of the time. So we have to help each other to get by.

nitebyrd said...

Lady, I don't understand exactly what you are talking about but I understand govermental bullshit. It makes you insane!

I need a school loan but I need a "credit worthy" co-signer. The Federal Loan people don't think Mulder and I are credit worthy even though we both work and have good credit. Since I'm not a teenager my choices of a co-signer are limited. My parents being dead and all. You either have to be destitute or filthy rich in the US to get any help. Sucks!

nitebyrd said...

Sorry, I got off on a tangent - CONGRATULATIONS, OJ! Awesome!

Mei Del said...

how frustrating! but 3 cheers for OJ, my own son scraped passes and i am amazed there are good unis which will have him despite appalling grades!

Irene said...

If you think you are completely lost, imagine where that leaves me. I have somewhat similar issues, with money being withheld for money that I got unasked for and had to pay back. Hopefully, some day soon all will be straightened out and I will be poor on a predictable level. At least I don't have children changing ages and no longer qualifying to cloud the issues. It's just me being confused all on my own. There is enough anxiety in that. God bless you, girl.

Jeff B said...

Through all of that I gleened that you are getting screwed, but not for the reasons that would make it enjoyable!

DJ Kirkby said...

What a clever, clever boy!!! What does hew ant to study at Uni? Inland Revenue is soooo scary eh? I had to pay back loads once and I just couldn't afford it but did they care? Noooooooo......

Anonymous said...