Monday, 15 October 2007


Numerous messages passed between us in the early afternoon before the England/Estonia match. He said he felt he was being chatted up but was not complaining and I should carry on.
Sunday morning I ask if he often gets chatted up........saying that it is not something I do, but perhaps if I had a few drinks I might lose my inhibitions. A few hours later I receive his reply.

Have a few drinks Lady, and then try and chat me up and I'll mark you out of ten . . .

Well what is a girl to do when she gets a challenge like this. But retrieve a bottle from the I only have non-alcoholic drinks and a half bottle of white wine that was opened weeks ago and should have been ditched. so I gave it some thought and came up with this........still awaiting his response.

Have a drink and chat me up he says
I will let you know how you did
Huh who does he think he is
As if I would put myself through that
But how can I turn it down
Always ready for a challenge

I could try to impress
I could talk of archaeology
The history of matters maritime
To wax lyrical on machines
Such as BMW R 42
Or BSA 350 Fury

I could ask if he follows Justin Rose
Or perhaps its Montgomerie, Clarke and Westwood
As they head for Pebble Beach
Or maybe he would discuss the merits
Of White versus Davis or Taylor
Now its O’sullivan or Hendry

But I think I will stick to what I do best
Admit defeat, take a bow
And depart before my cheeks
Do blush scarlet with embarrassment
For chatting up a handsome gentleman

I have no previous experience