Saturday, 30 August 2008


It has been a long day at work and I find myself in Asda on a friday evening, my phone rings but by the time I have searched my bag I have missed the call. The handbag I have used for the last couple of months has a front pocket that I keep my phone in. But on Monday I changed bags over as that one is really very small. I have gone back to an older bag that I have had for a couple of years, it has a central pocket which zips across the top with the two main pockets one on either side fastened with a popper. There are two more zipper pockets one on each side. although there is plenty of room for the few things I have transferred this bag for some reason is very heavy. Closer investigation is called for. This bag has a specially designed section for mobile phones but I had chosen not to use it this evening.

So there I was in the medicine aisle (almost finished) with my bag on top of the loaded trolley, emptying my bag to find my phone. The missed call was my mum's mobile, the one she only ever turns on to make a can never call her back as she turns it off straight away. But this time I got her. She is helping the 'spoilt brat' to buy a new car. This involves her driving to Kent at 6.30 this morning so that SB could drive her up north in a hire car. They have now done the transactions and are in posession of new car. They then drove to Newcastle Airport to leave the hire car then get lift back to hotel so they can drive back to Kent in the morning, before mother drives home. I am worried about her driving for hours after the problem she had with her foot on monday.

I am stood there chatting to my mum looking at heartburn medicine and find myself staring at condoms and lubricants (while I'm talking to my mum!!). After the call, I notice that I have a text message. wow its from Romeo (the first in a week)

'could not agree more. in Portugal for a big meeting xxx'

??? wtf which text is that a reply to? I have sent a few in the last week, could it be.........

Czesc, mam cos do zgloszenia. Lubie Romeo xxxxxxxxxxx

somehow I doubt it. Perhaps it was a reply to this one...........

Romeo I crave you so much with all my body and soul xxxxxxxxxx

maybe but again I don't think it was that one.

I think it more likely that it was this one............

My darling Romeo I feel as though our day together was the appertizer now I am ready for the next course xxxxxxxxxx

what do you think? and while you are at it do you know what language I was using in the first text and can you figure out what I was trying to say?

Moving on now I have finished shopping, pid for my many groceries and am slowly pushing my laden shopping cart through the still busy car park (it was around 8pm by then). My phone rings again, this time it was 'shaun from Blahdeblah company' who what?

'This is not a good time, I am busy.'

'it will only take minute and I really want to save you money, how would you feel about saving upto £1000 on your fuel bills?'

'you wil have to phone me another time I am pushing a heavy shopping trolley this is difficult'

'I really need to talk to you now, can you not spare a minute'

I have reached my car now.


'who are you with for your gas and electricity?'

'EDF & Scottish Power'

' How much do you curently pay per month?'

'I m on a key meter so I don't pay monthly'

'sorry we can't deal with you if you are on key meters'

lmao how funny .................just like the debt consolidators who are so desperate to solve my debt problems but when I tell them my debts are Council tax and water rates they just can't help with those. why do these people never believe me when I say they can't help me. Hee hee I didn't tell him that the electricity meter is being changed in under 2 weeks back from key meter to normal meter.

Hey I had to tell you about the lovely surprise I had tonight. Sammy came online for the first time since he told me he was in love. almost 5 months ago, although he is no longer in love. He doesn't even remember saying that he was.

i did meet a nice lady, or so i thought but she was not so nice,

Poor sammy he is feeling a mite disillusioned these days. for those of you who don't know Sammy was my final fling that never happened.

So who could have predicted I would write this post tonight certainly didn't, I have lots I want to write but every time I prepared to write I found myself just wanting to tell Romeo how I feel about him. I have been feeling a very strong urge to tell him how strong my feelings are, but I ahve resisted by telling myself to leave it, its far to early. then at lunch time I read Firebyrd's post about telling people that you love them. (I read blogs in my lunch break but don't comment....sometimes I forget to come back later to comment). I am torn now between keeping my own councel on this or coming clean.


Giggle! said...

Oh! I NEVER get to my mobile on time! I'm aways missing calls.

So for my answering machine I say "Nooooo WAIT!!!! Don't leave a message... quickly ring again, I couldn't find my phone on time, but I promise I'll pick up this time!!!"

:-) Works every time! :-) xx

Mel said...

Oh, go figure I'm into simply saying what's true for me. If someone isn't going to handle that, best I know that from the word get-go.
I get to love exactly as I wanna....LOL.....look out!

Mei Del said...

go on tell romeo - it'll make him feel quite happy i'm sure

DJ Kirkby said...

Russian? No idea if you should tell him as I am not sure of the particulars tha tyou agreed at the start of your relationship. Trust your instinct. xo

having my cake said...

It doesnt matter how big or small my handbag is, I can never find it when it rings. That's if I hear it at all since it's normally on silent so I am alerted by the vibration in my back.

Lady in red said...

giggle I love your answer phone message..........I have never got around to recoding one but I should.

It will be something like ........if I have not answered it is because I am driving or talking on another phone, try again in 5 minutes or 20 or perhaps an hour.

Lady in red said...

mel I did tell him in an email months ago that I felt I loved him, but I have never mentioned it since although I end my emails with ...........all my love LiR

Lady in red said...

mei I am not sure as I feel that I love him but how can I when I don't know him as the person he is in his everyday life. I love the person I talk to and the person I met but that is not all of him.

Lady in red said...

dj good guess but not russian, my phone doesn't have the russian symbols on it (see I did consider it).

I guess we have never worked out any rules as yet. But we do both want a long term relationship

Lady in red said...

cake it seems that we were reading each other's blogs at the same time.

I always had my phone on silent for the last year of my marriage but now only when I am in quiet places like meetings drs etc.

Anonymous said...