Friday, 15 August 2008

just a quickie

I'm off out to lunch with my mother soon once we have visited my grandad

So whilst I am out I shall leave you with a bit of a teaser

I posted the other night that I had been out to dinner

I didn't say who with

I have been asked (not just on here but by email and text too)

It could have been

A) Harvey (I was out with him last night)

B) Neptune

C) Forest

D) Lotto


F) someone else

ah if you noticed that Romeo is missing from the list it is because he is still away, he has no problem with me having a social life after all he wouldn't want me to be stuck at home on my own all the time, what a dull girl that would make me.

Tell me who you think I went to dinner with and I shall reveal the answer later


Vincent said...

Sorry I am not familiar enough with your dramatis personae to answer the riddle. But your cartoon is too small to read!

aka k said...

It says "I hate having to eat and (or "on the") run. Did you bring any money?"

If this is a clue, Lotto?

Though more probably LV, I'd say.

Lady in red said...

vincent you are not missing much as there is only one man for me although I have a variety of male friends.

The picture was only a rushed illustration of a meal for two nothing more than that.

Lady in red said...

aka k

no clue left

I am not saying yet who it was

why not? because I like to keep you guessing

Irene said...

I don't know you well enough yet to make a good guess, but I hope it was a tall dark stranger who paid the bill and swept you off your feet.

Lady in red said...

Irene as you don't know the history of my last couple of years I wouldn't expect you to take a guess.

I can tell you that the gentleman in question did indeed pay the bill as for being tall, dark and sweeping me of my feet.

seeing as none of my readers know what any of the gentlemen on the list looks like I can say that he is not particularly tall and has a shaven head

However I have been swept off my feet by a tall dark m

Fire Byrd said...

You went out with all of them all at once. You ate 6 courses one with each and then you went home to your knitting!

Lady in red said...

FB you know me so well !!

see ya tomorrow


DJ Kirkby said...

Fyre byrd makes me laugh! I think you went out to supper with 'someone else'.

Anonymous said...