Saturday, 30 August 2008

organised ~ not!!

I began my day by playing with my blogs, moving things around adding things and deleting a few things too. It felt good to be tweaking what had not been tweaked for a while. I am not going to tell you exactly what I have done as half the fun is seeing if you can spot the changes, and you should never forget that I do like to have fun.

LV commented earlier.............'Humour detected'

Being the organised person that I am (not), I planned to do several things today.

a) buy a new strimmer to cut back the nettles and brambles I have been cultivating this year, whilst I have one last chance.

b) buy a new net curtain or perhaps some vertical blinds to replace the net curtain Nipper shredded at the start of the week trying to get out of the top window.

c) buy new school blazer, and sports shorts and socks for JA going back to school next wednesday.

I couldn't decide where to go or in which order. So with my usual last minute satuday afternoon dash I headed for the 'superstores' just out of town. Q & B as LV refers to it only had a few strimmers left and those were the all singing all dancing super duper top of the range expensive ones. On the way to the garden equipment section I had passed the flat pack furniture. On the way back I picked up a 3 drawer chest for the boys to have in their room. The unit JA keeps his jumple of tangled clothes in also acts as a stand for the new HD flat screen TV that DC bought last week in place of buying a ticket for Reading Rock festival. On wednesday that unit got knocked, it apparently is quite unsteady (held upright by the heap of clothes that have been shoved into it). The unit got a second knock which sent the TV flying onto the floor breaking the screen. I have suggested that JA puts his tumble of clothes into the doorless wardrobe where OJ currently keeps his clothes. OJ can use the new drawers. OJ enjoys building flat packs (ok maybe not but he enjoys the challenge). To make his life easier I also invested in a power screwdriver.

I had just reached the checkout when I decided on a detour to the back of the store where they keep blinds. There were a few vertical blinds but mostly it was venetian blinds ( I do not want those). I didn't see what I wanted. But I did buy a new shower head.

On leaving the store I turned towards the other city paying a visit to the super duper Tesco store I will never get used to the recorded voice telling you that you are nearing the landing point when you go up or down the moving slope (like an escalator but without steps ~ more of a human conveyor belt). No blinds or nets,but I did get a set of kitchen knives, curry for my dinner and two tubs of cheese sauce granules (asda have not had them for the last 2 weeks ~ and the boys use it on pasta, potatoes and various other things.)

Oh and I nearly forgot to tell you about the fly in the ointment that was my day. SF phoned.

what are you doing this evening?


I need somewhere to lay my head tonight, can I sleep on your sofa?

have you and Village fallen out?

No but her mother is getting on my nerves, I wish I had worked all day today. So can I sleep over?

No you can't, sorry.

Ok, talk to you later

what a nerve he has, apart from me not wanting him here he can't. I sent a text to aunty telling her that he had asked and was he going to start trying to worm his way back in.


so I phoned her for a chat, I wanted to talk about Romeo anyway.

First she linked into SF and Village. (first time we have talked about the people he now lives with). She tells me that village is besotted with SF (I know she has liked him for yrs) but he doesn't love her although they are ok. The problem with her mother is that although she likes SF she doesn't think he treats her daughter very well (they live in the mother's house). No surprises there then.

Aunty told me not to let him back here even for one night (not that I will ) she is concerned that he might try to wear me down, then she picked up that he has an injunction against him anyway.

Then we talked about Romeo, she looked into various aspects of him and his life. Most of it was going over old ground, but I do like to know that she will come up with the same answers each time. So her verdict is that he is very much a worker, he feels he has to prove himself all the time, even though he knows he is very good at what he does. Money wise, he has lots of it but it isn't something he thinks about. Romance wise he is very romantic. Relability is his failling, he is not reliable although that is not intentional. He trusts me and has a huge amount of respect for me. This time she also said that since meeting he has moved very close to falling over the edge, he has very deep feelings for me. Oh yeah she had already picked up that I have fallen for him too. Several times during the conversation Aunty said that Romeo is 'lovely' which is a word I often use to describe him when ever anyone asks. She thinks we will be together at the start of October but there is also a slim chance I will see him in september.

I am sure that some of you reading this will be thinking its all mumbo jumbo and I shouldn't listen to these people. Aunty as I call her here has been there for me for the last 3 years. Occasionally she is wrong but generally she is right about most things even when I hope and pray she is wrong. I trust her to be truthful, she won't just tell me what I want to hear. She has been good to me and lets me contact her at home or just by text instead of going through those expensive telephone lines that are £1.50 per minute. Yes I have used other psychics when I was in my deepest misery, there are occasions when I still use others but mostly it is aunty who I trust and she knows me so well now (lol she always says I have enough romance in me for the whole world). Three years ago I was speakig to her at least once a week, sometimes more. These days I don't need her but sometimes I just like to have some confirmation that my own instincts are right. I did ask her how Romeo will react if I tell him that I love him. She says he will be pleased but probably go quiet.

So thats another day over and as we all know tomorrow is another day. (I might even reveal the latest reward I have been given)


Giggle! said...

What an asre! Asking to sleep on your sofa! Phhhh!

Ooo I love blog changes, I was hoping to spot your own meez there somewhere! :-P A pretty lady avatar in red! :-) xx

Lady in red said...

now there's a thought

Mel said...

And I was admiring the widget!

Just sayin'.....LOL

DJ Kirkby said...

Very pretty stat counter and who are those tarot cards? Fyre Byrd's? As for SF...well, the less said about him, the better...grrrrr.

Casdok said...

I like tweeking my blog too!
Looks great!
Are the cheese sauce granules any good?

Lady in red said...

mel you can say what ever you like. btw I have been spending hours reading through your archives an have only got as far as 2006 ......I loved your post about not wanting to grow up

are you trying to get 100 posts in for this month by any chance?

Lady in red said...

dj I pinched it from chopper do you think he will mind?

yes you are right about the cards those knees belong to Fire and another friend of yours Trousers

Lady in red said...

casdok your blog is always interesting.

the cheese granuales are popular with my boys, just add boiling water much the same as gravy granules. means they can make as much or as little as they want and they dont need me to make it for them thats always a bonus

Queen Vixen said...

Having a tweak is so satisfying. I had a tweak yesterday and it was great! Glad you said no to the arse who wants to worm his way back in. Guess with Romeo - you are getting a lot out of your relationship with him so its worth putting up with a bit of unreliability in return.

aka k said...

Yikes, so now you can see where we all come from!!!!

Mel said...

Ah.....well, I'm not sure that makes for interesting reading, ma'am....LOL....but read at will.

I'm notorious for landing somewhere and going all the way back to the beginning.....cuz that's just what I do? *shrugs*

You're welcome anytime, ma'am.......and just for the record--I STILL don't wanna grow up.....LOL

Anonymous said...