Monday, 25 August 2008



family bbq


being a great aunt!!!

making new friends


kangaroo juice

taking over the driving

watching Edinburgh Tattoo with DC and My Mum

My ex M-I-L wants to be friends "I always did like you"


Gypsy said...

What in the world is kangaroo juice?

nitebyrd said...

Yeah, what is kangaroo juice?

X-MIL, should stay X-MIL not "friend."

Lady in red said...

kangaroo juice is what we say (or at least my mother and I)when a car is jumping around not driving smoothly ie bad driving usually when a learner is behind the wheel.......

In this case we were nearing the end of a journey that takes me an hour but my mum drives slower and after an hour or so her foot was getting painful. she pulled over to adjust her shoe then drove the next couple of miles very judderingly. Until she stopped and I could see that her foot was only on the edge of the pedal. She was struggling to get her now numb foot onto the peddal. I made her get out and I drove her home and DC collected me from there.

Lady in red said...

nitebyrd X-MIL out of the blue sent me some money after not speaking to me for 2.5 years. I phoned her to say thank you which was when she told me that she would like us to be friends as she had always liked me................

I take that with the biggest pinch of salt as I have known for 20 years that she is the most two faced little old woman I have ever come across.

Besides I still remember when I was carrying OJ she told me that it wouldn't show as I was fat anyway (size 14). Then when I got married to her son she told my mum that

'I did't know that LiR could look pretty.'

so there is no danger of us being friends, I have always been glad of the 100 miles between us especially since she got too old and unstable on her legs to be able to stay with us. (our only toilet being upstairs).

Anonymous said...