Saturday, 23 August 2008

Family Outing and going solo

Saturday ~ my day of lie in, rest and recuperation followed by a late dash to Asda. Home again to cook supper for my boys then quiet evening with my laptop.
But that was not how this day went.

Last night I fell asleep in the middle of writing a post, not overly unusual, this morning I wasn't so happy with the post and deleted half of it. I was just about done with it when LV began chatting. I had already decided that a visit into town was on the cards for today. JA needed new school shoes, I also wanted to visit the bank, JA lost his bank card at the start of the holidays. Last week when I was travelling with Mei one of the things we discussed was bank accounts. I have no idea how we got onto that topic. But Mei was able to pass on a valuable piece of information which would help me to resolve the problem of the joint account I still have with SF even though neither of us still use it. All the time this account is open I cannot disassociate myself from SF's large debts.

Our post which usually arrives at about 1.30pm came very much earlier today. Not long after, OJ asked me if I want some money. Of course the answer would have to be yes. He handed me a cheque for £50!!! Not only was this unexpected but the name on the cheque was enough of a shock that if I had been standing at the time I would have fallen over with shock. It was from my former mother in law (who since the divorce regards me as the wicked witch of the west). Recently the warden run flat she had moved to some years ago had been sold to developers. According to her letter she has received a sum of compensation. She sent cheques to each of us for £50 each.

My trip to the bank now became a family outing. We arrived en mass to deposit our new found wealth (such that it is). We then took over a corner of the bank as we dealt with a variety of issues. Each one of the boys had a different problem with their accounts. Then it was my turn. I think I must have been there for about an hour closing down all the accounts other than my current account. I now have the facility to operate my banking online but without the disadvantage of having the old joint account open. I can now cut my ties with SF's financial nightmare. which should help my own credit rating. Thanks for the tip Mei. The bank was followed by the back to school/college annual purchase of new pencil cases, pens/pencils, writing paper etc. As I headed to the shoe shop JA told me he doesn't need new shoes after all but he need new trousers as he can't find the ones I bought him in June!! I have told him to tidy his room he will find them.

This evening the boys had been invited to a bbq with their father, I was going to buy myself something for my solo dinner when I decided to make the most of the sunshine. Taking my camera I headed off to my favourite chalk ridge. Stopping first at the most easterly carpark I joined several dog walkers on the open green space I took a few photos to compare with similar ones I had taken from the same spot last autumn.

Turning back east I stopped at the main carpark where the bikers and boy racers congregate en mass near to the very popular burger van. A few more photos, partly to see the difference in view from less than 1/2 mile further along the road, partly to show how green the city is considering how how densly populated it is. It never fails to amaze me how many trees and green areas can be seen from above.

Next stop the car park where I used to meet swinger for our mugs of hot tea/coffee and very nice hot dogs (this is what I had decided to have for my supper). But when I arrived ther trees had grown more than a little obscuring some of the view, the little car park was quite busy but worst of all our burger van was gone, replaced by another.

It wouldn't have been the same so I departed choosing to take the road down the back of the ridge winding through green country side with glimpses of golden fields, straw bales waiting to be moved. Driving along country lanes randomly turning not know where they led to. Until I reached he village with a well known vineyard and Indian restaurant run by the acclaimed chef Atul Kochhar, still driving I found the turning for Vatika Restaurant, then continued my aimless meandering until I found myself at the beach not far from home. a few more pictures looking out to sea

and back home just in time to get comfortable when the boys returned.


I have just read Mel's latest post ...............her young daughter has stage 1 cancer and I would like you to join me in sending her positive thought to help them get through this.


Giggle! said...

:-( Poor Mel! Sending prayers her way.

Beautiful pics btw, and I hope you got yourself a lovely treat with your 50 bucks! :-P xx

Mei Del said...

hey glad it was useful and your pictures of the sea just make me wish i lived nearer the coast.

ah solo time - enjoy it while you can :)

Lady in red said...

Giggle thanks at times like that we need all the positive energy we can muster.

I'm sure the £50 will just get swallowed up in amongst the household bills.

Lady in red said...

Mei I was gonna email you later to see if you were still alive. Its not like you to be absent from blogging not even visiting for so long.

solo time so essential and it was nice to be by the sea I just dont go often enough considering it is so close

nitebyrd said...

Sometimes surprises come from the oddest places! Beautiful pictures!

Pass my good thoughts and positive energy to Mel. Blessed Be.

DJ Kirkby said...

Oh dear that was a shock to read about Mei's girl!!!!!! Lovely photos.

Miss Understood said...

Loved the pictures....the ocean is my favourite place in the world.

Mel said...

Awwwww.....just what was needed.
Ocean, beautiful skies....and knowing prayers are doing their thing.

My heartfelt thanks, ma'am.
I'll trust we'll be fine.

Fire Byrd said...

I was so enjoying the journey to the sea then to come to the end news... I'm speechless. And I'll email her straightaway. Thanks for letting me know before I get to her on my blog roll.

Anonymous said...