Wednesday, 27 August 2008

shock horror

Tonight DC quit from the band that he built up from the age of 12

They started out as a 4 piece band, he was lead guitar but also did some of the singing until his voice began to break. For a while they became a 5 piece band, at this point 8 years later there have been a few changes in band members but DC was one of only two original band members left. DC has always enjoyed not only the taking part in playing. But also the designing of CD covers, badges and T-Shirts. Right from the start he was the driving force behind the band, arranging gigs, recording etc. He has written a lot of the music and lyrics for the songs they sang, they have never been interested in doing covers.

So this is the end of an era or is it.

Will he stick to his guns or will he miss what has been the most important part of his life for the last 8 years (other than his g/f of 4.5 years).

From what he was saying on Monday he wants to concentrate more on his art work than his music.

DC jumped

Things at work have not been improving with NL. After 2 months he is not improving, it seems to be one step forward two steps backwards. I have not been tearing my hair out so much in recent weeks because I have not allowed myself to become stressed. However Boss Lady has been getting increasingly frustrated with him. It is looking very likely that he won't be there in a month's time. The question is will he jump or be pushed.

There is a woman (Ruby) in the accounts department who I have never mentioned before. She works part time, has been there since March and is currently on her second job as she did not get on very well in the first. I had heard rumours about her (I don't know much about her ) but yesterday I heard this noise. It was a noise I recognised but didn't think anything of at the time even though it is not something I have ever heard before during a working day. There was a slight commotion at the other end of the office and NL began to giggle. Being slightly deaf I asked him what he was laughing at. Apparently Ruby had fallen asleep and begun to snore. Since then I have noticed several times that one or other of the accounts staff have had to wake her.

'Ruby went again'

has been heard at intevals throughout the day. I have also heard that she fell asleep in the ladies toilets yesterday. Her boss PB has been getting fed up with her inability to learn her job, added to this falling asleep, I wonder how long it will be before she either jumps or is pushed.

As from today I have started leaving work at 4.30 instead of 5pm, (not before time according to Boss Lady). But the reason I left on time today and will do tomorrow and for how ever long it takes has nothing to do with work or even family. My daily drive home generally takes me around 30 to 35 minutes unless there are any traffic problems. Yesterday it took the usual 30 minutes to get as far as my town. I joined the queue of traffic on the hill waiting for the lights at the top, But I soon realised that we had been stationary for too long. As I watched, it became evident that traffic was not progressing along the road I would be turning into at the top, for the last 2 miles of my drive home. Eventually we began to crawl along, taking 40 minutes to drive the last 2 miles. What had caused this traffic problem I wondered as we kept creeping ever nearer to my home. All became clear as I reached the shopping precinct about 500m from the turning towards my home. Temporary traffic lights at the junction beside the place where they recently pulled down the pub SF used to frequent.

Traffic lights for some 'Essential Gas works' must have been a huge hole in the road to cause such problems.........but hang on I didn't pass any holes in the road...........WTF was that all about. Later I went to ASDA and noticed that it is in fact 3 way traffic lights, it isn't the main road that is being dug up but the side road. This side road is not overly busy, plus it is easily accessible from the road I use to get to my home. However the main road ..............without any holes being dug...............was being held up by these lights the rush hour for what reason!!!!! So because of these lights it took me 1hr 10 mins to get home yesterday (PB left after me and took 1hr 25 mins to get home). Today we both left work earlier. Today I got past the hill, the lights at the top, the road along the back of the town that overlooks the Motorway far below. Turned into the main road heading towards home, as I reached a bend in the road about 200 yrds on I joined the back of the traffic. It was 5.02pm I got home (little over 1/2 mile further) at 5.25pm grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

If only there was another way home, of only there was any road I could take to avoid these road works, unfortunately there is not. There are three roads into town and at that time of night both the other two are very bad day in day out, so there is no way to avoid getting stuck.


Giggle! said...

I think that's soo cool that your son was in a band!!! And now he is moving onto Art??? He sounds very talented!!! xx

DJ Kirkby said...

Sounds as if Ruby could be suffering with Narcolepsy and your boss should be sending her to her GP not getting frustrated with her. Hope all goes well with DC's career choices. I am so glad we live in the city after reading about your communting nightmare.

Lady in red said...

dj I believe Ruby is under her gp for this among other things, it is her work ability that PB is getting fed up with mostly. I think she has been very patient over the past 5 months.

Miss Understood said...

I agree - it's narcolepsy and not her fault.

Road works --- grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. It'd probably be quicker to walk!

Lady in red said...

apparently a visit to GP today has ruled that one out but she has been signed off sick.

lol it would be much quicker to walk but could you imagine the chaos with all the abandoned cars on a single carriage road.

The lights were not there this morning so we are keeping our fingers crossed for this afternoon.

Fire Byrd said...

that would try my patience somewhat sitting in those road works , I have enough trouble driving behind someone doing 70... LOL

MarmiteToasty said...

Boys and their bands aye.... sad your lad has left....

My Sams band is headlining at The Wedgewood rooms the week after next, hoping to drag me arse down and watch LOL...


Lady in red said...

marmie my boy has played there lots of times....I know it well from all the times us mums were roadies to our boys.....bugger to park though

let me know when hes playing I might join you there

Anonymous said...