Monday, 25 August 2008

fobbed off

A few weeks ago I asked for my power shower to be checked as I think the thermostat is on the way out.

When we turn on the shower there is no problem with the power of the water but it is scalding, by scalding I mean that where I like to set the temperature to between 6 and 7 depending on the weather, my sons all set it to around 4 to 5 (wimps) but now even I have to turn it to 1!!! and even then I can only stand in the jets of water for a bare minute no more.

So the only way to make the temperature bearable is to turn the pressure from 2 to 1. Now its much colder and to make it warm enough for me to enjoy I have to turn it up to 9 the boys are happy with 7 but although there is no interruption to the water flow it doesn't have much power, it takes me longer to shower.

So I asked for it to be checked out. The maintenace agent came out while I was at work, he apparently spent no more than two minutes looking at it, didn't leave a work sheet, and told ET that the problem is blocked nodules, I just have to clean the nodules and it will be fine.

Duh the nodules are fine, the spray is fine (I know when they get blocked, I descale them and when I have done that a few times I but new shower head)......................

Me thinks I am being fobbed off........................

Do any of you guys or even any of you women know anything about power showers am I being fobbed off or am I being an idiot an it is as simple as he said I just need to change the head

If any of you can help before I fire off a disgruntled email, I would be grateful.


Jeff B said...

Sorry, I'm of no help here. Nothing like that here in the states that I know of.

When I saw "power shower" I thought maybe it was something out of a porno flick.

Giggle! said...

Yeh I don't know either sorry!

But I had serious dejavu reading this... why do I feel like I've read this before?! Weird!

The term 'fobbed off' makes me giggle!!! heehee xx

Miss Understood said...

A normal, bog standard shower takes cold water from the tank and heats it up. But a power shower takes hot water from the hot tank, cold water from the cold tank and mixes it together. So....your shower isn't mixing the water properly!

That's as much as I know :)

aka k said...

Yes miss U, that's how a pumped power shower works. The most likely cause of fluctuating temperature with this type is air trapped in the system.

However, from LiR's description of controls, e.g. numbers for pressure and temperature, I'm guessing it might be an electric so-called "powershower" that combines heating the water and pumping it, all in one box on the shower wall. In that case, it could be air or thermostat problems. I agree, the agent just fobbed you off in the worst way, assuming you know nothing :(

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