Saturday, 30 August 2008

organised ~ not!!

I began my day by playing with my blogs, moving things around adding things and deleting a few things too. It felt good to be tweaking what had not been tweaked for a while. I am not going to tell you exactly what I have done as half the fun is seeing if you can spot the changes, and you should never forget that I do like to have fun.

LV commented earlier.............'Humour detected'

Being the organised person that I am (not), I planned to do several things today.

a) buy a new strimmer to cut back the nettles and brambles I have been cultivating this year, whilst I have one last chance.

b) buy a new net curtain or perhaps some vertical blinds to replace the net curtain Nipper shredded at the start of the week trying to get out of the top window.

c) buy new school blazer, and sports shorts and socks for JA going back to school next wednesday.

I couldn't decide where to go or in which order. So with my usual last minute satuday afternoon dash I headed for the 'superstores' just out of town. Q & B as LV refers to it only had a few strimmers left and those were the all singing all dancing super duper top of the range expensive ones. On the way to the garden equipment section I had passed the flat pack furniture. On the way back I picked up a 3 drawer chest for the boys to have in their room. The unit JA keeps his jumple of tangled clothes in also acts as a stand for the new HD flat screen TV that DC bought last week in place of buying a ticket for Reading Rock festival. On wednesday that unit got knocked, it apparently is quite unsteady (held upright by the heap of clothes that have been shoved into it). The unit got a second knock which sent the TV flying onto the floor breaking the screen. I have suggested that JA puts his tumble of clothes into the doorless wardrobe where OJ currently keeps his clothes. OJ can use the new drawers. OJ enjoys building flat packs (ok maybe not but he enjoys the challenge). To make his life easier I also invested in a power screwdriver.

I had just reached the checkout when I decided on a detour to the back of the store where they keep blinds. There were a few vertical blinds but mostly it was venetian blinds ( I do not want those). I didn't see what I wanted. But I did buy a new shower head.

On leaving the store I turned towards the other city paying a visit to the super duper Tesco store I will never get used to the recorded voice telling you that you are nearing the landing point when you go up or down the moving slope (like an escalator but without steps ~ more of a human conveyor belt). No blinds or nets,but I did get a set of kitchen knives, curry for my dinner and two tubs of cheese sauce granules (asda have not had them for the last 2 weeks ~ and the boys use it on pasta, potatoes and various other things.)

Oh and I nearly forgot to tell you about the fly in the ointment that was my day. SF phoned.

what are you doing this evening?


I need somewhere to lay my head tonight, can I sleep on your sofa?

have you and Village fallen out?

No but her mother is getting on my nerves, I wish I had worked all day today. So can I sleep over?

No you can't, sorry.

Ok, talk to you later

what a nerve he has, apart from me not wanting him here he can't. I sent a text to aunty telling her that he had asked and was he going to start trying to worm his way back in.


so I phoned her for a chat, I wanted to talk about Romeo anyway.

First she linked into SF and Village. (first time we have talked about the people he now lives with). She tells me that village is besotted with SF (I know she has liked him for yrs) but he doesn't love her although they are ok. The problem with her mother is that although she likes SF she doesn't think he treats her daughter very well (they live in the mother's house). No surprises there then.

Aunty told me not to let him back here even for one night (not that I will ) she is concerned that he might try to wear me down, then she picked up that he has an injunction against him anyway.

Then we talked about Romeo, she looked into various aspects of him and his life. Most of it was going over old ground, but I do like to know that she will come up with the same answers each time. So her verdict is that he is very much a worker, he feels he has to prove himself all the time, even though he knows he is very good at what he does. Money wise, he has lots of it but it isn't something he thinks about. Romance wise he is very romantic. Relability is his failling, he is not reliable although that is not intentional. He trusts me and has a huge amount of respect for me. This time she also said that since meeting he has moved very close to falling over the edge, he has very deep feelings for me. Oh yeah she had already picked up that I have fallen for him too. Several times during the conversation Aunty said that Romeo is 'lovely' which is a word I often use to describe him when ever anyone asks. She thinks we will be together at the start of October but there is also a slim chance I will see him in september.

I am sure that some of you reading this will be thinking its all mumbo jumbo and I shouldn't listen to these people. Aunty as I call her here has been there for me for the last 3 years. Occasionally she is wrong but generally she is right about most things even when I hope and pray she is wrong. I trust her to be truthful, she won't just tell me what I want to hear. She has been good to me and lets me contact her at home or just by text instead of going through those expensive telephone lines that are £1.50 per minute. Yes I have used other psychics when I was in my deepest misery, there are occasions when I still use others but mostly it is aunty who I trust and she knows me so well now (lol she always says I have enough romance in me for the whole world). Three years ago I was speakig to her at least once a week, sometimes more. These days I don't need her but sometimes I just like to have some confirmation that my own instincts are right. I did ask her how Romeo will react if I tell him that I love him. She says he will be pleased but probably go quiet.

So thats another day over and as we all know tomorrow is another day. (I might even reveal the latest reward I have been given)


It has been a long day at work and I find myself in Asda on a friday evening, my phone rings but by the time I have searched my bag I have missed the call. The handbag I have used for the last couple of months has a front pocket that I keep my phone in. But on Monday I changed bags over as that one is really very small. I have gone back to an older bag that I have had for a couple of years, it has a central pocket which zips across the top with the two main pockets one on either side fastened with a popper. There are two more zipper pockets one on each side. although there is plenty of room for the few things I have transferred this bag for some reason is very heavy. Closer investigation is called for. This bag has a specially designed section for mobile phones but I had chosen not to use it this evening.

So there I was in the medicine aisle (almost finished) with my bag on top of the loaded trolley, emptying my bag to find my phone. The missed call was my mum's mobile, the one she only ever turns on to make a can never call her back as she turns it off straight away. But this time I got her. She is helping the 'spoilt brat' to buy a new car. This involves her driving to Kent at 6.30 this morning so that SB could drive her up north in a hire car. They have now done the transactions and are in posession of new car. They then drove to Newcastle Airport to leave the hire car then get lift back to hotel so they can drive back to Kent in the morning, before mother drives home. I am worried about her driving for hours after the problem she had with her foot on monday.

I am stood there chatting to my mum looking at heartburn medicine and find myself staring at condoms and lubricants (while I'm talking to my mum!!). After the call, I notice that I have a text message. wow its from Romeo (the first in a week)

'could not agree more. in Portugal for a big meeting xxx'

??? wtf which text is that a reply to? I have sent a few in the last week, could it be.........

Czesc, mam cos do zgloszenia. Lubie Romeo xxxxxxxxxxx

somehow I doubt it. Perhaps it was a reply to this one...........

Romeo I crave you so much with all my body and soul xxxxxxxxxx

maybe but again I don't think it was that one.

I think it more likely that it was this one............

My darling Romeo I feel as though our day together was the appertizer now I am ready for the next course xxxxxxxxxx

what do you think? and while you are at it do you know what language I was using in the first text and can you figure out what I was trying to say?

Moving on now I have finished shopping, pid for my many groceries and am slowly pushing my laden shopping cart through the still busy car park (it was around 8pm by then). My phone rings again, this time it was 'shaun from Blahdeblah company' who what?

'This is not a good time, I am busy.'

'it will only take minute and I really want to save you money, how would you feel about saving upto £1000 on your fuel bills?'

'you wil have to phone me another time I am pushing a heavy shopping trolley this is difficult'

'I really need to talk to you now, can you not spare a minute'

I have reached my car now.


'who are you with for your gas and electricity?'

'EDF & Scottish Power'

' How much do you curently pay per month?'

'I m on a key meter so I don't pay monthly'

'sorry we can't deal with you if you are on key meters'

lmao how funny .................just like the debt consolidators who are so desperate to solve my debt problems but when I tell them my debts are Council tax and water rates they just can't help with those. why do these people never believe me when I say they can't help me. Hee hee I didn't tell him that the electricity meter is being changed in under 2 weeks back from key meter to normal meter.

Hey I had to tell you about the lovely surprise I had tonight. Sammy came online for the first time since he told me he was in love. almost 5 months ago, although he is no longer in love. He doesn't even remember saying that he was.

i did meet a nice lady, or so i thought but she was not so nice,

Poor sammy he is feeling a mite disillusioned these days. for those of you who don't know Sammy was my final fling that never happened.

So who could have predicted I would write this post tonight certainly didn't, I have lots I want to write but every time I prepared to write I found myself just wanting to tell Romeo how I feel about him. I have been feeling a very strong urge to tell him how strong my feelings are, but I ahve resisted by telling myself to leave it, its far to early. then at lunch time I read Firebyrd's post about telling people that you love them. (I read blogs in my lunch break but don't comment....sometimes I forget to come back later to comment). I am torn now between keeping my own councel on this or coming clean.

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

shock horror

Tonight DC quit from the band that he built up from the age of 12

They started out as a 4 piece band, he was lead guitar but also did some of the singing until his voice began to break. For a while they became a 5 piece band, at this point 8 years later there have been a few changes in band members but DC was one of only two original band members left. DC has always enjoyed not only the taking part in playing. But also the designing of CD covers, badges and T-Shirts. Right from the start he was the driving force behind the band, arranging gigs, recording etc. He has written a lot of the music and lyrics for the songs they sang, they have never been interested in doing covers.

So this is the end of an era or is it.

Will he stick to his guns or will he miss what has been the most important part of his life for the last 8 years (other than his g/f of 4.5 years).

From what he was saying on Monday he wants to concentrate more on his art work than his music.

DC jumped

Things at work have not been improving with NL. After 2 months he is not improving, it seems to be one step forward two steps backwards. I have not been tearing my hair out so much in recent weeks because I have not allowed myself to become stressed. However Boss Lady has been getting increasingly frustrated with him. It is looking very likely that he won't be there in a month's time. The question is will he jump or be pushed.

There is a woman (Ruby) in the accounts department who I have never mentioned before. She works part time, has been there since March and is currently on her second job as she did not get on very well in the first. I had heard rumours about her (I don't know much about her ) but yesterday I heard this noise. It was a noise I recognised but didn't think anything of at the time even though it is not something I have ever heard before during a working day. There was a slight commotion at the other end of the office and NL began to giggle. Being slightly deaf I asked him what he was laughing at. Apparently Ruby had fallen asleep and begun to snore. Since then I have noticed several times that one or other of the accounts staff have had to wake her.

'Ruby went again'

has been heard at intevals throughout the day. I have also heard that she fell asleep in the ladies toilets yesterday. Her boss PB has been getting fed up with her inability to learn her job, added to this falling asleep, I wonder how long it will be before she either jumps or is pushed.

As from today I have started leaving work at 4.30 instead of 5pm, (not before time according to Boss Lady). But the reason I left on time today and will do tomorrow and for how ever long it takes has nothing to do with work or even family. My daily drive home generally takes me around 30 to 35 minutes unless there are any traffic problems. Yesterday it took the usual 30 minutes to get as far as my town. I joined the queue of traffic on the hill waiting for the lights at the top, But I soon realised that we had been stationary for too long. As I watched, it became evident that traffic was not progressing along the road I would be turning into at the top, for the last 2 miles of my drive home. Eventually we began to crawl along, taking 40 minutes to drive the last 2 miles. What had caused this traffic problem I wondered as we kept creeping ever nearer to my home. All became clear as I reached the shopping precinct about 500m from the turning towards my home. Temporary traffic lights at the junction beside the place where they recently pulled down the pub SF used to frequent.

Traffic lights for some 'Essential Gas works' must have been a huge hole in the road to cause such problems.........but hang on I didn't pass any holes in the road...........WTF was that all about. Later I went to ASDA and noticed that it is in fact 3 way traffic lights, it isn't the main road that is being dug up but the side road. This side road is not overly busy, plus it is easily accessible from the road I use to get to my home. However the main road ..............without any holes being dug...............was being held up by these lights the rush hour for what reason!!!!! So because of these lights it took me 1hr 10 mins to get home yesterday (PB left after me and took 1hr 25 mins to get home). Today we both left work earlier. Today I got past the hill, the lights at the top, the road along the back of the town that overlooks the Motorway far below. Turned into the main road heading towards home, as I reached a bend in the road about 200 yrds on I joined the back of the traffic. It was 5.02pm I got home (little over 1/2 mile further) at 5.25pm grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

If only there was another way home, of only there was any road I could take to avoid these road works, unfortunately there is not. There are three roads into town and at that time of night both the other two are very bad day in day out, so there is no way to avoid getting stuck.

Monday, 25 August 2008

fobbed off

A few weeks ago I asked for my power shower to be checked as I think the thermostat is on the way out.

When we turn on the shower there is no problem with the power of the water but it is scalding, by scalding I mean that where I like to set the temperature to between 6 and 7 depending on the weather, my sons all set it to around 4 to 5 (wimps) but now even I have to turn it to 1!!! and even then I can only stand in the jets of water for a bare minute no more.

So the only way to make the temperature bearable is to turn the pressure from 2 to 1. Now its much colder and to make it warm enough for me to enjoy I have to turn it up to 9 the boys are happy with 7 but although there is no interruption to the water flow it doesn't have much power, it takes me longer to shower.

So I asked for it to be checked out. The maintenace agent came out while I was at work, he apparently spent no more than two minutes looking at it, didn't leave a work sheet, and told ET that the problem is blocked nodules, I just have to clean the nodules and it will be fine.

Duh the nodules are fine, the spray is fine (I know when they get blocked, I descale them and when I have done that a few times I but new shower head)......................

Me thinks I am being fobbed off........................

Do any of you guys or even any of you women know anything about power showers am I being fobbed off or am I being an idiot an it is as simple as he said I just need to change the head

If any of you can help before I fire off a disgruntled email, I would be grateful.



family bbq


being a great aunt!!!

making new friends


kangaroo juice

taking over the driving

watching Edinburgh Tattoo with DC and My Mum

My ex M-I-L wants to be friends "I always did like you"

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Family Outing and going solo

Saturday ~ my day of lie in, rest and recuperation followed by a late dash to Asda. Home again to cook supper for my boys then quiet evening with my laptop.
But that was not how this day went.

Last night I fell asleep in the middle of writing a post, not overly unusual, this morning I wasn't so happy with the post and deleted half of it. I was just about done with it when LV began chatting. I had already decided that a visit into town was on the cards for today. JA needed new school shoes, I also wanted to visit the bank, JA lost his bank card at the start of the holidays. Last week when I was travelling with Mei one of the things we discussed was bank accounts. I have no idea how we got onto that topic. But Mei was able to pass on a valuable piece of information which would help me to resolve the problem of the joint account I still have with SF even though neither of us still use it. All the time this account is open I cannot disassociate myself from SF's large debts.

Our post which usually arrives at about 1.30pm came very much earlier today. Not long after, OJ asked me if I want some money. Of course the answer would have to be yes. He handed me a cheque for £50!!! Not only was this unexpected but the name on the cheque was enough of a shock that if I had been standing at the time I would have fallen over with shock. It was from my former mother in law (who since the divorce regards me as the wicked witch of the west). Recently the warden run flat she had moved to some years ago had been sold to developers. According to her letter she has received a sum of compensation. She sent cheques to each of us for £50 each.

My trip to the bank now became a family outing. We arrived en mass to deposit our new found wealth (such that it is). We then took over a corner of the bank as we dealt with a variety of issues. Each one of the boys had a different problem with their accounts. Then it was my turn. I think I must have been there for about an hour closing down all the accounts other than my current account. I now have the facility to operate my banking online but without the disadvantage of having the old joint account open. I can now cut my ties with SF's financial nightmare. which should help my own credit rating. Thanks for the tip Mei. The bank was followed by the back to school/college annual purchase of new pencil cases, pens/pencils, writing paper etc. As I headed to the shoe shop JA told me he doesn't need new shoes after all but he need new trousers as he can't find the ones I bought him in June!! I have told him to tidy his room he will find them.

This evening the boys had been invited to a bbq with their father, I was going to buy myself something for my solo dinner when I decided to make the most of the sunshine. Taking my camera I headed off to my favourite chalk ridge. Stopping first at the most easterly carpark I joined several dog walkers on the open green space I took a few photos to compare with similar ones I had taken from the same spot last autumn.

Turning back east I stopped at the main carpark where the bikers and boy racers congregate en mass near to the very popular burger van. A few more photos, partly to see the difference in view from less than 1/2 mile further along the road, partly to show how green the city is considering how how densly populated it is. It never fails to amaze me how many trees and green areas can be seen from above.

Next stop the car park where I used to meet swinger for our mugs of hot tea/coffee and very nice hot dogs (this is what I had decided to have for my supper). But when I arrived ther trees had grown more than a little obscuring some of the view, the little car park was quite busy but worst of all our burger van was gone, replaced by another.

It wouldn't have been the same so I departed choosing to take the road down the back of the ridge winding through green country side with glimpses of golden fields, straw bales waiting to be moved. Driving along country lanes randomly turning not know where they led to. Until I reached he village with a well known vineyard and Indian restaurant run by the acclaimed chef Atul Kochhar, still driving I found the turning for Vatika Restaurant, then continued my aimless meandering until I found myself at the beach not far from home. a few more pictures looking out to sea

and back home just in time to get comfortable when the boys returned.


I have just read Mel's latest post ...............her young daughter has stage 1 cancer and I would like you to join me in sending her positive thought to help them get through this.

Friday, 22 August 2008

Thinking, teasing, flirting, lusting, seducing, betraying

I have been thinking about conversations

conversations that make me smile

conversations full of lust

conversations that make me cringe

conversations that make me think

conversations that make me deceitful

Percy wrote a post about Teasing, flirting and Seducing. He talked about the difference between the three. This got me thinking about how I behave.

I have always enjoyed teasing my friends. They in turn tease me too.

I have discovered that I enjoy flirting on the phone or online, I take my teasing to another level by being suggestive in my teasing. I have often referred to my job as being paid to flirt. I find it easy to flirt on the phone or online because the person I am flirting with can't see me. He can imagine me to be the perfect sexual woman in his eyes, but more than that I can pretend in my own mind that I am sexy.

Some of my customers flirt with me, Garfield makes lewd suggestions, his conversations are very sexual. Sometimes he gets so involved in this that he forgets the reason he rang in the first place. It is just banter between two people who have met through work, he tells me what he likes, he asks me what I like, sometimes his conversations get too intrusive and I have to tell him that I am not having this conversation. I have noticed recently that I have become uncomfortable with these conversations. It isn't because he makes me uncomfortable, it is because I am changing. Where I had found these conversations amusing I now find them more distatesful. I feel that by having these chats I am being disrespecting of the man who holds my heart.

Earlier in the week I was chatting with Lotto. He told me how much he had enjoyed seeing me last week. He told me how he had wanted me the moment he saw me. I smile to myself as I remember that it hadn't been obvious but then Lotto is good at hiding his desires. Either he is very good at acting cool or I just wasn't looking for the signs. He asks me if I wanted him as soon as I saw him, I am not sure how to answer. I don't want to lead him on by saying yes, but equally I don't want to hurt him by saying no, so I avoid giving a straight answer.

Earlier in the week I had an unexpected chat with Thomas aka My Knight. He is so gorgeous and sexy and unexplicably he desires me as much as I desire him. But our lustathon has changed. we both lust after the other but now he knows my heart is Romeo's. We talk about the impossibility of monogamy. I assert my belief that I can and will be monogomous. It was never a problem for me in the past so I don't believe it will be now. He doesn't believe he would be faithful even if he was getting what he wanted at home. During our conversation it becomes evident that our conversations in the future will never be the same again. How could they be, we have always been so liberal with our expression of lust for each other. I can't do that now and he doesn't expect it. From now our comunications will be friendly but much more chaste than in the past.

Talking to Garfield, Lotto and Thomas has made me realise that I don't feel comfortable talking so intimately with any man other than Romeo.

This brings me to seduction, Romeo is the only man I want to seduce, he is the only man I want to be seduced by. In a way the last few months have been a mutual seduction for us. Long may this continue

I know that many men like Ron wil disagree with me, that talking dirty with anyone other than Romeo is a betrayal, but I am looking at it this way, as harmless banter it is fun but I know I would not be happy if I thought Romeo was talking dirty with other women so I won't do it with other men anymore.

Thursday, 21 August 2008


This time last week I was out with Harvey. We had gone to the dating site social evening which remnds me that I need to go see if the photos have been put up yet. I don't think I am in any of them but you never know. Once I have checked them out I intend to delete my profile just like Romeo has.

It has been a couple of days since I last heard from Romeo until this evening. We exchanged a few emails, he says he is hoping to return soon and he feels good now that he has heard from me........awww.

Whilst my dinner was cooking Harvey came online. He asked if he could phone me, he always wants to call my landline (not a great idea as it is always noisy as its close to the tv in the living room). I volunteered to phone him from my mobile.

It seems he has been busy in the last week. since I helped him with his job application he has been to stay with his sister in London. He told the company he had applied to that he would be there on Monday so they called him in for an interview. He got the job and starts on Tuesday.

So Harvey is moving to London, he is looking forward to this new start.

We have promised to keep in touch. I expect the reality is that we will speak a few times to begin with but that after a while we shall cease to talk. A case of being there as a friend for a season. I have shown him how to use the files on his computer. He now has a CV written up on his computer and knows where to find it.

Harvey was very grateful to me for helping him get this job but the reality is that he got it on his own merits. He had been offered the job before his application form arrived. He knows now that he can do it.

I hope that I have taught Harvey to have more self belief than he had when we first met.
Some of you will be aware that today was GCSE results day. This meant that it was the turn of ET to troop off to school this morning to join his mates in the queue to receive that sheet of paper that will begin to shape the rest of his life. He didn't get quite get the results he had hoped for, he confided in me last night that he hadn't done as much revision as he should have done. He did get 10 GCSE passes, he got more than enough to take the A'levels he wants. This afternoon he enrolled at the same college OJ goes to. It is interesting that out of all the many colleges in the area they both chose the same one, plus they have both chosen to study Law!! Where OJ is taking Pure Maths, Further Maths and ICT. But ET will now be doing Computing, Media Studies and Music.
It goes without saying that I am proud of him. He knows what he wants to do and hes going for it.

Wednesday, 20 August 2008


I have been thinking about words.

I have so much to say but no words to say it.

In my head I have numerous posts but I just can't put them into written words.

I have all these thoughts running through my head but just can't formulate them into anything legible.

Monday, 18 August 2008

My weekend with friends

Organised I am not
I checked on map quest the directions to get to Mei’s place, my printer is not connected so I wrote out the directions from M3. I bought a new map book, in the end I took a different route as in the route Mei takes when she drives home from Winchester. That was fine until I got to London and the North Circular. I rang Mei for directions from there. The funniest bit was when I was stuck behind a bus that had not quite pulled into a bus stop. Mei was telling me to turn right at the next junction.......impossible with 3 lanes of busy traffic between me and the right turn. Eventually pulling out from behind the bus with an oncoming coach blasting his horn at me, I’m telling him to go away and shut up then remember Mei and tell her I didn’t mean her. Finally she manages to direct me the right way and as I turn down the last hill there she is waving at me from the side of the road.

So that is how I managed to drive into London for the first time ever. The driving was fine it was not knowing where I was going when I got there that was my only problem. Mei made me very welcome with a refreshing cup of tea before loading up her car and setting off towards the Peak District. Mei and I managed to chat constantly for almost the whole of the drive (3 hrs). We were chatting so much that when we set off I tried to text Fire that we were on our way only I managed to send my text to Romeo by mistake. We landed at Fire’s home at about 6pm so once we had handed over the bottles we had brought with us, I changed into one of my new red skirts and the red heels. A glass of champagne thrust into our hands and we began to catch up with QV and Trousers who I had met when I visited Fire last December.

The atmosphere among the 5 of us was relaxed and cheerful. When I had arrived at Mei’s she was very nervous about meeting fellow bloggers for the first time. I hope she enjoyed meeting us, I certainly enjoyed her company, the two of us giggling like school girls quite a bit over the 26 hours we were together.

It was a lovely evening in the company of lovely people, the food, drink, chat and the tarot cards all flowed well. We all either wrote or commented on short blog posts. Having read back mine yesterday I realised how pissed I must have been when I wrote it. The weather was horrendous with the heavy rain drumming on the conservatory roof much to the delight of trousers who was looking forward to falling asleep to the sound, he had volunteered to sleep on the chaise lounge in there

Considering we went to bed after 1.30 we were all up fairly early for a gathering in the kitchen for our hot drinks followed by cooked breakfast. (something I only ever have when I am with fellow bloggers). We sat around chatting for another couple of hours before leaving at about 11ish. Mei and I dropped Trousers off at the station in Stoke and were just heading towards the M6 when we got the call from Fire.......Mei had left her trademark blue shoes behind, they could have been posted on but we turned around and went back for them. I couldn’t help noticing how many Jaguar cars there were on the motorway. At times I couldn’t help looking to see who was driving. I miss him.

The journey flew past and it wasn’t long before we were back in London. More tea and more chat then I was on my way again. The final leg of my journey went by very quickly, but as I neared home I found I was beginning to struggle with keeping my eyes open but I managed. I was tired when I got home but today I have been absolutely exhausted. It’s a good thing I had booked an extra day off, I would not have managed to work. I found myself falling asleep on and off all day and even now I am still tired. I have enjoyed the last few days surrounded by friends but I have still missed Romeo.

I hadn’t heard from him in over a week, yesterday was his birthday and I had hoped to at least hear from him. This afternoon I sent him a chatty email telling him about my week. I even told him about having Dinner with Lotto and going out with Harvey. At the end I jokingly told him that I was cross that I was having a one sided conversation with him as he had forgotten to tell me where he was and how long for. Blow me down with a feather less than an hour later he text me saying where he is and he will be there for a few days. I laughed assuming he had just read my email but he says he has no internet connection where he is.

Right I need an early night as its back to work tomorrow.

It was a pity that trixie and her sisters had to miss the party

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Busy few days

Those of you who have been reading my blog in the last week will know that I was having a bit of a fling with ebay.

The result being

3 x pink skirts, 2 x red skirts, 1 x white flowered skirt, 1 x green skirt, 1 x beige skirt and finally 1 x brown skirt.

1 x cream satin blouse, 1 x see through black shirt and 1 x pink shirt

1 x red shoes, 2 x pink shoes and 1 x brown shoes

1 x rose quartz necklace and 1 x amber bead necklace

I have also done a bit of socialising this week..............ok so normally I am too tired to be social after a long day at work but with a week off I made the most of it.

Wednesday evening I went out for dinner with Lotto sssshhhhh keep it under your hat, don't go telling everyone, he finally persuaded me to meet up with him for a drink again, which then became dinner. Being in his company was pleasant but I did find myself wishing I was with Romeo instead.

Thursday afternoon I visited Harvey to help him complete a job application, he later picked me up to go for a drink and socialise with others from the dating site where I found Romeo. It was good to catch up with a few of the people I met last year. But I didn't really want to stay very late, neither did Harvey as he had an early start in the morning. We were chatting to one woman 'gold' who I think liked him and vice versa although he says she was hard work. They had met last month and she had even asked him out for a drink. I tried to give them space together, I didn't want people thinking we were a couple. It is odd going to the social events now that I am no longer in the market to be pulled. I text Mei a couple of times during the evening just to keep myself occupied. On the way home Harvey asked me why I am so good to him. He is a friend and I am always happy to help friends when they need it as long as he doesn't come on to me. He did comment that I was welcome to stay over at his place but it was only a joke as we both know the answer would be negative.

Friday I went out for lunch with my mum. we went to the pub where I had my wedding reception all those years ago. In those days we were very pally with the landlord and landlady who had been running the pub we frequented when we lived in Tunbridge Wells, just by coincidence they moved down here a week after I did. SF was the last customer to be thrown out at the end of their last shift at the pub in TW and the first customer waiting at their door when they opened for the first time down here. This pub is not easy to find if you don't know the area but has had a very good reputation for good food and for its history. A former England cricket captain did live in this road some years ago I have no idea if he still does. This pub was in fact two pubs one being 'The Lone Barn' had been transferred from elsewhere many years ago.

when we first began going there, there was a link between the two areas that was glass covered with tables and seating areas, now though it has been convered in keeping with the olde worlde style of the pub and a new kitchen built on the side of it. The food has gone more up market, but my salmon in puff pastry with roasted asparagus tips was delicious and the Almond, Honey and Apricot Cheese cake with thick channel Islandcream was devine. It did seem strange being in this place I ahve so many memories of and parts of it still look so familiar yet other parts so different.

After our meal I drove us around the local lanes, lanes I hadn't been alongfor years probably not since they had been used to film the popular 8o's series Howards Way.

Saturday saw me venturing into the North of London (the first time I have ever driven into London). It was fine except that my map does not show the names of the roads and I had no idea where to leave the North Circular or indeed where I was going from there so with Mei on the phone she guided me along until I found this crazy woman at the side of the road waving madly at me.

The rest of the weekend I shall blog about tomorrow so if you want to know how we got on you will have to come back later. It has been a long and tiring few days and now I am very tired.

Saturday, 16 August 2008

party time

Ok so this is only going to be a quick post to let you know I managed to make my way to Mei Del's house. I will have you know that I have never in my life ever driven into London (around it numeerous times but not into it) The last time I went into London by road even as a passenger was 20+yrs ago. So I arrived mid morning then after a refreshing cuppa we set off. We are now at Fire Byrd's place and several (I have not been counting) glasses of champagne later here I am.

I will catch up with you all tomorrow as right now I have to get back to my almost full glass oh and the cards

Friday, 15 August 2008

Those men

for those of you who have not been reading my blog for long enough and those who have either forgotten or have become confused here is a quick recap.

A) Harvey ................. very brief fling that lasted 3 days last November. Has since joined the same dating site where I found my Romeo. From time to time we go together to social events organised by the dating site. He also from time to time enlists my help with things like filling in application forms, writing his CV etc. We are just good friends although I am aware that he would never kick me out of bed if I chose to be in his. Knows about Romeo.

B) Neptune ............. started chatting on dating site (same one) last September. Very slow starter but every time I considered giving up he would start chatting again we final met for a drink when I was on my way home from visiting Fire Byrd aka Pixie last December. We continued to chat and text for a while but gradually dwindled out. Every now and then he comes online and chats usually telling me I should go to bed as its getting late.

C)Forest .............. online friend who became lover for a few months last year now friends again. We chat regularly, its good to be mates again. Knows about Romeo, probably still wouldn't kick me out of bed if I chose to go there again.

D)Lotto ................male friend we met once 18 months ago and have flirted ever since. He has been trying to get me to meet him again even though he has a g/f and he knows about Romeo. wouldn't kick me out if bed if I chose to be there.

E) LV ....................Real life, met through work but now friends. He took me to Goodwood festival of Speed, has talked about going out for a meal. I am aware that he likes me, but he knows about Romeo.

F) Someone else .....................Difficult one this, any man I have flirted with in recent months knows about Romeo. (Theres no harm in flirting is there?)

just a quickie

I'm off out to lunch with my mother soon once we have visited my grandad

So whilst I am out I shall leave you with a bit of a teaser

I posted the other night that I had been out to dinner

I didn't say who with

I have been asked (not just on here but by email and text too)

It could have been

A) Harvey (I was out with him last night)

B) Neptune

C) Forest

D) Lotto


F) someone else

ah if you noticed that Romeo is missing from the list it is because he is still away, he has no problem with me having a social life after all he wouldn't want me to be stuck at home on my own all the time, what a dull girl that would make me.

Tell me who you think I went to dinner with and I shall reveal the answer later

Thursday, 14 August 2008

My boy and a new Rant

My boy came in to my bedroom this morning complaining

Mum for some reason I didn't wake up (it is about 8.30am by now)

Well that is probably because you had a late night

I had come home from my evening out to find only ET in the house. I had put the recycle bin out ready for the bin men early this this morning, watched the end of the cricket match the boys had gone to. checked the elecricity meter £0.72 ddashed to the garage to charge up the electricity key, and gone to bed by the time they came in. Drifting off in between catching up with blogging, writing a new fantasy (half way though it now). OJ and JA seemed to be taking it in turns to walk into my room to say something. I think it was around 2.30am the last time OJ came in to say goodnight and now hes surprised he didn't wake at the crack of dawn!!

Anyway off he went to catch the train, I assumed he was meeting his friends. A few minutes ago he text me and I called him back.

He has dropped 30 points in his maths because it was hard and he left it a bit late. But he is happy.

Further Maths = A

Pure Maths = A

Law = A (Particularly pleased)

ICT = B (just 3 points off getting A)

So my boy has 3 x A & 1 x B for his As levels now he has something to work on to get his full A levels next yr.

Congratulations OJ I knew you could do it xxxxxx

Next week we get ET's GCSE results


I have just had a very frustrating and unsatisfactory conversation with a young man at the HM Revenue & Customs.

I have finally received my final tax credits decisio for april 07 to april 08 (I've only been waiting since last summer)

My understanding having read this is that JA & ET were qualifying children, OJ is no longer a child (but it doesn't say that he qualifies as a young person in f/t education). however DC is a qualifying young person from 1/9/07 to feb 08 until his 20th birthday ?????? WTF

So I just figured out why my payments went down in feb 08 without any apparent explanation.

My award for april 08 to april 09 shows that JA & ET qualify as child elements until 31st Aug when ET s no longer a child (fair enough)

OJ qualifies as young person from 1/5/08 to 5/4/09 (so why did he not qualify until 1/5/08?)

Oh and I am totally mystified by the

Overpayment - £1090 of this £1090 is not being cllected at present WTF does that mean?

why do they think I have been over paid when do they intend to claim it back?

The young man could not answer my questions...........but he did tell me that the overpayment will have been postponed until a later pay award? So not only do I not know how or when they managed to over pay me but they could claim it back at any time in the future. I hate this but what makes it worse is this.

I queried that I have had a lumpsum paid into my account which apparently is money they owe me back dated to april 08. At this point I hadn't worked out that the money that stopped in Feb was down to DC's birthday. I asked if I would be paid back any money owing from before April.

Heres the shocker .......they only pay back dated payments 3 months they can claim back indefinitely but will only backdate 3 months.

Each time I have contacted the HM Revenue in the last few years it has been by telephone (quicker easier and I get to explain my situation properly)

Now I figure I shall have to write out each and every change as in a time line of when my employment situation changed and when each of the boys left school started college and when DC finished college. Along side my interpretation of what they have awarded me because I am damn sure I can't make head or tail of what they have done. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR


An impromptu invite for dinner

left waiting before given a table

the wrong drinks brought to us (should have been for the next table but were returned to the bar)

neither of us really hungry but needing to eat something, finding very little of interest on the limited menu

at least the food was hot.

the service was bad the decor tired

I would tell you where it was to save you from going there

But I can't

If I told you I would have to kill you

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

I'm on holiday don't ya know

I'm on holiday this week and its fab

yesterday I spent all day watching the olympics, searching on ebay and blogging oh and from my position sat on my new bed I could see my boys and pals playing cricket on the green about 100 yds away.

I didn't even bother to get dressed I spent the whole day in my PJs which was wonderful, I don't think I have ever done that unless I'm ill. I felt so relaxed and content. Perhaps I should do this more often.

Today I treated myself to a visit to the hairdresser and had a catch up with 'my hairdresser' it was the first time she has cut my hair since last October. In December she couldn't cut my hair because she was too busy cutting my mum's hair then a few months ago her husband had a brain haemorage and was in a coma so she gave up work until he was better. I must say that by the time I left my hair looked absolutely fabulous. But it didn't last. Not long after this I was walking to my car ready to visit my mum when the heavens opened. I had my brolley bu both hands were full with things I was carrying. So my hair got wet and my lovely smooth straight hair became curly.

Although I hadn't told my mum I was going to visit her today she had a feeling I would and had some real cream chocolate eclairs to have with our cuppa.

After I had spent a couple of hours chatting to my mum about anything and everything including writing styles, she is thinking of going back to our creative writing classes. Now I am pondering should I do the same ......would be fun but could also be dangerous. Perhaps I shall do the belly dancing class instead. I went off to asda, first stopping at the bottle bank to get rid of all the bottles I have been accumulating. JA calls me an alcoholic but in truth 95% of the bottles are non alcoholic wine. Then it was a visit to an out of town business centre to collect one of my parcels. My pretty pink chiffon frill skirt has arrived. As has the pink samsung now I am not sure whether to keep it or give it to my mum as the phone I bought her for xmas has given up just like JA's one has (oh well I only paid £19 each for them).

I have been keeping an eye on the other items I had found on ebay. Since yesterday's post I have procured myself a rose quartz necklace, an amber bead necklace.

I also won a Randolph Duke reversible green skirt. Which then meant that I got another skirt at a great discount so I chose a Anttony Light Brown Mosaic of Love Skirt which I can't now find a picture of.

I have bought these shoes for a mere £0.99 plus p+p

But I am not sure which of these shoes to go for

these sling backs currently at £2.50 plus p+p or these sasha court shoes currently at £5 plus p+p

Tomorrow I shall get myself to the gym and in the evening I have been invited out for a drink. somewhere in between I need to sort out my old clothes. Thursday I may even get down to doing some work then on friday I'm off out for lunch with my mum.

Then just in case you were not aware I am off to have fun with Fire Byrd aka Bollinger Byrd, collecting Mei Del on the way, there will be a fwe others there too. as far as I am aware there will be about 8 of us this time so who knows what fun we will manage to get up to.

If I'm really lucky I may even get to see Romeo at some point too.

which for some reason has reminded me that I was chatting tonight with LV about my latest fantasy. When I began writing it I had only the very first line in my mind, I had no idea who the characters would be or where the story would take me. When I got to the end I felt I ahd taken it as far as I could but later started building profiles in my mind for the two characters so perhaps I shall write more about them. LV seems to have enjoyed this one describing it as very hot. So if anyone else agrees perhaps I shall write some more. I had thought I had lost any inspiration to write these fantasies but maybe I am beginning to get my inspiration back.

Monday, 11 August 2008

at it again

No not that!!!

I'm at it again on ebay

I thought I would look for some decent more classy skirts to wear when I see Romeo and possibly for the wedding in September. So far I have bought this pink chiffon skirt £4.99 plus packaging.

I am also just 5 minutes away from this Per Una chocolate tafetta skirt.

I won I got it for £12.00 plus packaging

The next one I am after which ends in under half an hour is this one.
A Gorgeous skirt from Bhs. In a lovely baby pink colour, floaty style with detail to the bottom hand side(embroidery and sequin effect). Very pretty item in excellent condition. currently I have the only bid at £0.99

other skirts I am bidding on are these

Berkertex dusky pink beaded skirt currently only £2.99

Errrrr there seems to be a pink theme here so after this I stopped looking at pink skirts and found something a little diferent. In the form of this Rockabilly ruffle hem skirt currently at £2.50 with a few hours left to go.

What do you think ? will this make a change from baby pink? Oh I just won the second pink skirt for the grand total of £0.99 plus packaging.

So what else have I bid for? Only this burgundy velvet evening skirt with front split to show just enough leg. currently at £1.99 plus P+P

I think I shall give it a rest for a few hours and do something else like blogging lol

Saturday, 9 August 2008


Ok so my last post was about discovering that I had an unexpected windfall.

Great now I can pay my water bill, buy school shoes, a new classy outfit to wear for the posh wedding in Norfolk next month. I can take the boys out one day and not worry about the expense too much. I can afford fuel to get to London and or Brighton if required and I can get to Bollinger Byrd's party next weekend.

But giving me money is dangerous.

In the last 36 hours I have bought a package on the Irish, Spanish, french and Portugese Lotteries (they were lucky if the call had come a day earlier I would have had to decline) my packages over the last few months have reaped a whopping 50p..................I'm not giving up the day job just yet.

I have been shopping on ebay for a new phone for JA as I am fed up with not being able to get hold of him until late at night when he gets his friend to call me for a lift home. I ended up winning a new pink samsung for me and not him.

So today I took myself into town ..........................this is why I rarely go into town. The plan was to go to the bank to order a new bank card for JA he lost it when his younger pal was playing with his wallet grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Get the nokia, I had brought home from work when we got new office phones, unlocked. Have a look for something to wear next time I see Romeo or perhaps for the wedding, go to wilkinsons to see if they have any coconut shampoo/conditioner.

The reality was not quite to plan. JA decided to stay home as it was raining. He has managed to lose the nokia somewhere in his room. As I walked into the shopping centre I went straight to the book shop, I don't go there often as I tend to get hand me down books from my mum and friends. I can't afford to buy new books that I am only ever going to read once.

Which reminds me, there is one book I have read twice in the last 15 years the second time was about 10 years ago. I have been trying to remember what it was called and who the author was. It was set in modern day London about a young girl (20's) who was having sessions of regression which took her back to an earlier life in which she was living a life terrorised by a man who was in her life now. I am trying to remember how it went but I am getting muddled up with another book set in the times of King Arthur. I asked my mum the other day if she remembered it but she says she didn't read it so I must have got that one from somewhere else. Another friend or a boot sale/school fete. Since reading that book I have had a curiousity about regression but never taken it any further. I am now wondering if I would like to find out more about it.

So I go into the bookshop telling myself that I am looking for restaurant guides. MD has lent me his very smart (leather bound) copy of Harden's Restaurant guide 2008 because I was asking him for advice on decent restaurants I can take Romeo to. ( I did find one in there that looks perfect for my idea of a romantic posh restaurant not too far away. I couldn't find any sections for restaurant guides. I did peruse the fiction section as I am also trying to remember the name of another author who has a whole series of books I read a couple of years ago. I don't remember his name and when I have asked mother as she lent me the first one she doesn't know. I keep coming back to the name Colin ??????. His books are fast moving secret agent type action often set partially in the south of England but also in Europe and Scandinavia. Every time I go into the book shop I look for these books I can remember where on the book shelves they were when I bought the one or two I did buy all those years ago. It was either during or before I was ill.

Anyway I am sidetracked and as I am trying to find where his books might be I am looking through Sci fi fantasy then I move around the corner and start checking out the books on spiritual and self help. I am drawn to the bottom shelf of the middle section where I find the tarot cards. Over the years I have thought about buying some tarot cards but never found a pack I was drawn to or any that I could afford. I was not looing for any cards today so I moved on looking at the books of angels......I have a book of angels that Auntie recomended to me a few years ago. I looked at the books on the shelves above but I kept coming back to this sweet blue grey box on the bottom shelf . Once I had checked it out along with the other sets and gone back to the same one I picked it up and moved to the next set of shelves on self help where I chose a book. Now I love love books .......fiction books I don't do non fiction. But not only did I buy this book proclaiming to be a NO. 1 International Bestseller I even began reading it in the car. £15

Next stop the clothes shop opposite where I bought two blouses and a shawl oh and a set of beads. (I managed to snap the chain on the beads I wore when I met Romeo, these are very similar but a different style). £38.

I didn't go to the bank as JA wasn't with me but I went to the phone shop I usually use and bought him a cheap Sony ericson for £24 + £10 top up. where did I go next ?

Oh yes I managed to make it across the road in the rain to Wilkinsons and yes they had some big bottles of coconut shampoo and conditioner. I did buy a few other bits and pieces in there too. Then I figured I needed to get back to my car before I spent any more. Once back at my car I had a quick look at my new book while I decided whether I really wanted to go to Asda to do a food shop or just nip into our local store for tonights dinner. In the end I plumped for Asda for tonights dinner and a new towel. I am sure that the boys have been eating our bath towels as just as they can never find any socks all the towels have gone AWOL too.

Ok when I go to Asda my feet automatically take me to the George section (clothes) before anything else. I resisted looking along the aisles of clothes but couldn't resist the lingerie aisle. 1 pair of black lacey knickers along with a matching set of bra and knickers in white with pink embroidery later I managed to get to the men's section and collected 4 packs of black socks (3 for £1) I have been buying these socks for the last couple of years............stops the problem of matching up pairs if every one of their socks are identical. Doesn't stop the socks disappearing into sofas and under beds though. Next aisle being homeware I collected up a fluffy bath sheet in cerise and another in beige. Then spotted the beach towels £3 each or 2 for £5 so of course I got 4. For some reason I decided that I need a second wok. Oh and a new set of cds 100 romantic classics £7. all of this and tonights dinner including ice cream came to £72. so I recon including cash back etc I have got through approx £200 pounds today.

Giving me any extra money is a dangerous thing to do.

It now seems that I have given every member of the family something new today. After the shopping had been unpacked and put away by JA (only right he does something to earn his new phone) my clothes hung up and the new towels and packs of socks dished out I went into the kitchen. Nipper thinks she has a new gift too. Damn cat was sitting in the new wok that hadn't been put away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 7 August 2008

A good day

Something happened today, something that doesn't happen everyday, something I didn't expect.

Last night I was very tired, I didn't write a post, I didn't do any other writing either, nor did I do any of my spreadsheets. I didn't check my bank account online as I had planned.

This morning as I was getting ready for work I checked my account to see if my bills had gone out on schedule. I was surprised to see that my bank balance was in the black. I was in the red a couple of days ago. I knew I should still have a bit of a margin before I reach the limit of my overdraft but not an awful lot. I checked the statement and discovered that there was a credit from the Child Tax Credit. When I got to work I phoned them to check that it was genuine. I didn't want to spend the money only to discover that it wasn't mine to spend.

I spoke to a very helpful young man who told me that the lump sum I had received was money that they owe me for under payments back dated to April. Tomorrow I get my usual payment only from now on my payments are going to be £53 per week more than they have been for the last 6 months.

Now what a great start to the day that was. Even if I do think about the fact that I have been £200 a month short, it has been a struggle but the lump sum now, will have a greater impact on my situation than £50 pw would have done. Particularly as I am on summer leave next week it means that I can at least take my boys out for one day next week, plus I can afford to get my hair cut again. I don't need to worry about finding money for fuel to get to London next weekend where I shall meet Mei before the two of us set off north to visit Bollinger Byrd and others.

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Heart to heart

Some of you will be aware that for the most part of 2008 so far, I have been having an internal struggle. I have been waiting for Romeo to become my reality not just the voice on a phone or words on my screen whether it be my computer or my mobile phone. During all this time I have vowed to be celibate. But during this time Lotto has been trying to tempt me into meeting him for sex. Ever since we first met almost 18 months ago he has made it clear that he really likes me but doesn't want a relationship.

I find Lotto very sexy, his compliments and outright flattery have served me well during the time I have been waiting for Romeo. But the time came when he wanted to meet in a hotel room. The problem is that now that I have found Romeo I don't want to play around with anyone else. Romeo is the only man for me until or unless we break up. But Lotto is so tempting, I have managed to keep away from him but we have had lots of steamy conversations online and by text even phone sex once. But I always feel guilty. when we chat I always go through the will she won't she game. I feel bad for letting Lotto think that I might give in and meet him. I am not purposely leading him on because when we chat I do want to meet him. Its when we are not chatting that reason prevails.

A few weeks ago we were chatting when he got in a strop and said he wasn't going to bother any more. We had not spoken again since. I had been feeling bad about this because I want to explain to him that I wasn't messing him around I genuinely was struggling with meeting him or not. Its as though half of me was saying no, think about Romeo and the other half was saying yes meet him you know you want to. I resisted the temptation to email or text him. Obviously now that I have met Romeo I am even more determined to behave myself. Yesterday I saw Lotto was online, I half expected him to say something but he didn't. Late I left him an offline message just saying

I hope you are ok

I really should have just stayed silent. Tonight he was online again and we ended up chatting. He was telling me how much he fancies me still. Without meaning to I have found myself agreeing to be online tomorrow evening to exchange emails, photos and have phone sex. I didn't tell him about romeo so he still thinks that I have never met him. I don't want to lose him as a friend but I am going to remain loyal to Romeo.

I think I will have to email him to explain.

Last night I was chatting online with Forest who told me that he has sore elbows. I made a joke about him letting her go on top sometimes. This seems to have been a turning point in our friendship. Tonight we chatted again, we talked for the first time about our sexual relationship. I think now that I have Romeo it is possible for me to talk about me and Forest without it hurting. Apparently he has one regret and that is that he never managed to have anal sex with me. But really although it spanned 4 or 5 months we only actually had sex 3 times including my special friday.

i was thinking about you the other week, and in all the good times we had

what was the best for you

and all the exploration of you

and excitement

and give you tlc when you had been a naughty girl that once


considering what an exciting lady you were to be with that would of been just as exciting and pleasurable i am sure

we talked about him calling me exciting as I have never thought of myself in that way.

i would have said I was more excitable than exciting

you are that but you are willing to take as well as give willing to let it happen and make it happen and willing to try that is exciting

we talked some more about the sex we had/hadn't had and the fact that I can now talk about it. We also talked about it being good that we managed to stay friends.

probaly cos we talked so much before hand to loose friendships like that

I missed that friendship after we met, sex got in the way

well time for bed for me take care of you little miss exciting

These were just a few excerpts from our conversation but it was the closest we have come to a real heart to heart for a long time. Before we met I used to tell forest everything he was the person I told all my adventures to he was the one I told of all my frustrations. He lifted me when I was feeling low, he calmed me when I was being excitable, he was my confidante, then we met and it all just fell apart as I got swept away on my emotions for this sexy man. As I said to him during this heart to heart, I don't regret the sex we had, but I do regret that our friendship suffered because of the sex. But now we are back to being friends without the sex and I feel much happier.

Work in progress

I figured it was time I got back into writing creatively so last night I didn't write a blog post. I didn't do any of my spreadsheets.

Instead I began a new work in progress.

I have a Title

I have an opening paragraph

I know how it ends, I even know how the twist at the end works

But I have no idea how to do the bit between the first paragraph and the end.

It is about a young girl but I don't know whether to write it about her but aimed at an older audience or whether to aim it at young girls. If the latter then I have to be careful not to be too clever in the vocabulary and grammar that I use.

does anyone have any thoughts.

Sunday, 3 August 2008

mamma mia mamma

Because I looked after my mum when she had her knee op the other day she decided she wanted to give me a treat. I don't expect to be rewarded for looking after my mum. Besides all I did was collect her from the hospital take her home. Get her sausage and chips and watch TV with her, stayed over night then left her to it while I went to work.

She did give me a shock when I saw her name on my mobile as it rang at about 10.15am, I thought there was something wrong but no she rang me to tell me that there was a whale stranded in Chichester Harbour. ( I actually knew more about it than she did as I had heard it on the radio as I drove to work). I think the anaesthetic has affected her even before she got to the hospital. My mother rang me to tell me the number at the hospital to ring to make sure she was ok. The number she gave me was 07301730..... !!!!! Then when I said thats a strange number she realised that was in fact the times 0730 to 1730 that the number would be manned.

So to give me a treat (I think really it was a treat to herself that she wanted company for) we went into town I dropped her off while I found somewhere to park then found her sat on a cosy sofa. Just as I arrived we were called to join a group of others going into the darkened room. Can you imagine my mother and her walking stick climbing the stairs in the dark right the way to the back of the room where we took our seats in the middle of the back row.

As the film ran I laughed so much, I cried , I tapped my feet and wanted to sing along. I am sure you have guessed by now that the film was Mamma Mia, absolutely fantastic. I have always rated Meryl Streep as a great actress, Julie Walters was hilarious, Pierce Brosnan and Colin Firth were tres sexy. (earlier tonight I saw an advert for hair colour for men,......... I don't know why men want to colour their hair, a touch of grey is so sexy on men). So if anyone catches me singing Abba songs its all my mum's fault.


Does anyone know if there is a world coconut shortage?

For the last year or more......I am not sure how long it has been

I have been using coconut shampoo and conditioner. Several of my lovers commented that my hair smells of coconuts.

At one point in the early months of chatting to Romeo he was imagining that I was with him in his room. I told him that he would be able to smell coconuts.

In recent months I have had to use a different shampoo and or conditioner as my usual one was not available. But I have always been able to get it the next time. However in the last few weeks it has been missing from the shelves. I currently have half a bottle of coconut shampoo but no conditioner. When I knew I was going to be seeing Romeo I wanted to buy some coconut conditioner.

There was none in my local Asda store, none in my local Somerfields store or even in my local Lloyds chemists or even in Boots in Town. I don't just mean my normal brand but in any brand.

I can only conclude that there must be a shortage of coconuts

Saturday, 2 August 2008


Last night I didn't feel like cooking so I had left over spag bol for my dinner, finished the post I had started on wednesday over on Battle then went over to mum's. We watched Eastenders then we began looking through the new Adult Education book for this year. We have both thought about going back to Creative writing classes but figured we had best not go to the same class. We would giggle too much (plus she would then find out what kind of thing I write).

I giggled at the thought of belly dancing classes, I know that Cheekydani does it but I have too much belly, it could dance all on its own without much input from me. But I did wonder why there are classes for belly dancing and classes for Egyptian belly dancing. Does anyone know what the difference is?

there were several other classes that caught my eye including Neuro Linguistic programing, does anyone know what that it. Mother says don't do it they will make you have goals ie for next week next month etc.

I shall have to give it some more thought, that is if I can even afford to enrol in any of the classes at £63 or £70 a term!!!!

Friday, 1 August 2008

A week

A week ago I hadn't met Romeo
A week ago I didn't know I was about to meet Romeo
A week ago I was chatting online and falling asleep with my computer
A week ago I had good intentions of going to the gym and doing lots of spreadsheets for work
A week ago I was concerned that Romeo might reject me when we met

In the early hours of Saturday we chatted
In the early hours of Saturday we made a date
In the early hours of Saturday I fell asleep wearing a big grin

On saturday I made plans
On saturday I made purchases
On Saturday my world was rosy

On sunday I made preparations
On Sunday I made an impression on Romeo
On sunday I made out with Romeo for hours in a hotel room

On Monday I grinned a lot
On Monday I smiled all through my day
On Monday I exchanged text with my sweetheart

On Tuesday I yearned for his touch
On Tuesday I was still exhausted
On Tuesday I fell asleep with my laptop

On Wednesday I began a post on Battle
On Wednesday I witnessed a cut throat battle of the teams for promotion
On Wednesday I fell asleep exhausted again

On Thursday I received my first commission payment
On Thursday I parent sat my mother after her knee op
On Thursday Romeo asked me to keep him in my mind

On Friday I finally finished paying my 2007 Council Tax
On Friday I finally published this post
On Friday I am missing Romeo already