Sunday, 17 August 2008

Busy few days

Those of you who have been reading my blog in the last week will know that I was having a bit of a fling with ebay.

The result being

3 x pink skirts, 2 x red skirts, 1 x white flowered skirt, 1 x green skirt, 1 x beige skirt and finally 1 x brown skirt.

1 x cream satin blouse, 1 x see through black shirt and 1 x pink shirt

1 x red shoes, 2 x pink shoes and 1 x brown shoes

1 x rose quartz necklace and 1 x amber bead necklace

I have also done a bit of socialising this week..............ok so normally I am too tired to be social after a long day at work but with a week off I made the most of it.

Wednesday evening I went out for dinner with Lotto sssshhhhh keep it under your hat, don't go telling everyone, he finally persuaded me to meet up with him for a drink again, which then became dinner. Being in his company was pleasant but I did find myself wishing I was with Romeo instead.

Thursday afternoon I visited Harvey to help him complete a job application, he later picked me up to go for a drink and socialise with others from the dating site where I found Romeo. It was good to catch up with a few of the people I met last year. But I didn't really want to stay very late, neither did Harvey as he had an early start in the morning. We were chatting to one woman 'gold' who I think liked him and vice versa although he says she was hard work. They had met last month and she had even asked him out for a drink. I tried to give them space together, I didn't want people thinking we were a couple. It is odd going to the social events now that I am no longer in the market to be pulled. I text Mei a couple of times during the evening just to keep myself occupied. On the way home Harvey asked me why I am so good to him. He is a friend and I am always happy to help friends when they need it as long as he doesn't come on to me. He did comment that I was welcome to stay over at his place but it was only a joke as we both know the answer would be negative.

Friday I went out for lunch with my mum. we went to the pub where I had my wedding reception all those years ago. In those days we were very pally with the landlord and landlady who had been running the pub we frequented when we lived in Tunbridge Wells, just by coincidence they moved down here a week after I did. SF was the last customer to be thrown out at the end of their last shift at the pub in TW and the first customer waiting at their door when they opened for the first time down here. This pub is not easy to find if you don't know the area but has had a very good reputation for good food and for its history. A former England cricket captain did live in this road some years ago I have no idea if he still does. This pub was in fact two pubs one being 'The Lone Barn' had been transferred from elsewhere many years ago.

when we first began going there, there was a link between the two areas that was glass covered with tables and seating areas, now though it has been convered in keeping with the olde worlde style of the pub and a new kitchen built on the side of it. The food has gone more up market, but my salmon in puff pastry with roasted asparagus tips was delicious and the Almond, Honey and Apricot Cheese cake with thick channel Islandcream was devine. It did seem strange being in this place I ahve so many memories of and parts of it still look so familiar yet other parts so different.

After our meal I drove us around the local lanes, lanes I hadn't been alongfor years probably not since they had been used to film the popular 8o's series Howards Way.

Saturday saw me venturing into the North of London (the first time I have ever driven into London). It was fine except that my map does not show the names of the roads and I had no idea where to leave the North Circular or indeed where I was going from there so with Mei on the phone she guided me along until I found this crazy woman at the side of the road waving madly at me.

The rest of the weekend I shall blog about tomorrow so if you want to know how we got on you will have to come back later. It has been a long and tiring few days and now I am very tired.


Mel said... can you not love those buildings......*sigh*

They're wonderful.

And how is it I can envision some mad woman flagging you down?!

Mei Del said...

you have been a busy woman!

ps i sent you an email about that restaurant's chef


DJ Kirkby said...

You are shopping mad. When I order stuff off ebay, I end up with stinky clothes that reek of fags or worse and even dry cleaning won't erradicate the smell, so I avoid buying clothes off ebay now. I've never been to that pub, looks lovely.

nitebyrd said...

What gorgeous buildings! You must live in and around some beautiful areas.

You did really well on eBay, the items are lovely. Hope you had a great meeting with the fellow bloggers!

Lady in red said...

Mel in the days when we went there regularly there was also heavy farm machinery dotted around as part of the image of the pub in those days.

We sed to have meat raffles on a friday, there quiz nights, a dart board and a proper Bar Billiards table these have now made way make the whole place more in keeping with a better class of customer it is now more food orientated as is the case with so many of our traditional pubs.

Lady in red said...

Mei I didn't get an email from you

Lady in red said...

dj I think you jinxed me, none of the clothes I had bought smell at all but this afternoon I received the pink blouse and it smells just like my grandad's partners clothes did very strong talc

Lady in red said...

nitebyrd we are very lucky with some of the buildings in the area. I shall have to dig out some of the family photos and scan them

Mei Del said...

the email wasn't from me - it was me sending it to you from the video website of this chef atul kochar ... it could've gone to your junk mailbox...

Mei Del said...

and you need to buy from smoke free sellers or ask if they are before you bid girlies!

Lady in red said...

Mei I found the video and now I know the name of the restaurant thank you

Gypsy said...

I just love those quaint old English pubs. I adored them even as a very young girl when I lived there many years ago.

Anonymous said...