Saturday, 9 August 2008


Ok so my last post was about discovering that I had an unexpected windfall.

Great now I can pay my water bill, buy school shoes, a new classy outfit to wear for the posh wedding in Norfolk next month. I can take the boys out one day and not worry about the expense too much. I can afford fuel to get to London and or Brighton if required and I can get to Bollinger Byrd's party next weekend.

But giving me money is dangerous.

In the last 36 hours I have bought a package on the Irish, Spanish, french and Portugese Lotteries (they were lucky if the call had come a day earlier I would have had to decline) my packages over the last few months have reaped a whopping 50p..................I'm not giving up the day job just yet.

I have been shopping on ebay for a new phone for JA as I am fed up with not being able to get hold of him until late at night when he gets his friend to call me for a lift home. I ended up winning a new pink samsung for me and not him.

So today I took myself into town ..........................this is why I rarely go into town. The plan was to go to the bank to order a new bank card for JA he lost it when his younger pal was playing with his wallet grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Get the nokia, I had brought home from work when we got new office phones, unlocked. Have a look for something to wear next time I see Romeo or perhaps for the wedding, go to wilkinsons to see if they have any coconut shampoo/conditioner.

The reality was not quite to plan. JA decided to stay home as it was raining. He has managed to lose the nokia somewhere in his room. As I walked into the shopping centre I went straight to the book shop, I don't go there often as I tend to get hand me down books from my mum and friends. I can't afford to buy new books that I am only ever going to read once.

Which reminds me, there is one book I have read twice in the last 15 years the second time was about 10 years ago. I have been trying to remember what it was called and who the author was. It was set in modern day London about a young girl (20's) who was having sessions of regression which took her back to an earlier life in which she was living a life terrorised by a man who was in her life now. I am trying to remember how it went but I am getting muddled up with another book set in the times of King Arthur. I asked my mum the other day if she remembered it but she says she didn't read it so I must have got that one from somewhere else. Another friend or a boot sale/school fete. Since reading that book I have had a curiousity about regression but never taken it any further. I am now wondering if I would like to find out more about it.

So I go into the bookshop telling myself that I am looking for restaurant guides. MD has lent me his very smart (leather bound) copy of Harden's Restaurant guide 2008 because I was asking him for advice on decent restaurants I can take Romeo to. ( I did find one in there that looks perfect for my idea of a romantic posh restaurant not too far away. I couldn't find any sections for restaurant guides. I did peruse the fiction section as I am also trying to remember the name of another author who has a whole series of books I read a couple of years ago. I don't remember his name and when I have asked mother as she lent me the first one she doesn't know. I keep coming back to the name Colin ??????. His books are fast moving secret agent type action often set partially in the south of England but also in Europe and Scandinavia. Every time I go into the book shop I look for these books I can remember where on the book shelves they were when I bought the one or two I did buy all those years ago. It was either during or before I was ill.

Anyway I am sidetracked and as I am trying to find where his books might be I am looking through Sci fi fantasy then I move around the corner and start checking out the books on spiritual and self help. I am drawn to the bottom shelf of the middle section where I find the tarot cards. Over the years I have thought about buying some tarot cards but never found a pack I was drawn to or any that I could afford. I was not looing for any cards today so I moved on looking at the books of angels......I have a book of angels that Auntie recomended to me a few years ago. I looked at the books on the shelves above but I kept coming back to this sweet blue grey box on the bottom shelf . Once I had checked it out along with the other sets and gone back to the same one I picked it up and moved to the next set of shelves on self help where I chose a book. Now I love love books .......fiction books I don't do non fiction. But not only did I buy this book proclaiming to be a NO. 1 International Bestseller I even began reading it in the car. £15

Next stop the clothes shop opposite where I bought two blouses and a shawl oh and a set of beads. (I managed to snap the chain on the beads I wore when I met Romeo, these are very similar but a different style). £38.

I didn't go to the bank as JA wasn't with me but I went to the phone shop I usually use and bought him a cheap Sony ericson for £24 + £10 top up. where did I go next ?

Oh yes I managed to make it across the road in the rain to Wilkinsons and yes they had some big bottles of coconut shampoo and conditioner. I did buy a few other bits and pieces in there too. Then I figured I needed to get back to my car before I spent any more. Once back at my car I had a quick look at my new book while I decided whether I really wanted to go to Asda to do a food shop or just nip into our local store for tonights dinner. In the end I plumped for Asda for tonights dinner and a new towel. I am sure that the boys have been eating our bath towels as just as they can never find any socks all the towels have gone AWOL too.

Ok when I go to Asda my feet automatically take me to the George section (clothes) before anything else. I resisted looking along the aisles of clothes but couldn't resist the lingerie aisle. 1 pair of black lacey knickers along with a matching set of bra and knickers in white with pink embroidery later I managed to get to the men's section and collected 4 packs of black socks (3 for £1) I have been buying these socks for the last couple of years............stops the problem of matching up pairs if every one of their socks are identical. Doesn't stop the socks disappearing into sofas and under beds though. Next aisle being homeware I collected up a fluffy bath sheet in cerise and another in beige. Then spotted the beach towels £3 each or 2 for £5 so of course I got 4. For some reason I decided that I need a second wok. Oh and a new set of cds 100 romantic classics £7. all of this and tonights dinner including ice cream came to £72. so I recon including cash back etc I have got through approx £200 pounds today.

Giving me any extra money is a dangerous thing to do.

It now seems that I have given every member of the family something new today. After the shopping had been unpacked and put away by JA (only right he does something to earn his new phone) my clothes hung up and the new towels and packs of socks dished out I went into the kitchen. Nipper thinks she has a new gift too. Damn cat was sitting in the new wok that hadn't been put away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ashley Ladd said...

It's dangerous to give me extra money, too. Unlike you, this week, I'm short on cash. The hubby paid a big bill from my account without asking or even warning me first. Lucky it didn't overdraw me. Now about all I can do is buy gas and maybe a few groceries until next month because next payday is my short payday when I have to pay my share of the mortgage. Grrrr

Mei Del said...

what was the book you bought?

on good restaurants have you tried the www site? or even google top brighton restaurants and read the reviews.

we all like to spoil ourselves now and again and definitely when a little bit of money comes our way all of a sudden - you're lovely to your lads (and the cat!)

Mei Del said...
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DJ Kirkby said...

Oh you and that crazy cat of yours do make me laugh! JA sound svery much like N1S, he drives me mental(er) but you seem quite calm about all of JA's antics.

Mel said...

LOL The girl lost her phone in her car.
Kids, eh?

And I did find myself laughing at the cat in the wok......stir fry cat anyone? LOLOL

Lady in red said...

Ashley most of the time I don't have much cash its a case of juggling money constabtly. Then when I get a bit extra I go mad buying and paying for things that I normally can't do.

I do try to make the money go as far as possible though. Unlike my eldest who would just spend it on one expensive item.

Lady in red said...

Mei the book was ...........why men don't have a clue & women always need more shoes

I shall have a look at that webb site. Realy its restaurants in this area I need to look at as Romeo will have agood idea himself of which ones to go to in Brighton and London.

I try to spoil the boys a little now and again not just think of myself.

Lady in red said...

dj can you believe that my gp told me to get rid of the cat a couple of years ago as I have become alergic to her.

JA is really rather adorable especially when he looks at me with those big brown eyes of his.

Lady in red said...

Mel my eldest often loses his phone in his car and even this morning I had to ring it because he couldn't find it 'somewhere around the sofa'.

MarmiteToasty said...

LOL@your spending spree........ I hardly ever spend money on myself....... but I did spend £154 on groceries in ASDA yesterday lol...... and thats besides the £74 quid I spend in Sainsburys on Tuesday lol


MarmiteToasty said...

Ok ok thats a lie, I DO buy books and baking stuff lol


Irene said...

It used to be dangerous to give me extra money, but not anymore. Now extra money goes to paying bills that lay around waiting to be paid and groceries that need to be bought. My treat is a pudding with berry sauce if I have something extra and I really like that. Being divorced is tough on the wallet.

aka k said...

so you were off last week too...?

Anonymous said...