Wednesday, 31 October 2007


just got in from my writing class. OJ and JA are watching never mind the buzzcocks, the guests include Daniel Bedingfield who I adore (his music that is) and catch me while I swoon.....................captain Jack aka John Barrowman (Fireman Sam knows him and says hes a real nice guy). Yes I know he's gay but I don't care I think he's lovely. Maybe I should unblock Fireman Sam and start seeing him again to see if I can get him to take me with him next time hes going off to work on set with JB.

I have paid my phone bill............well it had to be done if I am going to keep in touch with Neptune, we have now given each other our mobile numbers so it wouldn't have been much good if I couldn't reply to all the text messages I know I will get from him now lmao.

I have topped up my electricity and gas meters so that we can keep warm and I can use computer while the kids watch tv.

We have food in the cupboards and fridge so we can eat for a few days...............this includes some new items as I try to adjust not only mine but the whole family's eating habits.

I now have a full petrol tank just incase I get any invites to go meet a certain elusive man. Not really I do need to get to work every day too but it does no harm to be prepared.

On friday I get just a little bit closer to getting my rent arrears paid off.

Its day three of the new eating regime.......slowly but surely getting used to the changes this is bringing. It isn't easy but at least I know that I am not doing this alone which helps and when I looked at the hot cheese and onion slice that was only 34p at the local garage shop I did think it looked and smelt nice but I knew I shouldn't so I gritted my teeth and walked away from it.

Oh I also let my colleagues read some of my writing today. I was told by mum to be again (mtba) that I really should write a book. Wayne really liked 'Granny's Tree' and think I should write more of it. He recons he should be able to read part two tomorrow. Some chance I have hardly had time to think let alone write this evening.

Tonight at my writing class we were given pages of writing competitions for us to enter. DJ if you or anyone else wants a copy let me know.

Our homework for next week is to

think about something one tries to forget that just gets bigger and bigger.

No idea what I shall do yet but no doubt I shall think of something before next wednesday.

Bought myself a new red top this morning just incase I have anywhere to go at the weekend even though I had promised myself I wouldn't buy anything new until I had dropped a size. Well sometimes a girl has to do these things.

I turned my phone off when I was at my writing course just incase I got a call or text from Neptune. After the class I turned it on again to find that yes I did have a new text. But the name was not Neptune it was *****
and had just one word.....................Boo
It has been sometime since this man has text me so it was somewhat unexpected