Monday, 29 October 2007

first day

Today has been the first day.

the first day the kids went back to school after half term. I say the first day they went back, I was just getting ready for work when I heard someone in the bathroom. That was odd as I had been alone in the house for half an hour.

JA was in the bathroom retching into the toilet. he just cleaned himself up and put himself to bed without saying a word.

So I phoned the school and went to work. After I got home I asked him how he was. He told me that he had got to school but felt sick so he asked the deputy head teacher if he could go home.

Today was the first time I had been to the gym for over a week. I worked hard, I did think about taking it easy as no one was watching but then I figured that if I did that the only person I would be cheating was me so I kept at it. 90 calories on the treadmill after 12 minutes. 43 on the static bike after 10 minutes and I have no idea how many calories, probably not many on the floor and ball excercises. 45 minutes not bad for the first time in over a a week.

Today was the start of my new eating regime. I am now using skimmed instead of semi skimmed milk and trying to eat proper meals so that I don't need to snack. I am avoiding bread as much as possible and my favourite cheese.

On my trawling the blogs I read I found this delightful picture on Keyser Soze post today. I thought it was so good I had to share it with you as I am sure most of you will enjoy it.

I had been mystified as to why I had heard nothing from Neptune since first thing on friday morning. I had sent him a message early on sat evening, there was a possibility that we could meet on sunday. so why was it that by this morning he still had not read my message. He hadn't even been on the dating site as far as I could tell, hes normally logging on every few hours.

mystery now solved but an opportunity missed. He sent me a message from his work computer. His pc at home stopped working. He also said that its a pity as he would have been able to meet me yesterday after all. So now I have suggested that we swap mobile numbers.

I bet he is going stir crazy as he has told me he is addicted to the computer but he is trying to wean himself off it.......he doesn't have much choice at the moment lol

Have been chatting to forest for quite a long time tonight ............the first time since the day we had our public spat. We are fine its good to feel comfortable chatting to him again. we can even make fun of each other and ourselves.


George said...

I find it very difficult to understand people who say they are addicted to Internet or specific sex sites or dating little people (otherwise called midgets). Perhaps because I am not addicted to anything. On the reverse side of the coin, addictions are very difficult to break ... one of the reasons I never ever did drugs as a kid. I thought that if I really enjoyed them, I wouldn't want to stop. So I stayed away completely ... have never even had a puff of marijuana.

Lady in red said...

I did try it twice but I think I was in the frame of mind that it wasn't for me so I didn't get anything from the experience either good or bad and have never been tempted since.

my ex is addicted to alcohol and in his younger days drugs too.

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

I had a kid off sick as well. Must be something about first days!

BBC said...

I took an emotional healing class at a collage in Montana before I moved here, it was very good.

I've tried pot a few times, but I just didn't get it. Like the smell of it though.

Hang in there hon, it's a confusing world. And now if you will excuse me I have to pop over and kiss my sweetie-pie. But hugs to you also.

Keyser Soze said...

HEy! Glad you enjoyed Anger Management Kitteh! :-) Thanks for the nice comments too. Love ya!

somebody said...