Wednesday, 10 October 2007

I did it!!

well now I am back and I am pleased to say that I did read my story out to the class. I could feel my eyes watering and I was trying to read it too fast to get it over with. I was falling over my words and realised I should have read it out loud before as some of the sentences were too long. After a while I got a bit more confident and my eyes stopped watering allowing me to calm down a bit more. Until that is I got to the part where she was dressing. then the eyes started to water again. when I had finished it was just silence and I thought they had hated it. But they had liked it. one comment was that there was no dialogue, and it was picked up that I changed tense a couple of times but otherwise they liked it.
next week I have to read my description of my kitchen. thats easy ...........dreadful mess falling apart.

the new home work is to choose a character to have a conversation with a man in a picture we were shown. then write the dialogue of the conversation


EBEZP said...

Told you you'd be fine Lady, well done! Next time it'll be even easier!!

George said...

I'll bet your heart was pounding during the reading. I am not a particularly good public speaker. When my eldest got married I spent 9 months writing and re-writing the speeck I had to give. Rehearsed and wrote enough time to almost have it memorized. I bought some index cards and made little notes on them but that was it. The rest was from memory and ad lib. Turned out exceedingly well.

Doesn't it feel like a great relief when it's over? just being able to read it in front of the class is a great feat. But where do writing and public speaking come together. I guess you can look at it as getting 2 courses for the price of one

BBC said...

I respectfully suggest that you just stick to one blog, two at the most.

I would never go to a writing class. My style is mine and no one else's and they can't tell me how to write.

My thoughts are my own, everything else is just noise. Find your style and do it, screw the rest of it.

"Until that is I got to the part where she was dressing."

Ah crap, did she really have to get dressed? LOL

RONJAZZ said...

You keep plugging. I'd love to read you.

BBC said...

Thanks for your reply. I don't read much fiction, or write much of it. Pretty sure I couldn't put a book together, too much in all my writings to figure out how to put it in a proper order.

If I could I would try to create a book that would change the world and stop all the stupid wars and greed and such.

I had a business in a small town once, put out a weekly newsletter, and helped change/improve the town for the better.

But maybe that small feat was the extent of my abilities.

Anyway, off to a retreat in a few hours. Be safe out there. Hugs.

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

Well done you! Now you've larnt a few new things! Whenever I have to read out anything to anyone, I always read it aloud to myself to make sure it sounds fine. It also helps you to be animated when you need to be.

Emma said...

well done you, I remember the first time I had to read something out, I had just finished presentation training and the moved me into another room and I had to present to a room full of people on a subject I didn't have a clue about.....arghhh....I did get some praise afterwards though that I lapped up once the redness had died down.

Someone once told me you should imagine the room full in their underwear and you will be fine...xx

DJ Kirkby said...

hoooooray! Good for you, next step, winning the the 'Short story Sweepstakes' at Rosies wine bar in Pompy.

Anonymous said...