Wednesday, 24 October 2007

stylish or not?

I was playing with pictures while I was chatting to both JJ and Si this afternoon. The last picture I put up before Si had to leave work and go home was the picture I sent to Mr Passionate while I was waiting for him to visit me at the hotel after Forest had left. I had taken and used it to tease him in the hour before he arrived. JJ has seen this picture before but he said he likes it, I quite like it too but to me it says 'tart'.or at best 'sexy'

He disagrees,

see what you think.

JJ says he thinks it is stylish!!

I think his interpretation of stylish is different to mine.

Oh and I have put a picture of the birthday cake on my side bar.


Wild Cat said...

I agree with JJ xx

her indoors said...

i am with wild cat and JJ. and i love the cake!

TK Kerouac said...

Love the look of your blog.

DJ Kirkby said...

Just seen the book bit on your sidebar...want to know more! Email me? Also if you want to get a word meter like I've got, just click on my word metre in a couple of weeks, it is locked down right now to protect from overuse during a book writing competiton.

Anonymous said...