Tuesday, 23 October 2007

acronyms and icons

So the first person up in this house after me on monday was the birthday boy. He opened his presents once JA and ET were up, by which time DC had already left to go to work. It didn't take much to unwrap his presents ......no ripping required, I somehow think that can at times be the best part. He liked the new watch I had bought him t replace the one he lost months ago. I expect that will now re appear again. I did think I had found it once but it turned out to be JA's. I also bought him a woollen scarf for his winter walks to the station when hes going to and from college and a new pair of trousers. Not much to show for a 17th birthday but he understands.

when I was at work I got chatted up by a mystery man. I still don't know who he was. Part of my job entails taking the orders that I have put onto the system down to the Warehouse Manager. I do this usually 5 or 6 times a day. I have to negotiate a long flight of stairs as our office is above the warehouse, then walk the length of the warehouse. The concrete floor is painted which can be a bit tricky for high heels. Obviously the warehouse staff wear more suitable footwear. But working in the office I tend to dress for the office more than the warehouse. The mystery man who appeared to be doing some kind of inspection. On my first trip of the day he told me that I dont need to wear my high visibility vest............they can hear me coming from miles away. As I said in that case they should never be surprised when I arrive at the far end with my stack of orders. Every time I made the trip the mystery guy had to make some comment to me, making various suggestions about how to make it easier ( some quite funny).

On my return I stopped at what is known as the broomology (they make up the brooms) to collect my son's birthday cake. I had asked the broom lady (no she isn't a witch but looks more like the sugar plum granny with her white and pink hair...shes nearly 60) some weeks ago if she would make a cake for OJ. She does these as a sideline. she did him proud. when I get the photo we took onto the computer I shall post it on here. I couldn't do much for OJ for his birthday but I wanted to show him he is appreciated and feel he deserves something special not just for his birthday but for doing so well in his exams. He announced last night that he is now old enough to drive but thinks it best he saves up before he thinks about doing anything about it.

When I got home OJ had some friends round to play computer games, he had to show them his cake he was so pleased with it. (and to think his dad had offered to supply a cake........from the end of date stock at the shop where he works). not a one off like I had made he he he.
we had to take a photograph before it was cut. JA asked if I was going to have any of it. When I said I would have a piece he was disappointed that they would have to divide the cake in five!!!
Five!!!!! ye gods I divided it onto 15 slices. It was very nice mmmm, but I was very good and only had one small slice. Later JA showed just how much of a cheeky monkey he is. I caught him sneaking a late night pack of crisps. when I told him to put them back as it was too late he stated he was hungry and had already opened them. Ha I was not going to let that go. made him reseal the pack with parcel tape.......where had that appeared from and where was it when I needed something the night before!! If he was really hungry he could have some fruit. So off he goes back to the kitchen then lays on the sofa watching tv. I couldn't believe it when I looked at him. Hes only eating a chicken sandwich.

Much excitement today!!
Its only been a short time since I first reported that our garage had been broken into back in May!!! since then the contractor has been and looked at it. then decided they couldnt fix it until we clear everything out of the garage. We couldn't clear it until they opened the door for us, that took about a month (the day I started work in June). another month and they came and tried to fix the door but it was beyond repair. In mid august they came to measure the door, breaking off the door handle in the process.

Today they fitted the new door, now we can open the garage at will ........yippeee won't that be a novelty. Bikes can go back in there along with everything else that has been stacked in my back garden for months.

Oh and I had a lovely chat with Si, he is a man I first started chatting to in the summer of 2006, we dont often chat, just now and again. Its been a few weeks since the last time when we were talking about silly fingers and the typos they make. Today he asked me to teach him cyber speak ........says he knows quite a bit about computers but not messenger (not sure that is strictly true as hes been using msn since we first chatted 15 months ago). anyway it was fun especially when he began to make some up and I could work them out. He was making wise cracks about my picture so I changed it to the one of me sticking my tongue out......in response he wanted to do a moon back at me. So I had to instruct him how to get a picture from his files onto his messenger. I was very surprised that he had actually taken a picture of his arse then transferred it to his computer right there in his office. On my asking he confirmed that yes it was an open plan office but he was at one end so he gets some privacy .........I still can't see him dropping his trousers in the office and taking the picture with no one noticing. One of the other things we chatted about was the little icons you can get on msn messenger. He decided that acronyms and icons was a good line and would make a good name for a band.


her indoors said...

so i not got a slice of birthday cake i love cake too! glad he had a good birthday.
yipee you got a garage door again, well you got your garage back as well. i dont know much cyber talk, and he took a photo of his arse bloody hell!

Chopski said...

You have to be a crack shot to take a picture of your own arse!!

Lady in red said...

HI sorry by the time I got home from work today there was no cake left.

Chopski it was a rather nice ass though

Anonymous said...