Saturday, 13 October 2007

Doing my nails

stuck at home, I've spent all my money but at least I know I shall be getting my money back from the bank in the next few days and also SF has promised to bring me cash over the weekend........looks like it won't be today. I have painted my finger nails in aztec gold nail varnish. Now I am wondering what colour to paint my toe nails. The last time it was hot purple and before that chocolate brown. the other choices are :

Diva (deep red)

Odyssey (silvery with hint of mauve)

Mauve (cant read the name)

Vernis a ongles (similar to odyssey but pinker)

Why does #4 son have this thing about painting the outside of the bottle with the varnish grrrr hes done it again and where has he hidden the rest of my varnish bottles?

#3 son came home from a day out in the city with his friends last sunday with his nails painted. they were alternatly red and black.


George said...

LiR ... Vernis a ongles means nail varnish in french, not a colour.

I would go for the red ... I love red nails, especially when they are wrapped around my ... whoa, down boy

DJ Kirkby said...

Would love to see a pic of your nails in that Aztec gold, it sounds lush. I like earth tones. Hmmmm painted nails on N3S...sigh, can you imagine if someone did that when we were teenagers?!

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

I've got a dozen colours but hardly ever paint my nails, cause I can never remember where I put the polish!

BBC said...

Yeah, deep bright red. Would you like some help with that? I paint houses but would rather paint nails. LOL

Anonymous said...