Sunday, 28 October 2007

confession time

This is not something I admit to very often as I find that most people, are not very understanding. Many people scoff and make fun. Other people are concerned for me.

I am not talking about a strange cult or sexual deviation. I am not talking about drugs or alcohol. I am not talking about an extreme religion.

I am talking about psychics. See already some of you are inwardly scoffing. Yes I know there are a lot of so called psychics out there who are at best not very good at worst complete frauds. But there are some out there who genuinely do help.

I am not saying that I am completely convinced that they can tell us what will happen in the future, I don’t think it works that way.

A couple of years ago when I was in a bad state, I had told my husband I wanted a divorce, he had not taken the news well. I was at home alone one Saturday afternoon. I had over previous months got interested in horoscopes and was reading mine daily. I don’t any more but at that point I did. On this particular day I had gone onto the horoscope page on msn home. On trawling through the various things on offer. I came across a telephone number that you could ring to speak to a psychic. I did this, I had nothing to lose. I spoke to Aunty. I don’t remember a lot of what she told me. I do remember that she looked to see when my husband would move out. I was hoping a few days, a few weeks at the most. She checked each month, October, November, December, yes he would still be there at Christmas. January, February, March things would start to happen. April that was it he would move out in April. No not April how could it be that long, I wasn’t going to believe that. She must be one of these frauds, she is obviously wrong.

The next week I was again on my own. I was still feeling frantic and SF was insisting that he would not move out. I am a bad mother and I should move out. Again I phoned the same number and spoke to another psychic. I don’t remember what she told me but it was ok. Another week and another psychic, I was coming to rely on them to talk to about things I couldn’t talk to anyone else about. Over the weeks there were several psychics, but one of them I spoke to a few times was Aunty, every time we spoke she checked to see when SF would leave. Every time it came back to April. There were other things she helped me to come to terms with. She gave me advice and encouragement. She made me look after myself told me to be good to myself even if it was only to buy a magazine. Over the months I chose to speak only to Aunty, making a note of her pin number so that I could go directly to her. One day as we talked I mentioned that I was struggling financially and it was costing me a fortune. She gave me her private number so that I can text her when I need to talk she replies by text or will let me ring her at home. She sends me healing. When she doesn’t hear from me for a while she texts me to let me know she is thinking about me.

The months went by and then it was March, SF and I went to court, he was ordered to leave the property by 24/04/06 (my mum’s birthday). After we left the court he told me he would burn the house down. Finally he left quietly on the last day. Aunty had been right all along he left in April. Not all our talks involved predictions like that. Mostly it was to do with the current situation with various people in my life. Aunty was there for me when I needed her during the months of torment with N. She never judges me, just helps me through the difficulties and shows me things more clearly. Sometimes I choose to disregard what she has said and do as I think anyway. I told her about Forest she told me no there would be nothing there. I chose not to believe her. Now I can see she was right.

Sometimes we are in contact frequently other times it can be several months in between. A couple of weeks ago I spoke to her for the first time in months. I asked her about Neptune. She says yes he is a good one. She told me how far away he is from me. In these two years I have never told her where in the country I am. She has told me that he is as romantic as I am, he won’t tell me any lies. She persuaded me to take the bull by the horns and ‘go get him gal’. (she had never called me that before) that day he called me gal for the first and only time.

Today I called her as I wanted to know what was going on with him. Since I last spoke to her I had asked him if he wanted to meet, which he does he even recommended the city he thinks we should meet in. Earlier this week I asked if he had any thoughts when we should meet. Apparently it depends on how my confidence is. I told him my confidence is fine right now and my diary mostly free. He says his diary is also pretty free so we shall have to wait and watch. This pissed me off no end what was that supposed to mean. His diary is empty but we have to wait and watch. So I didn’t send him any reply at all. Next morning he was on msn (hasn’t done that for a while) telling me about a program he watched the night before about spiders which he commented on as being something I am fascinated in.

Aunty tells me that what he meant about waiting is that we wait to see if it rains on Sunday. He has a game of golf scheduled but wont be playing if it rains. This would mean he’s free for the day. That makes sense. Aunty tells me we will meet, and that the city is a lovely place for us to meet. I hadn’t told her where it was. Aunty assures me that I may not fancy him when we meet but that we will get on very well, he is not long term though. She has also told me that I am about to lose 8 or 9lb in a few weeks. That, I should do this with others who can help me with it. Almost as an after thought she told me that the test results came back all clear which is why my Dr hasn’t called me. I hadn’t even been thinking about the test results as they were a while ago now. I am pretty sure that although I had text her about starting the job and not being well I hadn’t told her about having tests and the Dr calling me in after each test until the last one.

I don’t rely on her now like I did a couple of years ago but I do find that I get strength and comfort from speaking to her. Oh and she told me today that even though I am short and round I am pretty and I have men falling over themselves for me.


Complex Girl said...

This was a lovely post Lady - you are lucky to have someone like that in your life.

Have to confess, when I first started reading this post though, I read physics, not psychics. Doh!! Gave me a chuckle though! After the confusion of course :-)

Lady in red said...

thanx CG
she is lovely and even after a few months as soon as I say hello she knows its me and who all the people in my life are.

when I spoke to her yesterday she immediately said right lets have another look at this neptune. I had spoken to her about him just the once before and that was 2 or 3 weeks ago but she still knew who he was.

I love it when she tells me something she forgets she told me before. it kind of confirms to me that she means it.
she likes neptune....out of all the men I have talked to her about he is the first one she has been enthusiastic about. but she says we are both pussy footing around each other.

her indoors said...

my first thought was of the cost of the calls. but she has given you her own number, amazing, wish i had someone like that.
i go to 'open circles' at a few spiritulist churches and have a had quite a few private readings over the years, and most of it has been spot on!

Lady in red said...

she is great I have 3 public numbers I can get her on 2 of them are on websites so I can check to not only see if she is working but when she becomes available. I have her home number and her mobile number.

At first I thought she must write down everything so that she knows whose who each time but after 2 years I realise she is constantly busy and works 7 days a week she must speak to thousands of people it would be impossible to have everyone's history at her finger tips within seconds of hearing a name or even just a voice. I only have to say hello Aunty (even if I go through the proper channels) and she knows its me.

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

Well she sounds genuine enough! Lets hope you are going to lose even more than that! Go get em gal!

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

Well she sounds genuine enough! Lets hope you are going to lose even more than that! Go get em gal!

having my cake said...

A friend of mine realised she had the ability some years ago. Whilst I was a little sceptical at first, she told me a couple of things that no one else could have known and I couldnt work out what motive she would have for making stuff up.

She once said to me that she knew Id been thinking a lot about my Nan and that she could get her for me. I can remember standing in the kitchen thinking 'Yes, but no, but yes, but no...' and crapping myself. After a minute or so, my friend said 'She's not coming. She says you're too frightened and it would do more harm than good...'

I believe that there are people who do have the gift but there are also a lot of charlatans and you have to be very careful when you are paying for this type of information.

If the reading you get gives you comfort and some of it proves to be accurate then why not...

Personally Im not sure I want to know what the future may bring.

toby said...

Some people get a kick out of controlling other people's lives; that is the motive. And they are very skilled at identifying targets, in particular those personalities which are more susceptible to subliminal suggestion (approx 10% of the population, the same people who can be hypnotised). This is not a flaw! It's as fixed as eye colour.

If you're deriving comfort from her chats, that is a good thing but, like many alternative therapists, part of the "cure" comes from the psychological effect of paying for it.

I hope things with Neptune work out for you. If they do, it will be through the efforts of you and him, not the psychic.

btw, cute pic :)

The Erotic Couple said...

I for one believe in them! I can also be very intuitive, and I use Tarot cards to figure it all out.

Lady in red said...

cake even after 2 years I am still sceptical much of the time. But she does give me clarity and strength.

Toby I don't for one minute think that she has any influence over how things work out other than that she can give me better understanding of situations it is still up to me to act or not act

tec I did try to learn the meanings of the cards and even thought of buying a set but didn't. Aunty has never used them she uses guides and angels as well as intuitively tuning in to my voice.

sometimes when I am bored and there is not much on I watch psychic tv......there are some on there that I like but not all of them. you can learn a lot from there without making a call yourself.

toby said...

Just popped back to apologise, in case I was a little blunt there. I'd be a lousy psychic!

I have a friend who consulted and trusted a psychic for several years without any problems; till she made an important decision based on the psychic's advice, with catastrophic consequences. She is still "paying" for that advice but, curiously, she is still drawn to seek answers from such people.

Pixie said...

Trust your intuition lady, it's the only way. And you already know that.

Emma said...

Aw Lady that was a lovely post and I hope you get all you wish for.

My therapist is my Aunty I must admit she is great and even though on physic she is very worldly wise...xx

somebody said...