Saturday, 27 October 2007

what are you?

Chopski commented on my post ......not for the faint hearted

You spend a lot of time on the web you're going to bump into lots of spiders. Lots of other insects too!!

This got me thinking about all the people I have met online and what insects they would be. I consider myself to be a butterfly

I am generally very colourful and like to bring good cheer into the lives of those people who see me. I flit from one place to another never stopping in one place or with one person for long.

If you were to describe yourself as an insect what would it be and why?

everyone's summertime favourite the pesky wasp, guaranteed to send half the population running around flapping their arms screaming
the beautiful dragonfly with its netted wings, usually found near water. the odd looking but still interesting stick insect sometimes found as children's pet kept in a tank where it can hide amongst the twigs and leavesthe bumblebee looks s soft and furry but with a sting in its tale
for those night time butterflies the plain looking moth that loves to be in the spotlight

upon asking my youngest son what insect he would be, he said a cricket, this is apparently because he likes to jump.

the gardeners friend the much loved ladybug or ladybird, generally thought of as red but comes in many other colours too, feeds on the hated aphids.crane flies, another reason for todays children to panic, unlike in my youth when we would have been catching them and as cruel as children can be removing legs and wings.

don't feel you have to be limited to these


BBC said...

"I consider myself to be a butterfly"

Love is like a butterfly, I love that song. Do you know of it?

Or of this?

Yellow butterflies
Over the blossoming virgin corn,
With pollen-painted faces
Chase one another in brilliant love.

her indoors said...

me i must be a bee as i am always buuzzing around beeing busy, no chopski dont got there! lol

Mr R Rabbit said...

I think I'd have to pick a bee.

Most of my energy is spent in pointless, but entertaining pursuits, like a bee dancing. I look very sweet and innocent, or I can at least, and I'm vicious when someone annoys me, even to the point of damaging my own life to get at them.

Emma said...

My closest friend describes me as a butterfly also, because as soon as I walk into a room I work it apparently, flitting from one person to another, whether I know them or

I would probably describe myself as a moth though because I come alive in the night time and thats when I am at my most

Lady in red said...

bbc yes I know that song and if memory serves me right it was the theme tune to a tv series 'butterflies' many years ago

HI I did think about chopski's post on bees when I included them.

mr rabbit welcome to my blog remind me not to annoy you.
you seem to have a lot of ex's who still want to have sex with you but I dont envy you your stalker.

emma I am sure you are a very beautiful moth. I chose the picture of the female gypsy moth as it was prettier than the others I found. I must ahve had you in mind already.

DJ Kirkby said...

I am a Damsel fly...

Chopski said...


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