Thursday, 11 October 2007

sad and lonely

I am feeling a little sad and lonely
I know we all come into each of our lives for a reason
This is something I have believed in for some time now
Perhaps for these people the reason is no longer
I have some friends, fellow bloggers who I had been in very regular contact
Suddenly the contact has stopped
Both of them I have been there for them during their times of need
Both of them have moved on
I am not required any more to get them over the crisis
I am glad they are fine now
I am sad that they cannot
Check to see if I am ok
One sent me a text out of the blue
Saying he was being a renegade
The other had said he missed my good morning how are you texts when he was away
So why now when I have sent none has he not wondered why
So it seems I have out lasted my usefulness


George said...

LiR just get that thought out of your head ... I feel that it is a blogger thing. There are blogs I used to read religiously and no longer do. There are so many blogs in the world that we can easily find a new one when we get a different train of thought in our minds. I have had regular commenters whom I have not seen for months and months. It's is nothing personal my dear. I think the blogger world is a very transient one ... here today, gone tomorrow.

It's not you, believe me.

Bless you

Bunny said...

Friends sometimes drop in and our of our lives, but I think it's even easier with online friendships. I'm feeling that I have "outlasted my usefulness" with someone too right now. It hurts, but we'll both get through it. Right?

DJ Kirkby said...

Men are from a different species, if you want a friend, get a female they understand the need for contact by other than physical means. Men contact because they need...argh this isnt making sense is it? Sorry, was trying to be helpful! I am sorry you feel crap.

Lady in red said...

George, it isn't the reading of the blog......I too have stopped reading some that I used to read, it is the contact outside blogging. when you get used to contact at least daily often 2 or 3 times each day then nothing for several weeks thats when it hurts especially when by coincidence it happens with more than one person at the same time.

Lady in red said...

hello bunny and welcome to my blog. Of course we will get over it. There will be new friends to take their places, new things to do etc.

Lady in red said...

dj I do know what you mean lol

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

Just remember the 3 friend types

friend for a reason

friend for a season

friend for life

These were friends for a reason. You helped them, now they've drifted on. I'm sure you have plenty more out there.

Chopski said...

Dj! Tut Tut!

Unfortunately people are often selfish and NOT just men!! If they are like that they aren't worth another thought.

Emma said...

I suppose we have all been there at some point, but we find more along the way..xx

her indoors said...

got an e mail to send you, it makes sense its what vi vi voom has just said, chin up chuck x

Anonymous said...