Monday, 22 October 2007

catching up

ok here we go
Sunday started with the blocked toilet yuk and of course there is only one person who gets the dubious delights of sorting that little problem out, getting used to it now, must have done this about half a dozen times in the last two years, thank heavens it wasn't Saturday morning.

Later in the day I went over to see my mum on the way to do the weekly shop that I hadn't done on Saturday. She is having her hall, stairs and landing painted, so wanted help to move the grandfather clock. I am so glad there was no one there with a camera. I must have looked a right sight. Managed to slide the clock along the floor to the dinning room door. Problem one, the door frame isn't high enough. Ok so there I am stood one foot either side of it, mother and her crutch behind the clock. shes holding the back up as I pull the bottom forward to allow it to tilt backwards.
problem two, I am now stuck, straddling the bloody thing with my arms wrapped around it to stop it from falling. Top half now in dining room, I want to push the bottom half backwards so that it can be stood upright again. But instead of pushing the top up mother is letting it drop. Now I am really stuck (and all the time remembering it cost her a lot of money and time to get it fixed the last time it stopped working after she moved house......its temperamental). I am now bent double arms around the middle of this great weight still one leg on either side. finally we lower the clock to the ground and push it so that it is completely in the dining room then I managed to get it back upright.....I can't quite remember how I managed that on my own. We got it into a corner out of the way. Now my mum tells me she has arranged for my brother to collect it, him and his wife are going to have it.
I ended my evening chatting to Sammy which lead to some cam fun
No Vi the candle wax had nothing to do with Sammy, we had some good dirty fun but not with any wax although I did show him what I had been using in his absence new best friend (my electric toothbrush and me have become well aquainted in recent nights)

after we said goodnight it was time to wrap up birthday presents. Do you think I could find any sticky tape? I had earlier asked the other boys if they knew where it was. I thought I would try the glue stick instead. No way was that going to has about as much stick to it as a lump of jelly, zilch nothing no way was it going to work
Ah bright idea, I am looking at my nails thinking they really need to be done when it strikes me that I could glue the paper down with nail varnish. If you ever decide to try it don't bother it doesn't work. I go down to the kitchen to see what I can find.........nothing at all of any use but I do get another idea
candle wax!! use the wax to seal it down, I have candles in my room. find lighter, light two candles, drip the wax onto the underside of the wrapping paper where I want it to stick........nothing doing.
I give up......put the wrapped presents into a bag to keep them together until the morning.

Ouch I just told Oxo that I won't be seeing him as I want to give it a chance with Neptune. I said I hope we can still be friends

ofcourse, I'll wait for your broken heart

now I feel awful, but I couldn't let him keep asking me to go over there when it isn't what I want.


George said...

LiR ... that was so funny ... I could just picture you trying to move the clock ... had I been the one attempting to do that I would have burned mum's ears with the cursing

DJ Kirkby said...

Your too late blog was funny but this one was hilarious, though I did cringe for a moment, expecting you to write that you had ended up under the clock!

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

man, all those ideas and you STILL couldn't get the paper to stick? It must have been the paper at fault!

RONJAZZ said...

I agree. The paper just had its own problem! Funny stuff, Lady...

Lady in red said...

George of course I am too much of a lady to swear in front of my mother......thinking about it I probably heard her swear more than shes heard me over the years

Dj there was never any danger of me being under the clock but mother could have been. glad you had a laugh :-D

Vi it was really cheap paper only 25p but quite thick.

Ron thanx

somebody said...