Sunday, 21 October 2007


not much to tell about saturday
woke up with a migraine took one of my special tablets which did help me to sleep a little, but spent half the morning running to the bathroom retching.
The boys were great they know to leave me in peace. Curtains shut not even my radio on. (I always have my local radio on, I love the mix of music from the 70s 80s and modern plus the banter......DC calls it hospital radio but then he listens to the moronic radio one).
Usually when I have a headache the boys still sit on the end of my bed to use my computer. But when I have a migraine I can't stand the small joggles as they fidget. I did wake up late morning to find DC sat there but he can sit still so wasn't too bad but I could still hear him drumming his fingers on the desk. Must be a musicians thing!!
my mobile went off a couple of times It was my mum, I knew she would be asking if I am ok and is it one of my saturday headaches. But I just didn't feel up to speaking so ignored it. I knew she would call the house phone and ask the boys if I was ok.
Evntually I was just beginning to feel better when OJ asked if he should go over to the shop for some bread etc. Hes a great kid and life would be so much harder without him to look after us all. He was my rock when I had cancer even though he was only 10 then.
I managed to get myself downstairs. to my surprise while I had been sleeping the 3 younger boys had worked together (unheard of ) not only had they tidied up the living books and clothes were gone.......they even vacuumed. Apparently they had a motive. They wanted to get the Pool Table out. So they tidied up, played pool and then put the table away again (it lives behind the sofa).
I went back to bed a gain for a while before checking my emails. I had a message from Neptune, our latest topic of conversation being where would you go if you could go anywhere in the world. It seems that although there are lots of places we want to go to I would love to go back to Lapland which is a place he says he would love to visit. He also says he would like to go to New Zealand which is one place I would love to visit. A few years ago my mum talked about going there but I told her she couldn't go until my boys have grown up as I want to go too. Other places I would like to visit are Canada, Ireland and Patagonia. There are plenty of places I would be happy to go to (basically I would go anywhere) but these are the ones that are top of my list. Strange none of them are particularly hot. I have never been anywhere hot ever. But then I have been to very few places anyway yet.
Neptune said he would be away all weekend as he is visiting family and watching the Rugby cup final. He will be back sunday night. I already knew he would be away. I have been thinking about where to go and what to do when we meet. I do know parts of the city he has suggested meeting in, but not well enough to know where to go. The places I do know are only because I used to go there with N (he lives in that city). Perhaps Fat Controller has some suggestions. He was there more recently than me.
So as I was not going to be going anywhere and half the country including Neptune would be watching the Rugby I made myself a nest on the sofa with my book and a drink to watch the rugby. I still don't really know what was going on but their player Montgomery was a bit of alright. why did SA get a penalty when our player was charging through them with the ball. the ref said something about you can't block......surely it was SA who were blocking us ???? I doubt I shall ever understand the rules..........and what was that about is his leg on the line or over it ?
I guess I shall have to stay clueless. I really wanted to watch and understand the match so that I have an idea what happened when people are talking about it but I fell asleep for the last 5 minutes (as if I hadn't slept enough already). I woke up at around midnight and watched some gangster type movie with Andy Garcia. Before getting the energy to get back upstairs. so now here I am blogging at 3am.

well this post has turned out much longer than I expected seeing as I did nothing all day except sleep.


Emma said...

Hope you are feeling better Lady, Migraines are the pits I know....I must admit waking up to Andy Garcia would have perked me up no end though..xx

toby said...

Belated comment here; bit busy over the weekend!

The ref was correct to penalise England for blocking but he wasn't correct to ignore SA doing the same; right in front of their posts!!!

Although it looks like mayhem, you're not allowed to obstruct/block a tackler who is trying to reach the guy with the ball. (A rolling maul is a different scenario, in which several players can protect the ball carrier by "blocking" the opposition, but the blocking players must be "bound" together with the ball carrier. If they become separated, even for a second, that constitutes an infringement called offside and is a penalty offence. All clear?!)

Lady in red said...

um that is clearer than it was thank you toby but im afraid its still as clear as mud to me

Anonymous said...