Thursday, 1 November 2007

way up on a high

I am on a real high right now!

I have been trying to phone the DWP Debt Management team for days. They are claiming £500+ that I was over paid whilst I was working over Christmas last year. Anyway I finally managed to speak to them and I can pay monthly for 12 months and as I want to make my payments on the first of each month as I get paid on the last day of the month my first payment will be December. So I have another month and it will be paid off by this time next year. So I am really pleased I have got that sorted and it was much less painful than I had anticipated.

But the main reason for being on a high is the job situation. When my friend first persuaded me to take this part time job doing Data Entry it was for 3 months to cover maternity leave until sept. Then in august I was asked to stay until 22/12/07. Over the last few weeks I have been thinking about what I am going to do after xmas. I knew there was a possibility there might still be a job for me where I am, but I decided that 6 months of Data Entry was enough. I am worth more than that. It has been good for me to get back into working but I don't want to be doing this for too long. I have been looking at it as a stepping stone to better things.

Today I was asked if I would consider covering maternity leave for Mtba from March 08 until the end of the year. Mtba does all the credit control. So that would be a much more interesting job for me and I did work in accounts many years ago so it wouldn't be totally alien to me. I said it would depend on what work I find after christmas. Obviously I am not going to promise to come back after a 3 month break if I find something else. Apparently they want me to carry on with the Data entry until March. I have said that I am worth more than Data Entry but I will think about it. I am going to see what the going rate of pay is and see if I can negotiate a better rate of pay. But I will probably accept anyway as it means I have job security for another year. Perhaps by then as I will have been there for 18 months by then they will want to keep me on longer.

Today I got through my work really quickly......there was not so much of it today which was just as well as I had taken a chicken and bacon pasta to eat for my lunch. I was able to stop typing and eat properly for a change. Usually it is a race against time to get as many orders as possible onto the system so no break for me. I have been good today no bread or pastry.

Oh and I was exchanging text messages with Neptune before work this morning so that was nice ;-)