Friday, 19 October 2007


Last night after I had written and published 'thursday' I was writing to eat or not to eat
when forest came online. He asked me if I was ok. I thought he must have read the email I had sent him earlier or 'Thursday' but he said he hadn't read either. I told him he should read Thursday, I think he was a little reluctant as he didn't know what he would read. I hope that now he has read it, he realises it was ok. we chatted for a while before he went off for the night.

No sooner had Forest said goodnight than I had a lovely surprise. Another window popped open, it was Sammy. I hadn't heard from Sammy since Saturday afternoon!! I had text him asking if I had scared him away, the following day he replied that he was just busy.I didn't hear from him again until last night. We chatted for a while until he fell asleep. He had wanted to know what I had been up to. after I had told him the highlights and low spots of my week. I mentioned that I had been missing our late night chats and had to resort to electric toothbrush and tingle lube to help me fall asleep.

this morning I was nearly late for work, not because I was chatting or doing anything else on my computer. It is now that time of year again when I stop going around with bare legs. I am not really a tights woman, preferring stockings even for work. So what has this got to do with being late for work. It is still early in the season so have not yet bought many pairs of new stockings. I was sat on my bed going through a great pile of stockings that for some reason are not in pairs. I found several opaque but none were quite matching pairs. I did find one pair though but they were just not for wearing to work. The ones I wore the last time I met my Knight aka Thomas. why not wear these ? they have a silver bunnygirl motif just above the ankle. there were other pairs, but also not for work, fishnets in black, brown and red. then there were the ones with seams up the back, there was a single one with a diamond pattern and also some knee highs to wear under trousers. Eventually I found a pair that were the same colour and without any ladders.

Oh and why did I have to open my big mouth this afternoon. It was quiet and I had gone over to the printer, my friend 'posh bird' who is the General Manager, asked me how my love life is going. I told her it wasn't up to much but that I am talking to a new man who I am hoping to meet soon. Slim girl asked me what happened to the guy I really liked, I just told her it hadn't worked out. No one in our office knows much about my love life.
thats when it happened. I asked posh bird if she had a ladder I could borrow. my new garage door is due to be fitted on tuesday. I want to rub down the flaking paint above the door so I can give it a new coat of white gloss. I do have a ladder that I bought last year but it is in my garage. I can't open the garage as when the contractors came to measure the door they broke the handle off. anyway I asked posh bird if she has one I could borrow, but her ex (he fitted my new cooker for me last year) has taken it. so she comes up with the idea to get a new ladder from the warehouse, and as I want to borrow it I get to bring it home in my little car. So now I have her new ladder stood in my dinning room.


BBC said...

"electric toothbrush and tingle lube"

Ha, ha, ha, ha. You're a hoot. :-)

DJ Kirkby said...

From stockings to there some play on words that I have missed?

George said...

Good weekend LiR

Lady in red said...

bbc I do like to entertain ;-)

dj there were some stockings with ladders and now I have added the pics.

george thanx hope yours is good too

DJ Kirkby said...

Like your stockings. 'Stay ups' do the exact opposite on my legs, why? Do you ever have that problem?

Lady in red said...

dj mostly I don't have a problem with stay ups but I have found now and again that one will decide it has stayed up long enough and begin to roll down usually in the middle of town or during the weekly shop.

My very first pair when they first came out (when I was single first time around) I wore them for an eveing out then as I walked up the drive to the house (probably pissed) I fell over and tore the knees. I did't have another pair until january 2006. now I prefer them to tights.

DJ Kirkby said...

So glad to hear it happens to others and not just me. That is why I prefer tights to stay 'ups'. xo

Anonymous said...