Monday, 15 October 2007


this week's homework was to look at a picture of a man (who happens to have tattoos covering both arms). We are to choose a character to have a conversation with this man.

Here is my conversation:

Good morning Gladys and how are we today?

Whats good about it? I’m still ere aint I?

That’s one reason to be happy Gladys, we all look forward to your cheerfull face every morning. Now shall we get you downstairs to breakfast. Bert is already there wondering whats keeping you so long.

Let go you don’t have to hold me I can walk on me own young man

I know you can young lady but I just wanted to show off escorting such a pretty lady down the hall.

Ok Ok enough of your banter where’s me stick gone?

Here it is now let me hold the door for you, there we go.
Steady as we go now, wait for me I’m not as young as I used to be you know

Ha ha that’s funny your not much older than my grandson and that’s another thing

Oh no what I have done this time Gladys?

Cant you cover them arms of yours up

I thought you liked my tats

I don’t care but me grandson is coming to visit me today and hes bringing the younguns. I don’t want you scaring the little babyies do you hear me Barry.

Yes Gladys I will make sure I don’t frighten the children is that ok?

Well you just make sure you don’t.

Right here we are climb aboard and I’ll strap you on. We’ll have you down stairs in a jiffy.

No I aint going on that thing I’ll walk down the stairs if you don’t mind I aint an invalid yet.

Gladys just you get on this chair you know as well as I do the doctor says your not to walk down the stairs not after that fall last month. Do we have to go through this everyday.

You knows how much I hates this thing Barry. You know if you were a real man you could pick me up an carry me down them stairs.

Now now Gladys you know I couldn’t do that even if I wanted to. Tell you what, if you get on this lovely chair I will change my shirt to one with long sleeves so you wont have to see my beautifully decorated arms and nor will anyone else.

It’ll be your fault when Mavis rips my shirt so she can see the pretty pictures.

That Mavis is mad, crazy mad, she talks to er self you know.

Gladys now stop that its not nice to call your friends names.

Shes not my friend just cos we both live in this ere home don’t make er my friend do it?

I guess not but, you still have to get on with the others living here. Right lets take the strap off and you can step down.

How did I get down ere already?

Gladys you was naggin so much you didn’t notice you were moving.Right now you can race me to the lounge Laura will be serving the coffee in a few minutes. Now you behave yourself while I go and get Freddy.


ronjazz said...

Wonderful writing! There's a surprising wit and humor that I didn't expect. I'm proud of you!

Evening said...

Gosh some people are so creative!! I admire that your talent. You are a wonderful writer.

Lady in red said...

ron from you this is indeed a compliment

evening welcome and thank you very much and by the way you look gorgeous in red

her indoors said...

i admire and envy all those who have this talent of writing, well done chick

Fat Controller said...

I loved this! It bought a smile to my face.

toby said...

Very clever to set the scene using only dialogue. And a neat twist on how people judge each other by appearances.
Like Gladys, I reached the end without realising how much I'd taken in!

Anonymous said...