Friday, 12 October 2007


today has been just a tad different
first thing my mum picked me up once the boys had gone to school/college and work
We were headed into city to visit a care home. This care home belongs to the same people who own and run the one where my grandad has lived for the last 13 months. He is 93 and becoming quite frail. He is having trouble walking (shuffling really) even with his walking frame. It now takes a lot of time for the staff (who are all lovely) to get him from his room and down the stairs each morning and back again in the evening. It is getting close to the time when they are not going to be able to keep him there any longer. He doesn't need nursing just help with walking and now also with eating as he is losing the feeling in his fingers and can't hold the cutlery very well. this other home has a vacancy in a ground floor room which he is being offered the chance to take. so we went to have a look, this home is a little bigger than the one he is in now, it is also nearer to us. My mum introduced me to the owner saying we might have met before, just as I said that no we hadn't he said he has seen me a few times when I have visited the man.

Any having checked this new place out (it will be the old man's decision) we set off for the drive to visit him in his current home (very close to where Forest lives). He now knows that he has the option of a ground floor room but at the other home, he doesn't yet know that it is a twin room. At the moment it is empty and there is a chance he could be on his own for quite some time but we felt it best not to mention this for now. He is thinking about it over the next week.

While we were travelling I got a call on my mobile (thankfully I was not driving) from my bank.
Maybe the two messages I left on their answer phone yesterday saying that I have made one complaint and if the problem is not resolved very soon I shall complain again, did the trick. The Assistant Branch Manager is now dealing with this. I explained to him what has happened and how long it is taking to get my money back. He called me back later to say he has made some calls and is now using his own authority to reimburse my account. He will also make sure I get all bank charges incurred during the four months this has taken reimbursed. He apologised for the problems I have had and understands my frustration. So next week I should have my money back. Bloody Romanians !!!!............the aggro they have caused.

I did something today that I have not done for weeks........I text Forest. As I was in his home town, I told him that we were having lunch in one of his local pubs, a different one to where we usually go I made a comment abut it. His reply was bloody cheeky. Whilst we were having our lunch two couples came in together intending to sit at the next table before moving to another. as they were moving away mother recognised one of the couples as the people who bought grandad's bungalow. The cheeky sod who sent his workman in to start ripping out the gas fire and strip the wall paper weeks before the property changed hands.

I also exchanged a couple of text with Sammy. ;-)