Wednesday, 2 April 2008

One of those days

I woke up tired ............huh I went to bed at 9pm last night so why was I so tired this morning?

Today was going to be a big day for me.

Not a big day in that anything special was going to happen just several small things that I don't do any other time.

my plan was this:

leave work at lunch time (Boss has awarded me 2 x half days in return for working longer hours while Wayne was off sick for two weeks).

On the way home collect skirt that was being repaired.

Go home have cooked lunch for a change

spend an hour blogging out of normal hours whilst waiting for my groceries to arrive (this is the first time I ahve ordered my groceries online) I had booked a delivery slot between 2pm - 4pm.

5pm appointment for very expensive hair cut/colour.

So this is what actually happened.

I was late leaving work because I ended up getting caught answering the phone and getting delayed because then I ahd to investigate and write up the customer's complaint.

the dry cleaner's couldn't find my skirt

my groceries didn't turn up ...............I have a half prepared chicken casserole prepared, just waiting for vegetables
It turns out that I didn't click the final button to finalise the transaction so I ahve now booked it for friday evening.

As I left the house to go to hairdresser (by now I figured that I would end up with orange hair with my luck) I fell over and cut my knee twisted my ankle and grazed my hands whilst making a hole in my new tights. lucky my skirt is long enough to hide the hole.

well this is where my luck changed...........I got my hair coloured lots of brown weaved in using foils s that my roots will blend in better and I can let the colour grow out without it showing. I now have whispy white strands at the front which I quite like. So after 2 hours of having my hair treated and cut I emerged with a tidier version of the style I had walked in with but now nearer to my natural colour.

Following this I went to visist my mum to show her my early birthday present from her. She likes the new look and took a couple of pictures for me as well as giving me enough cash to cover all but what I would have paid for a normal cut.

Whilst I was with my mum I got a phone call from Romeo.......he won't be able to get back for my birthday as he is off on more travels. He was about to go to the airport as we were speaking. He will be in touch when he can but most of the places he works have their own internet systems which won't recognise his laptop. I can understand that as our system at home won't recognise DC's laptop.

I had a long chat with mum about various things then headed off to do some much needed grocery shopping and getting home to watch the second episode of this year's The Apprentice.

Overall it has been one of those days where everything goes wrong but I have been laughing my way through

Oh and he is crazy in love, he doesn't need me now, he can't eat, can't sleep and wants to shout it from the roof tops that he is in love............he is even reconsidering his thoughts on getting married again

Before you get all excited I am not referring to Romeo although he told me at the weekend that he can't believe how strong his feelings for me are. No the man who is in love is none other than my final fling that never happened and now won't................Sammy


Ron said...

Evening Lady~

Oh my god...I'm exhausted from your day, from just READING about it!!!

Oy VEY! can actuallly order groceries online in the UK?? That is SO cool! I honestly don't think you can do that here in the States (or I've never heard about it!?) Anyway, I think it a WONDERFUL idea!

And your hair looks FABULOUS!!! That cut use to be one of my favorite haircuts to give. And the color looks very natural.

It's wonderful that you were able to laugh through your busy day. It makes it so much better, doesn't it??

Hey, you got me on the "crazy in love story" because I DID think you were referring to Romeo!

Enjoy your evening, Lady!

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

Oh I wish I could order groceries online here!!! You look lovely! :-) xx

Miss Understood said...

Your hair looks great!

Sorry your day didn't go quite as you inteneded it to, but at least it all came together at the end.

Internet shopping. I love it!

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

BTW Lady... I don't know if you saw, but I have an award for you (in my 3rd last post) xx

Vincent said...

I'm trying to follow the Romeo saga but it seems nothing but phone calls and text messages. I take it you two have met face to face?

trublmaka said...

Your hair looks great!
What an exhausting day!

(Hey VBF, we just don't live far enough away to get groceries delivered! lol!!)

Vi said...

Your hair looks lovely my dear! And who cares about Sammy. You've got Romeo now!!!! (Just a shame he can't be there for your birthday :(

Lady in red said...

Hi ron sorry you got exhausted just following my day, thanks for the compliments about my hair, I remembered that I had promised you I would post a picture after it had been done.

Lol that you thought I did mean Romeo. Sammy is an online friend we had lots of of these days we will meet conversations. But now we both have someone else in our hearts. It was really good to see that it isn't just us women who go overboard when we fall for someone.......I am really happy for him and hope it works out.

Lady in red said...

VBF so do I wish I could order groceries online lolI am hoping my second attempt will be better than the first.

thank you for the little white lie it is appreciated lmao

Lady in red said...

Laney I have never tried it before and to be honest have resisted preferring to select my own food but I figured I would try it and see if it stops me from spending as much.

funny that even though my day wasn't going to plan it didn't bother me in the slightest....I lie falling over hurt and I have the cut knee to prove it.

gone are the days when my hair was as long as yours

Lady in red said...

hello again VBF yes I did see it and will be over to collect it soon
after finishing playing at chief taxi and cook for the night

Lady in red said...

good evening Vincent

I too am trying to follow the Romeo saga, unfortunately we have not yet met face to face but through our various conversations by telephone and email as well as instant messenger we both feel as though we know so much about the other person (not so much likes/dislikes but more character and personality). We both want to meet in person as soon as we can but his business has kept him overseas. I know the cynics among my friends think he is spinning me a line but I have to disagree. To both of us this is the fairy tale that isn't meant to happen at our ages.

Lady in red said...

thank you Vi and with each day thatr passes I feel that the miles keep us apart but we are getting steadily closer.

As for Sammy I never really had him he was just a nice idea, mind you some of the things he saaid the other night just proved what a great friend he is and I am pleased he has found someone to love

Vincent said...

I'll tell you a secret. I met my wife online and we got engaged before we met, as it were. That was more than 5 years ago, and we are living happily ever after.

That's the good news but the bad news is that many others were inspired by our example and came to a sticky end. One was murdered by the in-laws but that is a murky story I won't tell here.

katy said...

lol at the forgeting to click the final button for you grocery delivery! first time i did that i ordered 1 bannana thought it would be 1 bunch! nope I got 1 bannana lol.
love your hair.
hope you have a simpler day tomorrow!

Rhea said...

Oh all things to go wrong that day, thank goodness the haircut went right!! Looks nice! I feel like a million dollars after getting my hair matter what I have done usually. IN fact, I think I need to go in soon....

DJ Kirkby said...

Hmmmmm you look very familiar! Your hair looks too gorgeous, great choice, very flattering. The first part of this post really mad eme laugh in an 'I've been there' kind of way.

Emma said...

I hope you didn't do too much damage with the fall and you are recovering ok, you look lovely by the way too..xx

somebody said...