Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Dogs, Cats , children and more

Should I get a Dog ....

...or have children?

Just might be better to get a cat!

Isn't Nipper a sweetie?

she's so sweet that she makes my eyes water,

my nose itch and my throat sore

The kids know that when she is gone there will be no more cats in my home. But until then and she is only 11 years old I try not to have too much contact with her.

Last night I was chatting to Traveller, I have not mentioned him before, we have been chatting online on and off for about 18 months. He is a few months older than me, and lives in the Other City not far from me. He is not a British national but has lived here for years I don't recall how many that conversation was so long ago. He lives a semi single life, his wife lives in Switzerland and although they see each other regularly it is not a marriage in any sense other than in name (or so he tells me). He has a girlfriend in his home land, and a holiday home in another European country. I shall call him Traveller because he does as much travelling for his work as Romeo does. I am in the habit now of always asking him 'where are you today?' Why am I telling you about him now when I have never mentioned him before. Traveller is from the country that Romeo seems to spend the majority of his time in, apparently Romeo has a member of his team who lives in the same Town that Traveller comes from.

Much to my surprise whilst we were chatting another window opened unexpectantly asking why I was still up (I think it was about 10.45pm). It seems that plans had changed and Romeo was not leaving on his next trip until today. So I got to spend an hour chatting to a National of X country who was over here whilst at the same time chatting to a Brit who was in X country. I thought that was so funny and told both of them so.

During our conversation Romeo and I were talking about hotels and I told him that I have a night booked in a country hotel in Norfolk in September. He asked about this so I told him briefly about my friend who moved to Norwich and met the love of her life, I am going to their wedding. He thinks it all sounds very magical. Ah see I knew he was a Romantic. By the way he can't wait to get home to see 'my little writer'.

I was going to do a post about my drive home today perhaps I shall do that later. I missed The Apprentice tonight as I was on here and forgot about it so I have to dash now to watch 'You are fired!!' so that I know what happened when I get to work tomorrow. I rashlypromised we would discuss tonights program tomorrow!! gotta go bye

ps there is a new post on The Lady in Red Writes


Dazzed and Confused said...

You don’t need Dogs, Children or Cats, what you need is a Mulder. :~)

As for Traveller and Romeo, It gives a new meaning to a “small world”.

nitebyrd said...

That is funny about Traveller & Romeo!

I'd always go for a cat or dog instead of a child. I'm a bitch, I know.

Let me know when you'd like your Mulder shipped. ;)

Ashley Ladd said...

Oh wow! How'd you get pictures of my kids and what my dogs and cats did? LOLOLOL.

My kids have done so many of the things the kids in the pictures you posted are doing.

I have 2 cats that also look very similar to yours. Bobbie and Stacey look very similar.

VBF! said...

LMAO!!! The photos are histerical!!! And I LOVE Apprentace tooo :-) xx

Wild Cat said...

Happy B'day for tomorrow x

somebody said...