Tuesday, 18 March 2008

gone mad

At the weekend I went mad

Firstly I decided to take a skirt to the dry cleaner's to be repaired. The only thing wrong with it is that the zip has broken. It is costing me £9.95 to have a new zip put in. I think I bought the skirt for about £5 so basically I am paying double the amount for the zip than I paid for the skirt in the first place. But I really like this skirt, I like the cut of it, I love the way it falls in soft folds, the way it swings as I walk. I love the feel of the soft brown fabric (I forget what material it's made from) but it just feels so lovely. So to me it is worth paying to get a new zip put in.

secondly, when I went to the dry cleaner's I was parked outside my hair salon and decided to make an appointment for just after payday at the end of the month. Now this is where the insanity really kicked in. I only had my hair cut 2 weeks ago so it isn't due another cut for at least a month. So because I feel like getting my hair done I opt for a colour treatment instead.

My natural hair is dark brown although I am sure it is now more a case of salt and pepper. But over the last two or is it three years I have been adding colour, sometimes auburn, other times chestnut and sometimes just some light streaks to break up the colour. THe last couple of times my son's have assisted in applying the hair colouring. The result being that instead of streaks the coulours ahve merged into one great spread of copper. So I am going to get a 'T cut' what ever that means. This should result in some darker streaks to break up the pale copper effect that in some light can appear blonde..........that explains my recent behaviour.........I have been looking in the mirror and thinking I am blonde..........started having too many blonde moments.

Now this has to be one of my greatest blonde moments. My regular hairdresser is not free to do a colour treatment on the day I chose so I ahve the manageress doing it (she has cut my hair the last two times anyway) But this means that I ahve to pay the higher fee for the priviledge. So £60 for the colour treatment and £21 for the cut and blowdry this is going to be my most expensive hair cut ever. OMG £81 the most I ahve ever paid has been the last couple of times at £33 a time and I am not keen on paying that much so posh bird has promised to give me the number of her hairdresser.

So damage limitation called for.........good old mother has agreed to this being my early birthday present.


Vi said...

I'm fortunate enough to have a best mate as a hairdresser. Costs me nothing! I would NEVER pay prices like that!

Lady in red said...

Vi I would never normally pay that kind of money even though I know that all the salons in the town centre would charge even more than that!!

Emma said...

I pay about £50 quid tops but that is full colour and blow dry, on the skirt thing I paid 7.95 to reheel a pair of sandals that cost me £5.00 but they are so comfortable I don't care either..xx

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

hehe the things we do to keep our favorite items of clothing! It all sounds good to me, you deserve a lovely treat! Though, the craziest amount I've ever spent on my hair was $350!!! I had vouchers though, so I ended up paying half price.. but still! It's just ridiculous! xx

Ron said...

Hi Lady!

Doesn't the cost of hair service, just boggle the mind?

I used to be a licensed stylist for about 16 years, and as I watch the price of just a simple haircut escalate...I wonder why everyone just doesn't learn how to cut their own. However....a HAIRCUT is the most IMPORTANT thing. SO if you find someone who can do it well...it's worth it!

I used to do a "T cut" on my clients...you'll really like it!!

Take a picture if you can, and let us see how it looks!

Oh...and by the way....AUBURN hair ROCKS!!! It's my favorite hair color!

nitebyrd said...

Too bad we're not closer. I'd put the zip in for free. The hair would be another story, though.

By getting your mom to pay you're getting something you really want for your birthday, so it's good. Enjoy!

Oh! Yes, pictures!

somebody said...