Sunday, 13 April 2008

Collecting things from other blogs

I had another award from VBF after I answered her meme on her blog.

Isn't she clever to make this.

It looks like I am collecting things see what I found waiting for me on Emma's blog

I have been tagged by Ro who is a blogger I have only recently begun to read. Thanks very much chum!! this is a Meme about sex so have posted it on Battle so as not to embarrass those of my friends who are not interested in this.

But weeks ago I was tagged by VBF to do a Meme but I had not got around to doing it so here it is.

Seven Random Facts about ME!!

1. For a while I was the chair person of our Town Football Club's Youth Division. Thre were 11 teams 8 boys teams and 3 girls teams.ranging from Under 10's to Under 16s. Whilst I was The Club Secretary Prior to being the Chair, I personally knew every child there and their parents. Less than a season after I resigned the club had folded. The people running it after I left didn't have a clue.

2. I experienced my first hangover (which lasted for 3 days) when I was on my French Exchage with the school. I turned 15 during the 2 weeks we were there. On the coach tavelling out there one of the boys had dared me to drink as much as him. He got drunk I didn't. So when we met up later in the week (we were not supposed to see our friends while we were there, but the french kids were friends so we did meet up). I remember we spent a whole day in this hut, lots of booze and smoking,Jimmi Hendrix and Santana playing on screen. By the time we got back to my exchange friend's (we detested each other) aparment I was out of it. I was then stuckin bed ill for three days. I was still drunk for the whole of the journey home.

3. I have smaller feet than most women. I take between a size 3 (36) or a size 4 (37) UK size (european I think). I have often had people comment on how small my feet are. This doesn't help when I want to buy shoes most adult shoes start at size 5. I can buy my shoes from the children's department (which are tax exempt) but as you may remember I like my high heels. Once many years ago I bought a pair of black shoes to wear to London for a social event. The heel broke but when I went back to the shop they didnt ahve any other suiable shoes in my size so they had to give me my money back.

4. I was bullied at school when I was 15. One of the girls decided to bully me because my dad was standing for election for the local council. This went on for months until one day I had enough and took an overdose of out of date asprins. It didn'twork and next day I we into school and when she began to bully me when I was on my own I fought back then went to find my teacher who happened to be with the head master. (princple) She never bullied me again.

5. I am a direct decendant of the man who owned the company that invented the toy balloon. When my mother was researching the family tree we discovered that my father's great grandad JG Ingram owned the patent for the toy balloon. I had grown up knowing that the family had owned a factory near Chigwell in Essex that manufactured rubber medical appliances and hot water bottles.

6. I have only ever flown once and that was for a day trip to lapland to see Santa 3years ago. we left home at 5am to get to the airport for a flight at 8am and arrived back home just after midnight. It was a lot of money for one day but it was so worth it. I will never forget the exhilaration of travelling at speed on a skiddoo across the frozen lake in the dark at 11am with snow coming down. Seeing my son and his little cousin playing atmaking snow angels was awesome too as was the Ice palace where even the tables and seats were carved out of ice.

7. I am totally in love with a man I ahve never met. Anyone who reads this blog knows about my Romeo. we have been wanting to get together for two months but his work has kept him out of the country for all but 2 days since 21 st February. Right now he is 5,400 miles away. Other times he is closer only a few hundred miles away but still on the continent so he might just as well be thousands of miles away. The lovely thing about this is that he feels the same way.


Jeff B said...

As a decendant of the maker of toy balloons, are the fathers in your family referred to as "pop"?

Gorilla Bananas said...

I hope things stay sweet between you and your absent lover! These never-having-met relationships can be hard work!

VBF! said...

Glad you liked the award! Hey I didn't know that you and romeo have never actually met!?? Cool :-) xx

Lady in red said...

Jeff that really made me laugh but unfortunately just like the balloons the men on that side of the family appear to have a short life span. The only ones left are my two younger brothers and I guess my four sons

Lady in red said...

GB welcome I have seen you around on other blogs. These days I some times forget that we have never met yet as we are so into each other.

Lady in red said...

VBF thanx again yes I do like it .
Me and Romeo we both want this more than either of us expected at the start. I do worry sometimes that the reality wont be as good but we are being positive and he assures me it will be even better.
Both of us feel as though we have gone past the first few dates aready but we are still going to wait and not jump into bed the first few times we meet

Queen Vixen said...

Really enjoyed reading these little morsels. I can remember your dainty feet too - maybe you have a 'Cinderella' script going on :o)

Lady in red said...

hello QV its lovely to see you I hope you are feeling better.

I think Cinderella would be a better script than Romeo and Juliet

Lady in red said...

QV hope you are not feeling left out of the birthday season as everyone else who was in that room that night has had a birthday in the last few days

Mei Del said...

something you said on someone's blog prompted me to read your blog - which is how it always begins doesn't it?

wishing you well and just wanted to say you come across as one brave and courageous lady *:-)

having my cake said...

I hated my French exchange pal too!

I love the romance of you being in love with someone you have never met. The power of words on the internet and the text message is awesome.

nitebyrd said...

My friend had a horrid French exchange student. So awful that she decided NOT to let her daughter go to France in exchange!

I,too am still romantic enough to get all melty when you talk about the love you and Romeo have. I send positive energy across the Atlantic everyday!

Emma said...

You are very welcome, I wish I could have delivered it in person.

As far as romeo goes I had a very long distance relationship for three years because of his job and it was the best I have had...fingers crossed for you babe..xx

Dazzed and Confused said...

HMMM! Small feet, I think That’s a sign of having Great Boobs but that could just be me thinking again.

somebody said...