Sunday, 27 April 2008

I know why I blog

Tonight has reminded me why I blog.
Blogging brings out so many emotions in me.
Just a brief recap of a few blogs I have read tonight.
Vi and her tales of another drunken blog meet reminds me of my visit to Blah almost a year ago at the start of May 2007, I got very drunk and was very ill, but that was not the end of it, I was really ill for weeks after and my GP thought my Cancer had come back. I had round after round of blood tests and scans, but gradually after weeks I began to recover enough that in June I began working again part time. So reading Vi's blog has brought back the merry time we all had in blah but also the memory of being ill.

Then I visited Bunny in her Rabbit hole. I don't think many of you read her. She is very funny but she has been having a very tough time in her marriage. Reading her experiences brings it home to me how lucky I am that I no longer suffer the way she is. I try to be supportive and hope that some of my comments are of some use to her. Bunny also descibes some of her extra marital exploits which reminds me of the days when I was doing similar except it was my lovers not me who were married. But what really hit me on her blog tonight was the opening words...... 'Today, April 27th.' she goes on to explain how today is her blog anniversary. But the impact those three words had on me was enormous. I hadn't given it much thought until the date was there staring me in the face. Today it is two years since my Decree Absolute. I had planned to celebrate that day but it didn't happen. SF had continued to live in the house until forced out by the court on April 24th (my mum's birthday). The next week I received the Decree Absolute in the post dated 27th April 2006. I was free in the eyes of the law but I was still not free of my ex, as he continued to make my life a living hell. I was issued with a panic button by the police, as I was subjected to almost daily death threats. I still had so much to go through. Now two years later I am still reluctant to open my curtains. I still have that feeling of being watched in my own home. Maybe next year I shall have something to celebrate.

Then a quick visit to May contain Nuts by the delightful Ro who I have only recently started to read. Yesterday I was discussing with my mother about the children's songs and the children's request shows on the radio when I was a child. How I loved singing along to all those funny songs about runaway trains, pink toothbrushes and ugly ducklings. So imagine my shock to read his latest post only published minutes earlier about that very same subject....Ed Stewpot's request shows and songs such as My Brother which I have just played for my boys as they had never heard it before. So that was another trip down memory lane for me and happy thoughts of being a carefree child in the 60s.

After this I visited Emma who I nominated yesterday to be blessed and blow me down she had me in tears.

I am not going to nominate anymore of you but I am going to send it back at LiR.

I don't know what to say to that other than this lovely lady has been through so much, with family, work, love and illness, but through it all I can still feel this fantastic light shine through.
I truly hope she has found the love she so much deserves with Romeo, because after all the support she has been to me in particular over the last year and also everyone who comes across her.
She just opens her arms and her heart and welcomes you in. Thanks lady, I love you to bits..xx

how could I not be moved by such a lovely tribute. I have been feeling rather down today. But it just goes to show that bloggers are there for us when we most need them.

To all my blogger friends old and new I thank you for everything you have given me over the last 18 months.


Ro said...

First, thanks for the commendation! I'm glad you enjoyed the nostalgia - I know I enjoyed playing these old tunes to my son today ... and, particularly, seeing his reaction!

I know what you mean about Blogland too: I've been really surprised at, first, what a wealth of different things we can find to read about and then again what a sense of community and friendship - or downright emnity! - can grow.

Keep on enjoying!

Giggle! said...

That's awesome! And well deserved! :-)

BTW Thank you for shopping at the RAT GiRL Store!!! HAHAHAHA You've got great taste in clothing! :-P xx

Ashley Ladd said...

I see we shop at the same place and chose the same t-shirt. :)

Sorry to hear about your ex but hopefully now that it's been two years things will die down all the way with him. I can't imagine raising my five kids as a single mom - it's hard enough with two of us against them.

nitebyrd said...

Thank you, LIR for being one of the most interesting, funny and heart touching bloggers around.

Jeff B said...

this world of blogging is such a great place to meet and develope new friendships. I'm glad our paths have intersected.

Vi said...

Well I just hope you don't blame the visit to blah to your long illness! lol

I'm gonna have a little special award for you tonight, when I get the post up!

MarmiteToasty said...

Hey you......... crawled over from Twaddle... Ive bookmarked ya now so I can scroll back and have a proper read.... fanks for popping by..... I aint really blobbed for a while for obvious reasons lol.....


Emma said...

I meant every word of it, and I know what you mean by blogland, I can't believe how often a post moves me to tears and then has me howling with laughter a few minutes later...xx

Lady in red said...

Ro it was indeed a very pleasant little trip down memory lane especially being already in my mind

I shall post more on the subject soon ......maybe

Lady in red said...

giggle does it suit me or should I have chosen the white one I just thought it would make me look too pale ;-)

would it be gready to come back for more?

Lady in red said...

Ashley....I don't see it as me against them we work as a team (in theory) until housework needs doing!!

We are all happier and calmer since their father left.

great idea of Giggles to create the merchandise to go with her comic

Lady in red said...

nitebyrd I am just being me.....I don't know how to be any other way

Lady in red said...

jeff thank you I am only sorry I took so long to take the plunge before I dipped my toe into your great blog

Lady in red said...

Vi no blame given just coincidence

just been over to yours and lmao great idea

Lady in red said...

marmitetoasty welcome I am sorry you have been in bad health will have to do some catching up myself

Gypsy said...

I recently gave up blogging for a very short time but found myself missing the camraderie (I don't think I spelt that right) and friendships I had formed in blogland. There's a very supportive community spirit here that is hard to find in the Real World and it has helped me through some very difficult times, something I obviously don't have to tell you by the sounds of things.

I'm looking forward to getting some time to read back a bit as it sounds as though you have a lot of interesting tales to tell.

Lady in red said...

Gypsy I think my first visit to your place was your first post back. I wasn't blogging much myself from december through to about March I am getting back into old habits of posting at least once a day again although now I am working full time I doubt I shall blog as much as I once was doing

somebody said...