Monday, 14 April 2008

lucky girl

I am such a lucky girl. Not so very long ago I was reading nitebyrd's blog when she introduced us, her readers to a few new blogs. One of these was 'The grass is always greener' by the rascal that is Dazzed and Confused now known at nitebyrd's instigation as Mulder. Not long after this Mulder or D & C as I was calling him mentioned that one of nitebyrd's blogger friends had written a testimonial for nitebyrd. I dutifully headed over to read what Vent had to say. I loved his blog and go back over and over again to comment and then I go back and comment again. He is such a cheerful and chatty fellow I just love to keep going back there. we have chatted about wine, pets, disco fever, hair styles and of course his love of squirrels to name just a few topics.

Today Vent has been given an award The Good Chat Award

He has received this award from Akelamalu. I must confess I ahve never visited her blog but I have seen her comments on other blogs. This is something I must remedy soon. Vent has of course now passed on this award to six others including the lovely funny nitebyrd, the refreshingly bright and vibrant VBF and one of my new friends the sensitive, witty and brilliant writer Jeff B. So imagine my surprise as I scrolled down and found that Vent has given this award to me too.

Now I have to pass the award on so who should I choose

well nitebyrd has been chosen by Vent so has VBF

Katy has a wonderful way of making you feel like you just pull up a chair and sit down to be entertained by her wonderful humour and fantastic photos. She is warm, funny and real.

Pixie my honary sis.......she is such a bad bad bad woman she missed my birthday and why ? because she was too busy celebrating her own birthday and writing deep posts about how we can change.

Vi one of my longest blogging friends, she lives life to the full then calls her life dull

Emma a lovelywoman who has had a hard time but is coming through the otherside and now she is embarking on a romance to equal my own. I wish you both luck and happiness Em.

Ro my new friend who appears up for the challenge of answering every single comment I ahve left on his blog in the last week and as I am going through every post since he began his blog thats a lot of comments so far.

Now I know you are all wanting to know whats happening in my fairytale. I didn't heare from Romeo over the weekend but he text me today whilst I was at work. I replied asking him if his day was satisfactory. 'it is now I have heard from you xx' came the reply.

Later more text and then an IM chat. he just keeps proving to me over and over again how lovely he is. I had to ask him if he is real as I think I dreampt him up. But he assures me he is real. He is my lion among men.


Dazzed and Confused said...

You are a sweet lovely Lady and we are all the lucky ones to have you as a friend.

God what a kissup I am.

Mei Del said...

lady you have a lovely way about you which is why you attract this group of supportive fellow bloggers and your romeo of course.

VBF! said...

oooo very lucky! :-) xx

having my cake said...

It's about time you had a nice man around x

CrystalChick said...

Hello, visiting from Vent! I'm new to his blog and to yours but it's terrific already... I love red. :)
Happy 'belated' birthday.
Congrats on your award. Visit me anytime. :)
Have a happy week! Mary

Ro said...

Thanks for this, Lady. It's a real honour, especially as you have only recently tracked me down. I wish I knew enough blogs to pass the award on!

I have to admit, though, I've already lost the battle to keep up with your comments - they were coming through so thick and fast that I lost track completely at one point ~blush~

katy said...

why thank you sweet lady x
just want to let you know that I am taking a break for a while, hope to be back, till then byeeeeeeeeeeee x

Lady in red said...

Mulder thank you for your 'kissup' not sure which is the greater kissup your comment here or the latest post on your blog either way don't stop you just keep on earning those stars on your blogging chart. Oh did we forget to make you a chart? we must do something about that perhaps VBF will oblige.

Lady in red said...

mei del thank you and it is good to see you back for a second visit. Obviously I have got something right ;-D

Lady in red said...

VBF we are both lucky and you so deserve this award. Vent obviously has good taste to choose boh of us for the same award lmao

Lady in red said...

cake it feels so good too, I feel happier than I have ever felt in my life even though there is a man involved .....they usually manage to throw a spanner in the works somewhere along the line but with Romeo it just keeps getting better.

Lady in red said...

crystalchic welcome to my humble place pull up a cusion and enjoy.

Lady in red said...

Ro I am sure you could find a few blogs to pass this award onto but I would suggest you avoid offering it to the barbed one unless you fancy facing the backlash. Btw I ahve been at the receiving end of that particular one in the past. You never know the Duke might accept as he does love a good natter.

Lady in red said...

Ro I am sure you could find a few blogs to pass this award onto but I would suggest you avoid offering it to the barbed one unless you fancy facing the backlash. Btw I ahve been at the receiving end of that particular one in the past. You never know the Duke might accept as he does love a good natter.

Lady in red said...

Katy I hope you are well. I shall look forward to your return. I often visit you at lunch time as I always know I will find something to make me laugh, but then I have to share it with my colleagues.

Ron said...

Oh....I'm SOOOO happy you posted this award and passed it forward to your blogger buddies!!!


(spread the joy)

You so very much deserve this gift. Your words always give me something great to look forward thank you.

nitebyrd said...

Lady, you definitely deserve any and all blogging awards. Ron is so funny and such a great read. Congratulations!

You also deserve the wonder that is Romeo. :x

Emma said...

Aw thanks babe, that's very lovely of you, not sure about the relationship embarkment though....I am still doing the text reply I am sure...xx

Pixie said...

Your right I am bad, and I'm sorry I'll write out a hundred times; I must not be bad and must remember what I'm supposed to.
That's one down 99 to go!
Thanks for the award hon, really appreciate it.

Anonymous said...