Friday, 11 April 2008

The best yet

Today started out like any other day getting up at 5.50am getting ready for work leaving the boys asleep as there is no school or college for two weeks. I ahd official permission to be late for work today as I was stopping at the hypermarket on the way not just to buy cakes and fruit to take in to the office which like many other work places it is the tradition to take in cakes on your birthday. I was also detailed to buy some flowers for the office (two bunches of carnations). mid morning the room rang out with 'only you' it was a text from Romeo (the first for 2 weeks as we have been chatting online instead).work wise it was very quiet at the office today. My boss literally ordered me out of the door at lunch time. It turned out that we had too may flowers so I was told to take the left overs home (they are now at my mum's).

I went straight to my mother's from work as I had to collect something apparently. A quick lunch and we were about to leave when her fresh meat delivery arrived. Most of this she was giving to us so we dropped it round to my house on the way to wherever we were going. The boys were not pleased to see me, I was too early for the welcome they were planning. So I left them to it. As mother drove I was trying to figure out where we were going. The Garden centre, nope, B & Q for some plants, nope, ah it must be the electrical store, yes. So like the good daughter that I am I follow into the store.

I am to choose a dvd player. (only my mother could think of buying me a new expensive HD dvd player for xmas (now hooked up to the wide screen tv in the living room)and another dvd player for my birthday). When I don't have a tv in my room!! I chose the smallest one which was also the cheapest as I didn't want this new intrusion in my room to take up too much space. Back to mother's for tea and cream scones by this time I ahve exhange a half dozen text with Romeo who tells me that his day is

'hectic but with time to think of you xx'

Finally around tea time I set off home armed with pizza for the boys and the ingredients for my favourite home made chilli for dinner. I arrive to a chorus of 'happy birthday' from my three younger boys, a couple of home made cards, a living room that has not only been tidied up but vacuumed too and the strong smell of vanilla. They had lit a couple of my vanilla scented candles and my oil burner (they just used the vanilla drops no water!) There was also a chocolate birthday cake.

Years ago I bought a wall bracket for a portable tv which I had intended to put in the boys room but there was no suitable wall space so it as still in its box. Here is OJ fitting it to my wall. (He is my man of the house even though he is not the eldest of my boys).

Here is the bracket fitted and complete with spare portable from the boys room.

I feel like the luckiest mum in the world with everything my boys have done for me today. It all means so much more than if they had just gone out and bought me something. That and the unexpected text messages from so far away and I have had the best birthday yet.


VBF! said...

AWESOEM! :-) They sound like lovely boys!!!

BTW I made a funny little award for you on my 2nd last post! Hope it gives you a little *GiGGLe* xx

Ro said...

You've been tagged. Sorry!

katy said...

your boys sound wonderful, so glad you had a wonderful birthday

Vi said...

*waving madly*


Sorry I haven't been around for awhile, been absolutely hectic. Hopefully I can catch up properly soon!


(and happy birthday!!!!)

Pixie said...

son's you can't beat them for making you feel good when they put their minds to it. Otherwise they just make me want to leve home!!
Happy belated birthday hon.

DJ Kirkby said...

What lovely boys! Happy belated birthday my dear.

Anonymous said...