Sunday, 6 April 2008

what is it all about?

for many years I have been one for dainty shoes like these

I even like to wear ones with thin heels like these

and for very special occasions I have these

I have no time for chunky shoes, I only like to wear dainty feminine footwear so why was it that this morning I was wearing a pair of these?

today we woke up to this

so it wasn't long before we had this handsome young man in our garden

yesterday I was walking around without a coat, today its a case of coat hat gloves and scarf not forgetting the boots, the whole kit and kaboodle. today I figure I need to make sure we have enough gas to keep us warm during this late cold snap. when I went to retreive my coat and gloves from my car there was about 2" of snow on the roof. The pictures don't really show how much snow we had. It must be the first time in a couple of years that we have had such a heavy snow fall that has lasted more than an hour!! I phoned my mum who has gone to visit her mother in law up in the cotswold countryside. I was only joking when I told her yesterday not to go getting snowed in. They are!! apparently when I spoke to them earlier they were looking at about 5 inches of snow.

I got myself all dressed up to go to the garage to top up my Gas card only I couldn't find my purse. I turned my bedroom and the living room upside down looking for it. Later it was discovered next to the keyboard of the computer in the livingroom. I had looked next to the monitor, under the desk on the shelves and not seen it. Doh, but ET had even been using the computer and not spotted it. Thankfully I ahve now got enough gas and electricity to last us this first week of the school holidays.

I had a lovely surprise last night just as I was thinking about going to bed Romeo came online hes back in Europe for 2 days before going to Africa. Hopefully then he can come home. While we were chatting he said that this all feels too good to be true. I know what he means so its up to us to make it real.


Dazzed and Confused said...

Looking good sweetie.

By no means am I a foot person but in your case!!! Makes one think of the trip north. :) wow! did I just type that out loud?

The only snow we get here in Florida comes in bags and will put you in jail for a long time.

trublmaka said...

LOL!! (Sorry Dazzed but that's funny!)

Snow... ooh, the closest I've ever been to snow (nature's kind) is defrosting the old freezer!

It may seem to good to be true, I've often thought that of me and DD35, but its all been worth it so far! And its been very real!
All the best to you xo

VBF! said...

OMG I love all your heels!!!! Nad that snowman rocks too! :-) xx

nitebyrd said...

I crave those red shoes! Yummy!

Late snow? Kind of a nice surprise isn't it? You know it won't last and Spring is definitely coming.

Emma said...

Very handsome man you have there...and I just love my Timberland's they are pure comfort and warmth..xx

Lady in red said...

Mulder I must be getting slow it took me a while to realise what bags of snow you meant

trubl that is usually the closest I get to snow too......which reminds me I ahve not had to defrost my freezer for a while I must be using it right at last!!

Lady in red said...

VBF those were just the heels I have pictures of. I love my heels too they make me feel more feminine plus being only 5' they make my head closer to other people's chin than their navel.

nitebyrd I have two pairs of red heels this pair whic I adore but they are sligtly too big and another pair which I ended up wearing at work once because they happened to be in the boot of my car the day I managed to arrive at work wearing odd shoes.

Lady in red said...

emma the boys destroyed mr frosty soon after I took the picture.

I was so comfortable in my boots I didn't want to take them off.

Mel said...

And the only pair I could trounce around comfortabley in.......WOULD be the Timberlands.

Mind you, heels are required for dress suits. LOL They'd look a bit trashy with Timberlands?

Fat Controller said...

I can't remember when there was that much snow in 'our' little corner of England, especially in April. Did your boys get any sledging in?

Vi said...

talk about weird freaking weather! I stayed in bed until all the snow melted!

Lady in red said...

Mel the timberlands were very comfortable although I don't remember the last time I wore them, probably not since I last stood on the side of a soccer pitch which is at least 18 months.

Lady in red said...

FC it has been several years since I saw this much snow. Unfortunately it was all gone by lunch time after the sun came out and melted it all. It was snowing as I drove home yesterday but there was no way it was going to settle

Lady in red said...

Vi can you believe that I have had to scrape the ice off my car the last two mornings but been roasting by the afternoon. Although yesterday it snowed again on my way home today I drove along the motorway with my windows open it was so warm weird or what!!

somebody said...