Monday, 21 April 2008

What's a girl to do!

Sometimes I think I have been waiting for Romeo for ever. It has been 2 months since he went off on his business trip just a week after I found him. It has been two months full of emails, text messages, IM conversations and a few telephone conversations, interspersed with periods of silence. During that first silence I was beside myself with anxiety, but since then the silences have been easier because I know that I am secure, that we both have such deep feelings for each other. The only thing missing is to meet for real. I knew within days of finding Romeo that I didn't need to look for any other man. I closed down my profiles on the dating sites, or put messages on them saying that I am no longer looking as I have found a man who makes my heart sing. I have never done this before, I ahve always kept my options open so this was a big step for me.

I have stayed in contact with some of my male friends and they all know that Romeo is in the picture. Before I found Romeo I had been talking to Lotto about the possibility of meeting him at his hotel where he stays sometimes when he is on call for his job. I have never taken it further than just chat and I never make any promises. Yesterday he started to chat and he was getting me quite turned on. I started thinking that perhaps I should go and meet him again after all it has been 2 months and I still don't know when I will meet Romeo. We talked about meeting although I still didn't make any promises. Even though I was feeling that I need to see Lotto even if it is just to blow a few cobwebs away, I just couldn't help feeling that I would be betraying Romeo even though we have never met.

Last night Romeo sent me a few text messages talking about being together very soon. He won't tell me when, just teases me more each time I ask. He text me quite early this morning then nothing until I was bombing it down the motorway on my way home...........ffs I had to wait half an hour to find out what he said.

when I got home we were exchanging more text teasing each other and he still won't tell me when!! I went online to check my mail etc and found this..............

i have been chatting to a couple of ladies and pissed them off because i dont want to meet them. just to let you know i only want to meet you - seriously. thanks for the chat yesterday, you got me going again as always. really hope to meet you soon.

which turned into this

ladyinred says:

Lotto says:
well a guy can give a compliment when one's due
ladyinred says:
thank you..........accepted
Lotto says:
good. i like your pics, il ike the one you sent yesterday and you turn me on just writing to me - thought i'd let you know
ladyinred says:
awww hugs and a chaste kiss
ladyinred says:
you turned me on too
Lotto says:
with tongues i hope
ladyinred says:
Lotto says:
i thought about your pics last night and was very rude - i always do - another compliment where am i getting them from
ladyinred says:
hee hee hee
ladyinred says:
im not complaining

But I still won't meet him because its my Romeo I want.


Mei Del said...

cor blimey - romeo ought to realise what a lucky bloke he is!

Vi said...

Meet Lotto.

Believe me, stay away from the ones that aren't around! ggrrrrr!!!

Lady in red said...

mei whilst I find Lotto very sexy and charming he is not Romeo. Romeo perhaps does realise he is lucky but maybe not just how lucky he is.

Lady in red said...

Vi I doubt that I will meet up with Lotto again.....the reasons are here

Giggle! said...


it's me (vbf) *GiGGLeS*

I've changed my name! :-)

Hey so have you seen photos of Romeo too? He sounds like a spunk! ;-) xx

BTW... The adventures of RAT GiRL has arrived!!! Come and check it out!! :-) xx

CrystalChick said...

Either great willpower or just really knowing what you want.
I do like the 'intelligent' pic on your sidebar! And the one below it, when I first saw it, I thought it was Valerie Bertinelli! LOL
Happy Earth Day LiR! :)

nitebyrd said...

Anticipation can be a great aphrodisiac! Romeo is a VERY lucky man, IMO.

Mei Del said...

hey girl - you can find me here - mimimeidel(at)

Pixie said...

you must be wearing your fingers out.... take that in any context that fits... LOL
and keep away from lotto!

Fat Controller said...

I hope that Romeo comes to appreciate what he has found!

You've been tagged, btw.

Lady in red said...

giggle/VBF I do think you have found yourself the best name for yourself after all I always giggle when you are around.

Lady in red said...

crystal I think it has to be the latter as for the first time in my life I know exactly what I want..... until recently I believed I would know it when I found it. But as soon as I decided what I wanted I found it.

Lady in red said...

nitebyrd if he doesn't know he is a lucky man he will do when he reads the email I sent him earlier lmao

Lady in red said...

mei glad we found each other

Lady in red said...

FC I think he knows

ok I shall come over and see right now!

Gypsy said...

This is awesome. You must feel a little thrill that you are so in demand. I know I would.

Anonymous said...
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