Wednesday, 30 April 2008


Yesterday I on my round of blogs I found that Rhea has done an interview of her son's and posted their replies and her comments. I thought it would be interesting to try these questions out on my own sons. I thought it would be interesting to see how each of them approached each question, would there be any patterns, any similar responses, would they be predictable.

So here are the questions and the different replies. (The all know that the others have answered the same questions but none of them know what any of the others answered, I shall show them later).

Let's start out easy. What's your favourite food?
Chicken burgers, ice cream cornets
Any type of pasta
Toe nails
Spaghetti bolognese

What's your favourite thing to do with friends?
Trampoline, talking and watching films
To do sports or just reminisce
Just hang out with them talking over a few beers

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Either a musician or footballer
Wealthy, Important Company Director, someone who has money to invest in business ventures
Toothpaste maker
I want to be proud of the things I have done in life

What's your favourite TV show?
Zack and Cody
At the moment ‘I am Alan Partridge’
Don’t have a favourite……scuzz

What's your favourite thing to do with your family?
watch films
Just being together
watch a film or play a game

What's something you would like to do with your family?
playing games but we never do
Visit places together
go abroad
go abroad somewhere

You are sad when?
when I’m bored!!
I am never sad, never! I am known for never being upset or angry
something sad happens
when I don’t have much to look forward to in the coming weeks

You are happy when?
I’m not bored
basically when something makes me laugh, jokes, funny stories
something good happens
visiting new places and seeing new things with my friends

If you had 3 wishes, what would they be?
to be amazing at my favourite instrument that I don’t have yet, be really good at football, for Nipper (our cat) to never die
other than an unlimited bank account and immortality I don’t know
more money, good exam results, playstation 3 comfortable living for my family,
to be successful in my pursuits and unlimited air miles so I can just go places

What does your mum want you to do?
Clean my room
achieve my potential, do something to make her proud and look after everyone else
do well in my exams
be happy

What was your scariest dream?
I have two. My first when I was about 5, I was on a spaceship there were 3 monsters chasing me pink, yellow and turquoise. The other my mum and dad abandoned me at a pub and didn’t come back.
its not really scary, running late for school, the gate was blocked by 100 sheep wearing PE kit, I was worried about being told off for being late so ran round to a hole in fence
ET weight lifting …..still haunts me
had a recurring dream on the bridge where we used to watch the regatta, I was there alone and fell over the bridge there were sharks underneath as soon as I hit the bottom I woke up

If you were handed a million dollars today, what would you do with it?
Change it into a million pounds then buy everything I wanted.
Put it in a high interest savings account just live off the interest but not touch the million dollars
Get it changed to pounds use it on things that I need
Clear our family’s outstanding debts and invest the money into a business and some in savings

some predictable answers here but also some less predictable. I am sure you can work out which of my boys gave which answers. (If you are not sure, you can find their ages on my side bar under 'The Cast'. If you couldn't tell one of them was quite reluctant to begin with but after a while got a bit more enthusiastic.


Giggle! said...

That's awesome!! :-) LMAO at toenails!!!! xx

Lady in red said...

can't you just tell that he really really want to answer these questions his mum was asking him.

did you spot 'The Answer' you were looking for?

Dazzed and Confused said...

Great stuff.
I'm guessing at least one of your sons didn’t want to play Q&A with mommy.
Reading through the answers I could tell you have great boys there.

Rhea said...

ROFL These were great! I love all the different answers. Some really hilarious comments. Your boys are great!!

I''m so glad you did this. I loved it!

Mei Del said...

i can tell the toenail fella couldn't wait to do the q&a lol - let's see he's the16 year old?

Vi said...

Brilliant meme! I'm gonna have to try it on my boys!

Gypsy said...

I like the blue boys answers especially the part about clearing the family's debts (that's so thoughtful) and the fact he likes spag bol and LOST.

nitebyrd said...

Your boys sound intelligent, caring and thoughtful. You must be proud.

How do you prepare those toenails that makes them so delectible? (lol!)

Anonymous said...
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Lady in red said...

Mulder thanks they are all great boys in their own ways. I am very lucky that they have all turned out so well......ok I may have had something to do with it.

Lady in red said...

Rhea thanks for giving me the idea, it was an interesting experiment. Maybe in a few months I shall ask them the same questions again to see if their answers are any different.

Lady in red said...

mei del you are quite right it was the 16 yr old who wanted toenails

Lady in red said...

Vi I am sure you will get some very interesting answers

Lady in red said...

gypsy the blue boy's answers are deceptive.....he has good intentions but just never manages to quite convert his intentions into deeds......his money sense or lack of has caused the majority of my tears in the last 18 months. I love him to bits though

Lady in red said...

nitebyrd they are their mother's sons so it goes without saying lol. I have never had much control over my boys but I must have done something right as they have all grown up with a sense of right and wrong. they are polite, intelligent and surprisingly witty considering they have grown up with my awful sense of humour.
Now if only I could get them to clean up afterthemselves and stop breaking my bed!!

Anonymous said...