Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Mouse tricks


Arriving at work this morning I was surprised to notice that the MD's car was already there. He usually arrives about 7.55am. As I walked into the office there was much hilarity going on at the far end of the office. My boss, posh bird and MD were all gathered at Posh Bird's desk laughing at something. I took no notice and got myself ready to work. Yesterday had been very quiet but today looked as though it was going to be busy, the fax machine was spewing reems of paper out. so I thought I would get stuck right in and get started.

Bloody mouse was on a go slow..........some days it does this. So there I am trying to get the damn thing to move a bit faster.

No it was playing dead mouse. So maybe it has got a bit clogged up. I know I shall clean it!!

good idea but how do you clean an infra red mouse?

Hmm this isn't going very well. But I do know that these things do need to have their batteries changed sometimes. So off I go down the office making a quip about having run out of battery.

Opening the stationery cupboard I ask PB if these (AAA) batteries are the right ones for the mouse.

' don't need them'

She is falling about laughing. Ok must be something she has just read on her screen..........

must be too early in the morning because I have not clocked that she is laughing about my mouse. Boss comes out of MD's office and takes me back to my desk and clicks on cotrol panel........ah the penny has dropped at last!!

There is nothing wrong with my mouse, it has been tampered with. Slowed down to minimum speed and changed to left click. At this moment Other Director (OD) has arrived and both he and MD are giggling like a pair of school boys. over the next 1 1/2 hrs the rest of the office staff arrive. Each having had their mouse tampered with. The receptionist of the building in which our office is situated has had her mouse tampered with too but she doesn't realise and phones an engineer to come and fix her computer. When she finally discovers who is responsible she is seen marching through our office and into the MD's room where I can see through his window she is doing a good show of throttling him she then does the same to OD.

Not long after this Belching girl (BG) who works part time with me (it was her maternity leave that I was covering in the first place). She is getting very frustrated with her mouse and is eventually told by Boss that if she looks in the stationery cupboard there is a can of mouse spray on the top shelf, she should use that to clean her mouse. It wasn't until she had gone muttering off to find this spray that she finally twigged and was cross with herself for falling for this last gag. They also got SG on the mouse spray too.

what were all these mouse tricks about?

It ws MD and OD showing off their school boy mentality. It was funny and I am really glad that I was one of the first to arrive, I would never had guessed it was the MD or OD who were responsible but their giggling in doorways watching the reactions of each person as they arrived was very amusing. Now I shall know in future that they are not above practical jokes on the staff.


Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

*GiGGLeS* I hope it didn't annoy you too much, but I'm glad to hear that some people made some fun on April Fools day! I totally forgot about it, and I am a bit of a prankster myself! :-) xx

Jeff B said...

That's halarious!

I would have loved to been witness to all that silliness.

Thanks for the recent visit. I'll be sure to come by again.

Vi said...

Hey, if the boss cant have a joke on April fool, when can he??? LOL

Ashley Ladd said...

LOLOLOL. Good joke - if you want to bring down the company. I was out sick for April Fool's Day so I don't know if anyone played any jokes int he office this year. :(

But I had fun hearing about your April Fool's Day. Thanks!

Mel said...


Thank you so much for the idea!

Lady in red said...

VBF it is great to see your giggles back

Jeff thanks for visiting, I have been reading your comments on other bloggs for a while so figured it was time to visit. I am pleased you liked what you found here.

Lady in red said...

Vi I hear him laughing lots but never expected him to play ajoke on all his staff especially one that would prevent us from working.

Ashley welcome to you too, it was funny, and very good to see the bosses in good spirits. I have just been over to your blog and left a comment.

Mel I hope I am not encouraging you to misbehave lol

nitebyrd said...

People with good senses of humor are a plus in any office setting.

It was in good fun and probably gave everyone a smile.

Lady in red said...

nitebyrd yes it was reading your post that made me realise it wasn't just me and now I can come out and say what a prize prat Coach turned out to be....good luck to hima nd all others like him but I am happier without him.

I for one had a good giggle at the antics in the office yesterday. what are you doing posting comments I thought you were off galivanting with your joy sticks!

Ashley Ladd said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comments. I also appreciate your input as a reader. I like to get into history, too. I well understand the fascination.

somebody said...