Saturday, 5 April 2008

Birthday season

I am staring at 46 in under a week and as so many of my blogging friends are also Aries I thought I would wish all my friends a very happy birthday. It has amazed me how many of my blog friends were born under the star sign of Aries. So many strong women, I guess its true that like attracts like. some of these bloggers have already had their birthdays and others are just around the corner. but off the top of my head I can think of a fair few, all strong people in their own way.

Chopper who is just setting out on his battle to over come his recurring back problems he has a most warped and enduring sense of humour.

Evening has been battling breast cancer and come through the other side, but always has the time and energy to be supportive to her many friends worldwide.

Laney has been though a tough time in recent years, I have only begun to read her blog in recent months but it is evident that she is a very kind and supportive friend to all around her. What she did for Rhonda was amazing. I am sorry I didn't get to see the video she made for Evening's birthday.

Cake is an amazing writer, she too has been through heartache and I know from reading her blog this morning that this birthday will be a very emotional one for her. Cake I don't have word to offer you but lots of hugs. my only words are that I feel your pain I went through a similar thing 21 years ago and it was that one time that it was so painful after that it has been a case of not forgotten but the pain has subsided.

Pixie is an amazin woman with whom I ahve become close, I ahve nominated her my honarary sister which she was pleased to accept. Like cake, Pixie writes a lot that I can associate with but never think of writing until I see that she has put my thoughts in writing.

Trousers I am afraid that I only dip into his blog occasionally but he is a dear and has also been struggling with what life brings him. It was so lovely to see the positive energy coming from his recent posts. Oh I am sorry if I let the cat out the bag that its your birthday in a few days.

there are other bloggers who I could include like La fille who unfortunately closed her blog last year. If I have missed anyone please let me know and be sure that I wish you a great birthday too.

For those of my friends who have birthdays at other times of the year, you are all lovely but we can't all be blessed with the good fortune to be Aries. Oh and if you didn't know those of us who are Aries just remember that we are the babies of the zodiac so cannot be expected to grow up.


VBF! said...

What a lovely post! It makes me want to be an Aries!!! :-) Happy Birthday to all!!! xx

Dazzed and Confused said...

You are a sweet caring young lady and I wish you all the best on your B-Day and every day there after.

Ron said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ALL you Aries!!!

One of my dearest friends who lives in Florida, is celebrating her birthday tomorrow. I know many Aries people.

My MOON is in I have many of the characteristics of the sign. So I guess I can celebrate with you guys too!


I wish you all a wonderful next year!

Casdok said...

You are certainly in good company!
Happy Birthday everyone!

Pixie said...

So tuesday is birthday eve eve, with social activity, followed by birthday eve, more social activity, then birthday, facial, lunch with sis, dinner with boys. And who knows about birthday boxing day!!!
I know how to spread my birthday out big time.
Have a wonderful birthday Lady, you deserve it!

Lady in red said...

my birthday seems so flat compared to yours Pixie. I ahve taken a half day off from work so that I could pamper myself in preparation of an evening with Romeo but now of course that won't happen.

I have told the boys that what I want most from them is a tidy livingroom and kitchen. They say they would prefer to buy me something instead.

trublmaka said...

Happy Birthday Lady, I do hope you got your gift of tidy xo

Don't have to grow up? Now why didn't I get that memo? I got the one of "Me first!" lol Its a bit late to not grow up but I'll try to revert lol!

Happy Birthday to all Arians xo

nitebyrd said...

The best, most wonderful birthday wishes to every Aries in blogland. Have a great birthday, Lady!

Mel said...

Happy almost birthday day to you and pixie!

Oh, what the heck.....Happy Birthday MONTH!

Lady in red said...

trubl, nitebyrd and Mel thank you all xx

Anonymous said...