Friday, 18 April 2008

is it good?

While I am sitting here waiting for Romeo to come online I am listening to some of my music when it reached this song which ET sent to me, as he thought I would like it, several weeks ago. Every time I hear this song it makes me think about Romeo. Yes I know it doesn't take much to get my mind into that particular space. I really want to share this with Romeo but I shall wait. Anyway I thought whilst I was waiting I would share it with my blogger friends. I hope you like it as much as I do. I know I am a bit behind the times and many of you probably know the singer and his songs much better than I do.

Some of you may be surprised to find that I have done a few new posts on my other blogs. I am trying to keep my creative writing to Lady in Red Writes rather than posting it here. I have not been writing much creatively for many months but I am beginning to find more inspiration. I was chatting to my boss today and I mentioned that I am considering taking on a part time job a couple of evenings or a few hours at the week ends to top up my salary. She told me that I would be better off concentrating on my writing. She really admires the writing I have allowed her to see. This would not be the solution to my money problems in the short term but could be in the longer term however it is the short term I am most concerned with. Perhaps I should follow DJ's advice and writ a book of short stories as I don't think I have a whole novel inside my head at the moment although you never know what inspiration I may get in the future.

Having said that I am trying to keep most of my creative writing on LiR writes I have written a piece you might enjoy which is on Battle to find myself.

I am completely stunned!! when I was divorcing SF he kept saying he didn't want to be a 'weekend father' (I thought this would be an improvement). He lives just ten minutes walk away with his g/f (Village Idiot) and her mother and daughter. Ok so there is an injunction stopping him from coming to our house. He has invited our boys to his new home once and that was at my suggestion (lunch on boxing day). Now every Thursday is his day off from work. It is the school holidays, perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with his sons. So he arranged to take the boys to the cinema in the city and lunch at a chinese restaurant. Yes he took them to the city by train. (He has never applied to get his licence back after he was done for being 4 x over the limit). He paid for them to watch the film of their choice while he and his new family went for lunch at the restaurant. Apparently the boys had some chocolate for lunch and the offer of some money for a take away in the evening (it wasn't forthcoming). Will he be in the running for 'father of the year' I don't think so.


VBF! said...

Creative alright!!! You have got me running around blogland like a headless chicken searching for the answerffs! LOL!!! I spotted your message to Jeff how 'a comment you saw of his made you think that he would get it'

So what had I been doing? Going through all his freaking comments to find some kind of clue! LMAO!!!

I am sooo blonde! It hurts! :-P *GiGGLeS* xx

Ron said...

Evening Lady~

First of all, I LOVE the ending photo on this post, referring to your EX!


Hey...the creative writing sounds wonderful! I've got to check out the other site you talked about. I don't think I ever knew you had another blog!?!?

And your boss is do write well, Lady. Have you ever heard of LuLu Online Publishing?
If you have a minute this weekend, please check out

It's a wonderful company that reguires NO upfront fee from the author to publish a book with them. They only take a percentage when your book sells! I have investigated them when I wanted to do an Ebook with information that I have on my other blog (alternative health)

If you check them out...let me know what you think!

Enjoy your weekend, dear LADY!

Mei Del said...

re romeo - i don't think you prodded him hard enough ;)

i've read some of your things on battle and it just makes me think what a survivor you are.

Vi said...

I'm so freaking lucky with my ex, he ALWAYS makes time for his boys. I'm definitely in the minority with that.

thanks for the award a few posts ago sweet! MWAH!

Dazzed and Confused said...

I can not understand how it could be possible for a parent to not want to be with their children every chance they get. I have a 30 year old daughter and a 22 year old son and I cherish every minute I’m with them.

Father of the year, NO F’n way.

You truly are a special Lady.

Lady in red said...

VBF I now have visions of you running around trying to find the clues to my little puzzle.

Lady in red said...

ron thanks I just thought it was very apt. It will take an awful lot to make me thik his parenting skills have improved. I would never stand in the way of the boys spending time with their father, but sometimes I wonder why they even bother. He doesn't deserve their love but when all is said and done he is their father and none of us choose who to love.

thanks for the pointer about lulu online publishing I will check it out.
enjoy your weekend trying to tell each of your friends that they are the is so funny to read lmao

Lady in red said...

mei I am afraid I didn't get a chance to prod him at all as he wasn't able to get a connection but he did send me a very very nice text by way of an apolgy today so hopefully tonight will be better.

thanks for reading Battle, when ou get past the more erotic stuff there are some much deeper posts about my past.

Lady in red said...

vi you are welcome of course, sorry your trip didn't work out as hoped. I did leave a comment but I think blogger must have eaten it.

Lady in red said...

aww Mulder thanks I am not really all that special I am just a normal (ok most of the time) middle aged woman doing her best, just one of millions of women doing the same.

Gypsy said...

Were your sons hurt when their father treated them like that? He sounds like a real prince....NOT.

Lady in red said...

gypsy my sons have grown up with him letting them down they know it no other way. Sad but true, even before we split up he was in the habit of making promises he wouldn't keep.

somebody said...