Monday, 12 November 2007

my date

He called me just as I was leaving home to ask what I was drinking. As I walked into the bar there he was stood with my smirnoff Ice beside him so I didn't have to wonder if it was him. He is shorter than I expected but still tall compared to my mere 5'0". He had already decided we would grab the table in the far corner. I had taken some of my writing with me to show him. We talked about my writing and what it needs to make it better. All the time he was holding and stroking my hands. At one point he asked for a kiss which was very nice. After a few hours of chatting and holding hands we walked back to my car. He helped me on with my coat and carried my folder while holding my hand as we walked.

As soon as we were in my car he was kissing me passionately. We drove off and found somewhere a little more private to kiss than under a street lamp in the middle of a public car park overlooked by the local police station. Soon I had got him back to the station to catch his train, we kissed goodnight. Later we were texting again, then he went quiet. It seems he last text got delayed as I didnt receive it until 2.30am.

He has been texting me all day.

some how I think I will be seeing him again. (for the moment I am going to refer to him as Skipper)


Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

Mate, good news! But can you PLEASE just post on one! I dont read battle anymore, as it doesn't have rss feed, but bloglines is down, so went to the old one and found a more revealing post there! Stop making life so hard for us bloggers to keep up! lol

her indoors said...

how sweet, glad you moved away from the police station though lol

The Erotic Couple said...

I get confused too. ;-)

Emma said...

Excellent news, I am just going to read this one from now on too..xx

somebody said...