Thursday, 1 November 2007

omg omg omg!!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe it

pinch me

I think I am having a dream

it can't be real

he wants to talk on msn but he says I'm showing offline

I can't believe it

is this for real?

I am online but he isn't so why does he say I am not?

I say .............oh so you are a live then?

he says ............yes just

I can't believe it

I didn't think I would ever hear from him again

out of the blue I get an email from him

it must be a dream it can't be true

its not a personal email just a version of the ...........friend for a reason email

he says he needs to do some crawling

I am just pleased he is alive and talking to me even if it is by email cos he cant get the msn to work

and I got a late night text from Neptune :-)


Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

All these posts, I can't keep up! You sound so happy Lady, and that's fantastic.

George said...

You are going to have to tie some weight to your feet because you keep getting higher and higher.

Good for you

Lady in red said...

the trouble with getting higher is that I always come back to earth with a bump

Anonymous said... are post a holic today my dear! ;-)

DJ Kirkby said...

Man, where do you fuidn the time for all this blogging and socialising?! I am so far behind with commenting on my fave blogs, it just isnt funny!

EBEZP said...

Maybe this time you'll stay high Lady, I hope you do
Have as great a weekend as you possibly can!!

having my cake said...

Im not sure if it's who I think it is but you're obviously very pleased so that's gotta be good :)

BBC said...

Have a great time.

Happy paths. Hugs

Lady in red said...

Vi yes I was feeling very happy, I was already but to suddenly get these emails out of the blue like that was like .......well the only way to describe was wow and omg hes still alive and he hasn't forgotten me.

George I am already carry plenty of weight which I am trying to shift not add to lol.

tec and dj there are some days when I have nothing to say and others when there is so much ....just the way it happens.

Lady in red said...

Ebezp it would be nice to stay on a high....I would get so much more done.....when I'm on a high I get hyper and cant sit still.

cake I have only ever mentioned him a couple of times though I still have his picture beside my bed.

Anonymous said...