Monday, 19 November 2007

every cloud has a silver lining

I was miserable before but I was even more miserable today.

I woke up with a bad neck/shoulder pain. I figured that after I eventually fell asleep sometime after 2.30am I must have lain badly. But as the day wore on and I could feel exactly where the pain was coming from it occurred to me that I may have strained a muscle as I tried to intervene in a fight between two strapping boys late last night. I don't normally interfere in their scraps but this one was bad is was like a fight to the death type of battle. They have not done this for a very long time, probably a couple of years. But of course this time they are so much bigger OJ is more than 14 stone and JA is no light weight himself.

so I spent the day having to turn my whole body every time someone behind me was saying anything. It also hurt to move my arm too much in front of me as I keyed in my work.

My biggest headache though has been money as per usual. DC finally got the money he was waiting for at the weekend. He hasn't told me that he has got his money, he told his father who then told OJ as he thought I should know. DC has avoided me for 99% of the time. However he did come in and cook himself some dinner on saturday evening before going to see his girlfriend. I asked him to take the gas meter card to put some money on it, I also asked him to collect ET from the station for me at 9.30pm. He agreed to both. ET walked home oblivious to the idea his brother should have given him a lift. when DC came in he hadn't got the gas card topped up he had left it too late......he promised to do it on sunday morning before his band practice. He went out very 11.30 I was livid that he was off out for the day with the gas card so that even if I managed to get some money I couldn't do anything without the card. I couldn't phone him as he hasn't paid his phone bill again!! So I found his mate J's home number and rang his mother, she gave me J's mobile number. I rang J who told me they had just parked at the back of the house and DC had been to the garage to top up the card he was bringing it in. By the time I got downstairs he had been and gone. I have not seen or heard from him since!

He did not come home last night. I knew he was going to be in Brighton all day today giving performances at a music college in preperation for their tour which begins tomorrow and ends on friday 30th nov. They are touring around the country with two other bands. this morning I text J to tell DC to bring money here that he owes me and OJ as the electricity would have run out before I got home from work and I will need money for fuel by tomorrow let alone milk etc.
I have not heard from him. No money has been either left in the house or transferred into my bank account. If he comes home tonight he had better have the money or he won't be going on tour even if it means I put him in hospital ( I don't mean that but I am that angry. when I got home from work the electricity meter was down to the last 7p. I had been worrying all day about not having any electricity tonight. we could light candles to give us some light but I couldn't cook anything and I couldn't even go out for chips. as it happened I had left some money in my pocket the other day and the coins had collected in the rubber of the washing machine door. I got some electricity :-)

I have spoken to Skipper and feel much better about that situation now too. I won't go into details but he does want to see me. I told him that I have been to the gym and when I weighed myself after my work out I had lost 2.5lb since last I shall heed Skipper's words

'Don't worry happy' which is one of my mantras

I am begiining to feel more cheerful again


Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

Glad to hear you are feeling a little bit better, I'm sure you are going to have a great week. xx

Emma said...

I am looking forward to hearing about skipper now...have a great week Lady..xx

Simple Mindz said...

Ughhhh, All I ever do it think about money. I hate it.

George said...

I am not going to say that I understand your utilities system because I don't .. but I am glad things have worked out a little better than they were.

Lady in red said...

Vi yes I did feel better once I realised how much I lost this week.

Emma I am sure you will but you might have to wait a while.

SM I know it will get better eventually

George because I am on a low income at the moment I have resorted to a system I had hoped to avoid where your meter is adapted to a pay as you go system. I have to take my card or key to a pay point where I give them money which is credited to my card which I then slot into the meter to top up what is there.

Evening said...

Sounds like you are having a rough time, honey. Wishing you brighter days ahead.

Waynecoff said...

chin up honey, it will get better, x

DJ Kirkby said...


nitebyrd said...

Lady, the thought of lack of money never leaves my mind either. I don't have young children though so I'm offering you (((hugs)))!

somebody said...