Monday, 5 November 2007

Monday's desire

fairly quiet Monday today

Ok so I said I wouldn't text Neptune, but I did. I sent him a text just before I set off for work.

are you ok?

short simple and just that.
As I was driving he replied telling me that he was having a lie in as he has a day off work today. (I knew that).He was going to make some tea and go back to bed. For once I arrived at work with a couple of minutes to spare so I replied telling him mine is with skimmed milk no sugar.

While I was beavering away at my work my mind was wandering all over the place as it does. (I really need a job that will make me use my brain). I was thinking about Swinger. More to the point I was trying not to think about him. How dare he do this to me. Just when I was beginning to get my life straight. I am trying so hard not to let his return get to me. I remind myself that I should be thinking about Neptune. I have not met Neptune yet and at this rate it isn't going to happen this year if at all, even if we do meet will we still like each other. I have gone from worrying that I won't be good enough for him to wondering if he will be good enough for me. (thats got to be good hasn't it?).
Swinger had his chance, but he left me with no word of explanation. I tell myself he doesn't want to stay in contact with me and I mustn't think otherwise. But then I argue that he sent me that email. He wouldn't have done that if he didn't want me to know he is back. so the question is why does he want me to know that. He promised me answers but none have been forth coming so far.
Amongst my jumble of thoughts I was also thinking about my writing. I have been asked to write more of 'Granny's Tree'. I need to write more of my book and I have two days to think of something to do for my homework. The subject of this week's homework is to write about something that we try to forget about but it just keeps growing. Suddenly I knew what I would do. Not a short story this time.
I have decided that I don't want to post all my writing her on this blog. AS I still have kindred Perverts open I am going to use that as a place to keep my creative writing. I have changed the name of it to Lady in Red still has the same address as before but I don't need to keep the name anymore. this weeks home work has been posted over there already. Next will be the updated and extended version of Granny's Tree.

After work I text Neptune again to ask if he was still enjoying his lie in. Then I headed for the gym. An hour I worked out, treadmill, bike and cross trainer with a bit of resistence work in the middle. I weighed myself afterwards to discover that even though I have been working out and dieting for the last week my weight is exactly the same as last monday.

I had just got back to my car when I got a text from Neptune telling me about his day. apparently all the computers he looked at (to replace his current defunct one) had vista on them. But he was now stretched out on his sofa watching a film. ...............Its a hard life isn't it?

After cooking spaghetti for the boys and chilli for me and DC, I had a long IM chat with a married local man. the subject got around to fantasies. He told me what one of his was so I sent him what I had written months ago about a situation that was close ish to his fantasy. we then talked about being tied up. He isn't the slightest bit interested in anything that isnt very vanilla. Not that I am saying there is anything wrong with that. He asked if I had had any of my writing published as he thought it was good. I also showed him the pissoem that chopski wrote for me. If you have not seen it you should go and find it here.

after he had gone I set about writing my homework.

I think I shall have an early night now.


cheekyfaces said...

Lady you live a busy life !

Lady in red said...

I wish

Anonymous said...

nice pics honey, x

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

Hope you got your early night. I tried, even switched the comp off, but still didn't get to bed till after midnight *yawn*

toby said...

I think it's best to avoid weighing yourself on a weekly basis, especially at the start of an exercise regime. Better to work-out hard for a month, then look at the scales. By which time you'll sense the change in muscle tone anyway.

As long as you're drenched in sweat by the end of each workout, you'll be burning calories :)

Pixie said...

I've got confused now, was going to make a comment and the diet/ gym/ weight comments have thrown me..... so i'll just slink off and go lie down somewhere till i recover my memory.

Emma said...

I don't do early nights very well, good luck with yours though, I find if I try to have an early night I wake up at midnight and can't get back to sleep.xx

Lady in red said...

wayne thanx
vi no I didnt Im notvery good at making myself turn this damn thing off. there always just one more thing to read or do first.

Toby my mentor wants me to weigh myself every monday.

Pixie sory you are confused hugs to you anyway.

emma midnight is early for me

DJ Kirkby said...

How do I get to it? The LiR writes blog, I mean... Through your profile?

Lady in red said...

dj you should be able to get to it through my profile or the links in this post but I have now moved the link to my other blogs from the bottom of the page to near the top of my side bar

Anonymous said...