Friday, 9 November 2007

Parents evening

Tonight I have been at parent's evening at the college OJ attends. He has only been there since september so this was the first time I met any of his teachers. Apparently he was too late to get an appointment with his Law tutor. The first tutor I saw was his ICT tutor............... I wanna go to college please...........he was rather scrummy. very pleasant man and very mmmmmmm

yes I could like his classes. He told me that if OJ has any problems or if I want to ask anything I can email him OJ can give me the address. We laughed as we chatted it was really nice and no pressure to move along. He was a really nice man. As I was leaving I joked that I might email him if I get stuck with my homework. he laughed but he didn't say no.

On the way home I stopped to take this picture.

I love this view but I much prefer to have company whilst I am looking at it.


George said...

Sounds like you were attracted to him ... I do foresee you having some problems with homework LOL

Lady in red said...

George you may be right I have been neglecting my IT coursework and should get back to it. I seem to have got stuck, I need to do some revision and get on with the next assignment.

her indoors said...

have you noticed that they all seem to be getting younger too?!!!
i have lots of IT trouble too!!!!!!!

Lady in red said...

HI lol not at this college they were mostly older or at least the ones I saw were .....but OJ's IT tutor who I now discover is also his designated TUTOR was probably around my age perhaps slightly older than me but not much and mmmmm

Anonymous said...