Thursday, 15 November 2007


after being out last night I didn't chat to Skipper. In a stupid kind of way I missed that even though it had only been 5 days since we even found out that each other existed.

this morning he text me early saying he was sorry he had missed me last night, he had gone to see a friend and ended up staying overnight. (male friend he even gave me the name).

later I text him

so did you miss me then?

yes. I was reading your account of how you suck slowly teasing and licking whereas other girls go at it like woodpeckers (his description not mine).................well guess what I love it slow.

maybe other girls watch too much bad porn

you might be right. I'm quite good at cunnilingus. I've been told. X

This is when I decide to have a bit of fun at his expense

what is that? I have asked the lads at work and they just laughed but won't tell me.

Cunnilingus is where the man licks the lady. We should do it together. X

Good this lady likes to have the back of her neck licked x

I'll lick more than that. I so want you to suck my cock slowly, God that would be good. do you fancy doing swinging with me?

I won't say it hasn't crossed my mind but we should take it one step at a time.

Well, I'm free all the time. You say and I'll be there. as for us I think I should book a hotel for a night. Then we can enjoy some quality time.

(I think I like this man already)

Cunnilingus is where the man licks the lady. Did you really think I didn't know this?

Ok you got me. X x x

Did it not suprise you that I didn't know. x

Yes, I should have realised. silly me.

What more can I ask for in a man. He is on the same wave length as me sexually, he has a sense of humour, he belongs to a creative writing club, we can talk books, reading, boats and lots more. He is not afraid to communicate regularly through out the day every day. He goes to the gym 5 days a week. He is very gentle and well mannered.


Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

looking forward to reading more about you and skipper!

nitebyrd said...

He sounds like a winner! It's nice to meet a man that can and will talk.

Lady in red said...

Vi its looking llke there will be more to read sometime on sunday.

yes a man who is happy to chat whether it is on msn, text, phone or in person is rare.

Emma said...

OO it's getting exciting over there, hope it all works out for you..xx

Pixie said...

Go for it girl, you deserve a good bloke.

Lady in red said...

so much for trying to slow things down a little. Hes booking a hotel room for us for saturday

Fat Controller said...

On behalf of all gentle and well-mannered men everywhere, I say 'Go for it'. I hope you have a wonderful time on saturday.

George said...

Hurray ... couldn't happen to a nicer lady.

Miss Understood said...

I haven't had a good text flirt for ages!

Vincent said...

Well I am not you and not a woman but I would not count going to a creative writing club and a gym as plus points in a man. But still I do find it interesting to know how a woman thinks about a man.

somebody said...