Saturday, 24 November 2007

swings, roundabouts and slides

I hope you can keep up because I am not sure I can!

I have been getting on very well with Skipper this week, we have exchanged a lot of text even during our working day. We have chatted on msn and had some very nice conversations on the phone. I really do enjoy hearing his voice (He says he likes to hear mine too).

He has asked me if we could swing together. I told him that I prefer slides as swings make me nauseous.

Last night when I should have been posting my food diary for the day I was in my bed, door shut, radio on to disguise my conversation as I chatted to Skipper. We chatted about things like work. How our days had been. Then we got down to some very hot mmmmmmmm phone sex. He had told me to make sure I had a towel ready before he phoned. During our chat he made me come 4 times before he felt sleepy. But I didn't mind as it was well past his usual hibernation time. I then had a few more orgasms after he had gone.

Today we have been discussing what we each want/don't want from this. We have both been in long unhappy marriages. Neither of us want a serious relationship. But we need to define what we do want.

Tonight he has been out for a drink with the same friend he stayed with one night last week. Tonight I went out for a drink with a different man (Harvey). I began chatting to Harvey online last week. He lives in the next town to me but doesn't know the area too well as he only moved there a few months ago. This afternoon Harvey came online chatting. He was asking me of all people about the local night life. Then he asked me where I was taking him tonight.

huh cheeky

who me lol

are you asking me to meet you tonight?

in a long about way yeah



o ok shock

so we arranged to meet 3.5hrs later. He picked me up from the next road, so that I didn't have to drive. we had a nice time drinking (me on smirnoff ice hom on J2O) and chatting and agruing. I mentioned saggitarius he swore that it was capricorn. We argued over it for ages. He was trying to convince me that as his birthday is 1st dec he is capricorn. but I was dead certain it was Saggi. eventually to check this out I decided to text a friend. (50/50 was no good) I didn't fancy asking the audience. I thought of sending a text to Vi but I figured she would be out having fun so I text pixie (thanx for backing me up). He still tried to convince me that both Pixie and I had it wrong. It was 12.30am by the time we got kicked out of the pub and his new car (only got it today) was already frosted over. He drove me home and we chatted for a bit longer. He has asked to see me again. I thought he was going to try to kiss me but he didn't. I needed the loo again!! so had to rush off so I don't know if he would have kissed me or not. He has just been online asking if he can phone me tomorrow.

After spending an evening with me giggling like mad he now thinks I am one very crazy woman. He kept saying ........what are you like eh?

He was very easy to spend an evening with but I didn't feel sexually drawn to him.


Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

Hey, a dates a date! I'd like one of those instead of just jumping into bed with them!

Yeah, I couldn't have helped you with that question, I was working in the duck and the phone reception is crap in there.

Oh and fill out that diary girl!!!!!

Jungle VIP said...

Well.....i thought I´d look...hvn´t done so for ages......but in spain here---- bitten to buggery and chanced upon the net cafe so thought (whilst xhatting online) to visit your site again....hope you´re ok mate


Emma said...

I'm with Vi on this's a date I think I have forgotten...if you didn't click you could still be friends...xx

simple mindz said...

sounds like an awesome night!

BBC said...

"During our chat he made me come 4 times before he felt sleepy. "

Ha, ha, ha. Um, really?

I can enjoy sex with the right woman many times a day, but I need to make the climaxes just once or twice a day. More than that and my nuts starts to hurt. LOL

It's okay, love and sex hasn't got to involve climaxes.

"After spending an evening with me giggling like mad he now thinks I am one very crazy woman."

Shoot, who isn't?

RONJAZZ said...

Damn...I envy your fun here. Sounds like you are in a good stretch of just plain enjoyment. We all deserve that. GOOD FOR YOU.

nitebyrd said...

I think sometimes just talking and being able to enjoy yourself is nice. I know I might get smacked, but it doesn't ALWAYS have to be about sex, correct? ;)

Anonymous said...